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Whether you want to design a logo, create ebooks, or just learn how to use a Pen tool, our in-depth design tutorials can help. Get to know Illustrator and InDesign, explore typography, and learn the nuances of designing for print.

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Have you ever wanted to design a logo, magazine, poster, or even a website? Explore our in-depth collection of design courses to learn these topics, and much much more.

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Learn how to build your design business for long-term success. Get started with the fundamentals of building a business, then move on to the management of essential daily tasks including pricing, presentations, and more. Watch the curated playlist now.

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Photoshop 25th Anniversary

Inspired Learning. Inspired Stories.

For two decades, Photoshop has been an essential part of training. Discover new tricks and get insight into how Photoshop has evolved over the past 25 years–with our exclusive new videos.

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Foundations of Layout and Composition

Learn the foundations: Layout and composition

Foundations of Typography

Let typography bring power and impact to your designs

Foundations of Color

Use color for effective designs that tell a story

Foundations of Logo Design

Get insights on logo design from Von Glitschka

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  • view course page for Scanning Techniques for Photography, Art, and Design

    Scanning techniques for graphics professionals and photographers, covering workflow considerations and advanced image-quality controls.

    6h 53m

  • view course page for Photoshop CS5: Prepress and Printing

    Shows how to prepare Photoshop files for a wide variety of printing devices, including offset printing presses, digital presses, large gamut inkjet printers, and more.

    4h 1m

  • view course page for Photoshop CS4: Color Correction

    Teaches how to quickly evaluate the color correction or adjustment needs of an image.

    6h 58m

  • view course page for InDesign CS3 Prepress Essentials

    Covers each step of the prepress process, from document planning to choosing output settings.

    7h 4m

  • view course page for Photoshop CS3 Prepress Essentials

    Teaches Photoshop users how to best prepare images for print to get professional results.

    7h 34m

  • view course page for Photoshop CS3 Color Correction

    All about color correction in Photoshop, from customizing settings to using histograms and keyboard shortcuts.

    7h 13m

  • view course page for Photoshop CS Prepress Essentials

    Teaches how to create, correct, and prepare Photoshop images for printing at commercial print shops.

    9h 21m

“I had to quickly learn InDesign for a project at work. I was overwhelmed and sure I'd never be able to master it in time. I found and started the tutorials. They were comprehensive, detailed, organized—I finished my project and it looks sensational.” —Angele I.
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