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Whether you want to design a logo, create ebooks, or just learn how to use a Pen tool, our in-depth design tutorials can help. Get to know Illustrator and InDesign, explore typography, and learn the nuances of designing for print.

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Have you ever wanted to design a logo, magazine, poster, or even a website? Explore our in-depth collection of design courses to learn these topics, and much much more.

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Learn how to build your design business for long-term success. Get started with the fundamentals of building a business, then move on to the management of essential daily tasks including pricing, presentations, and more. Watch the curated playlist now.

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Photoshop 25th Anniversary

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For two decades, Photoshop has been an essential part of training. Discover new tricks and get insight into how Photoshop has evolved over the past 25 years–with our exclusive new videos.

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Foundations of Layout and Composition

Learn the foundations: Layout and composition

Foundations of Typography

Let typography bring power and impact to your designs

Foundations of Color

Use color for effective designs that tell a story

Foundations of Logo Design

Get insights on logo design from Von Glitschka

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  • view course page for Creating a Responsive Web Design

    Make your website more readable and efficient to download with Chris Converse's responsive website techniques.

    2h 20m

  • view course page for HTML5 Projects: Advanced To-Do List

    Build a to-do list widget with an editable field so users can easily create tasks and delete them as they are completed, and a drag-and-drop version that allows for quick and easy sorting.

    45m 50s

  • view course page for HTML5 Projects: Interactive Charts

    Spice up dry data presentations with an interactive, visually engaging bar chart drawn with the HTML5 Canvas element.

    1h 7m

  • view course page for HTML5 Projects: Photo Card Titles

    Create an HTML form with CSS and JavaScript that allows users to submit captions for photo cards.

    1h 11m

  • view course page for Start with a Theme: Magazine Styles in WordPress

    Set up an online magazine using WordPress and three different themes that result in three completely different looks—Max Magazine, Path, and Oxygen.

    1h 18m

  • view course page for HTML5 Projects: Customized Photo Cards

    Build an online application for creating personalized photo cards with user-uploaded imagery and text.

    44m 20s

  • view course page for Start with a Theme: Creative Portfolios in WordPress

    Discover how to set up a portfolio of your work using WordPress and three free themes that result in three unique looks for your site—all without writing code!

    1h 3m

  • view course page for Add Your jQuery Project to a Digital Magazine

    Combines the use of Adobe InDesign and Digital Publishing Suite to add an interactive web experience to your digital magazine.

    16m 43s

  • view course page for Create an Online Portfolio with WordPress

    Shows how to build an advanced portfolio site that showcases various types of content effectively using the free open-source application WordPress.

    3h 13m

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