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Up and Running with CoffeeScript

with Ray Villalobos

Video: Welcome

Learn about CoffeeScript, a language that compiles into JavaScript and allows you to write fast, efficient, and beautiful JavaScript code.
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Up and Running with CoffeeScript
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Learning CoffeeScript allows front-end developers to write JavaScript more beautifully and efficiently. It gives your code an extra zing. This course teaches the best features from the CoffeeScript language, like splats and ranges, plus how to write common JavaScript commands more efficiently using CoffeeScript. Author Ray Villalobos also shows how to work with Gulp.js, a streaming build system for not only CoffeeScript, but also Sass, LESS, JavaScript, and CSS.

Topics include:
  • What is CoffeeScript?
  • Setting up a project with Gulp.js
  • Adding CoffeeScript to your workflow
  • Dealing with array ranges
  • Working with conditional statements
  • Using loops
  • Working with splats
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Hello this is Ray Villalobos and welcome to Up and Running with CoffeeScript. In this course I'm going to show you how to work with a language that's going to help you write JavaScript faster and with less errors. It's a preprocessed language much like LESS and Sass but it compiles into pure JavaScript. So I'll start by showing you what CoffeeScript is and how it can help you be better at JavaScript. I'll show you some of the online tools that are going to be helpful if you just want to try out CoffeeScript. Then I'll set up a project workflow with a tool called gulp.js.

This is a tool that'll help you create an efficient workflow for working with websites. Not just with CoffeeScript but with things like Sass LESS compressing and minifying your JavaScript and CSS. Then I'll show you how to work with the basic syntax in CoffeeScript and how to work with typical JavaScript constructs like arrays conditional statements loops and comprehensions. And some of the unique features of the language like splats the switch statement and slicing arrays and ranges.

There's a lot to learn but that's why you're here. So let's get up and running with CoffeeScript.

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Q: Setting up LiveReload doesn't work as explained. What should I do?
A: The small plugins for Gulp (like LiveReload) update all of the time and sometimes there are slight differences from when the courses were originally recorded. If you want to use the course as is, you can use the following in your package.json document.
"name": "myApp", 
"version": "0.1.0", 
"description": "Sample app", 
"author": "Ray Villalobos", 
"devDependencies": {   
   "gulp-livereload": "~1.1.1",   
   "gulp-ruby-sass": "~0.3.0",   
   "gulp-coffee": "~1.4.1",   
   "gulp-uglify": "~0.2.1",   
   "gulp-concat": "~2.1.7" 
The correction is located at It uses the current versions of all of the plugins including gulp-livereload. If you want to use the newer versions of the plugins, you can compare the Gulp file in GitHub to what’s in the course. Every one of the branches in the course has been updated.





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