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About the challenges

From: 21-Day Drawing Challenge

Video: About the challenges

Each of the next 21 days, Don't skip ahead. All drawings should be analog.

About the challenges

Each of the next 21 days, you'll be posed with a different creative drawing challenge for you to complete. Here are five basic rules of creative engagement that apply to each daily challenge. Complete one challenge per day. You have a full day to complete the drawing challenge, so take your time and do the best job you can. Don't skip ahead. Make sure you get your drawing challenge done before you watch the solution video.

I want your approach to be fresh and not influenced by how I solve it. All drawings should be analog. We're keeping it old-school for this challenge. Digital drawing is great and exercises the same creative muscles as analog, but I want you to embrace the tactile for the next 21 days. Your drawings only need to be simple black and white, but color is always welcome and tracing is never allowed. Share your drawings with others.

Don't be afraid to share what you create each day on social media. When you do post, please use the hashtag draw21days. Have fun with it. Enjoy these drawing challenges, but remember they are challenges. So if you get intimidated, frustrated, embarrassed or even fail in your attempt, that's normal. Just laugh it off and don't quit. All that said, creativity is all about breaking the established rules.

So I don't want you to think you can't apply your own creative license to solve each of the daily challenges. In fact, I hope you do just that. So flex your imagination and let the next 21 days be a fun, creative adventure for you.

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21-Day Drawing Challenge

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Von Glitschka

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  1. 1m 57s
    1. Welcome
      1m 21s
    2. Using the exercise files
  2. 9m 38s
    1. Anyone can draw
      1m 49s
    2. The science of drawing
      2m 53s
    3. About the challenges
      1m 55s
    4. The tools you'll need
      3m 1s
  3. 1h 10m
    1. Day 1 challenge: The cat's meow
      1m 0s
    2. Day 1 solution: The cat's meow
      2m 14s
    3. Day 2 challenge: Drawing the line
      1m 12s
    4. Day 2 solution: Drawing the line
      2m 48s
    5. Day 3 challenge: Draw what you see
      1m 0s
    6. Day 3 solution: Draw what you see
      2m 31s
    7. Day 4 challenge: Give yourself a high five
      1m 3s
    8. Day 4 solution: Give yourself a high five
      2m 21s
    9. Day 5 challenge: Refinement drawing
      1m 10s
    10. Day 5 solution: Refinement drawing
      3m 32s
    11. Day 6 challenge: Get Cubistic
    12. Day 6 solution: Get Cubistic
      1m 49s
    13. Day 7 challenge: What do you like?
    14. Day 7 solution: What do you like?
      2m 36s
    15. Day 8 challenge: Drawing a light source
      1m 5s
    16. Day 8 solution: Drawing a light source
      2m 49s
    17. Day 9 challenge: Man-made drawing
    18. Day 9 solution: Man-made drawing
      2m 8s
    19. Day 10 challenge: Doodle sheet
    20. Day 10 solution: Doodle sheet
      3m 17s
    21. Day 11 challenge: Draw a monster
    22. Day 11 solution: Draw a monster
      1m 25s
    23. Day 12 challenge: Metaphorical or literal approach
      1m 25s
    24. Day 12 solution: Metaphorical or literal approach
      2m 48s
    25. Day 13 challenge: Tell a visual story
    26. Day 13 solution: Tell a visual story
      2m 20s
    27. Day 14 challenge: Reality is boring, so distort it
      1m 8s
    28. Day 14 solution: Reality is boring, so distort it
      2m 8s
    29. Day 15 challenge: Boxing dinosaurs
    30. Day 15 solution: Boxing dinosaurs
      1m 35s
    31. Day 16 challenge: Drawing design
      1m 10s
    32. Day 16 solution: Drawing design
      3m 9s
    33. Day 17 challenge: Window to the soul
      1m 0s
    34. Day 17 solution: Window to the soul
      2m 33s
    35. Day 18 challenge: Cardboard doodles
      1m 16s
    36. Day 18 solution: Cardboard doodles
    37. Day 19 challenge: Face your fears
    38. Day 19 solution: Face your fears
      1m 8s
    39. Day 20 challenge: Live drawing
      1m 4s
    40. Day 20 solution: Live drawing
      2m 30s
    41. Day 21 challenge: A self-portrait
      1m 26s
    42. Day 21 solution: A self-portrait
      2m 27s
  4. 2m 32s
    1. Drawing: A good creative habit
      2m 32s
  5. 31m 18s
    1. Inspiring drawers
    2. Kate Bingaman-Burt
      1m 52s
    3. John Beatty
      1m 58s
    4. Mike Cressy
      1m 58s
    5. Joey Ellis
      2m 46s
    6. Oleg Tischenkov
      2m 16s
    7. Diana Koehne
      2m 24s
    8. Dave Savage
      2m 39s
    9. Jeff Welborn
      3m 36s
    10. Mattias Adolfsson
      2m 16s
    11. Denise Gallagher
      3m 26s
    12. Dave Pasciuto
      2m 19s
    13. Savannah Glitschka
      3m 21s
  6. 59s
    1. Next steps

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