Creating with Adobe's Line and Sketch Apps
Illustration by John Hersey

Creating with Adobe's Line and Sketch Apps

with Justin Seeley

Video: Project: Freehand drawing and painting

One of my favorite ways to just unwind and kill some time is to draw. Let's take a look. Just a little mustache, something like that.

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1h 16m Appropriate for all Aug 08, 2014

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Capture all your creative ideas on the go with Adobe's new line of drawing tools: the Line and Sketch apps and two brand-new hardware elements--the Ink pen and Slide digital ruler. Justin Seeley shows how to pair these tools with your iPad and then use them in six real-world drawing projects: from designing logos to creating website wireframes. He'll also show how to share your work with others using the Cloud Clipboard, Behance, and even Kuler. Start now and learn how to give your creative process a little competitive edge with this new set of twenty-first-century tools.

Topics include:
  • Connecting your apps to Creative Cloud
  • Drawing with Adobe Sketch
  • Creating digital portraits
  • Touring the Adobe Line interface
  • Drawing in perspective
  • Creating icons with Line and Illustrator
  • Collaborating and sharing drawings
Illustrator Line Sketch
Justin Seeley

Project: Freehand drawing and painting

One of my favorite ways to just unwind and kill some time is to draw. I'm constantly sketching things, whether it be in a napkin, in a sketchbook or even on an iPad. In this movie, I'm going to show you how to some freehand drawing and painting inside of Adobe Sketch, which can be really, really fun. Let's take a look. I'm going to create a brand new project here. And once I create a brand new project I'm not going to give it a name, I'm not going to do anything to it. I'm just going to jump right in. That's the whole point of this. So once we're inside of here, what I'm going to do I'm going to make sure I'm working with the pen. And I'm going to make sure I've got a black color, it's the easiest thing to work with. And I'm also going to be using Adobe's ink pen, but again you can use any stylus you want, doesn't have to be it. The only difference is you don't have the Cloud or the pressure sensitivity. So once I have this all setup, what I'm going to do is jump into full-screen mode, so I'm not distracted by anything, I'm just going to start drawing. So you can draw whatever you want, I'm going to draw just a little cartoon face, but you can literally draw whatever you want. So in this case, we're just going to start off by drawing a little nose like this, and we'll draw out. Just a little mustache, something like that. And, a couple of eyes. Make those look a little tired. And I'm just going to draw in those like this. And we'll give this guy some ears. And a bigger face, there we go. Something like this. He's going to be a little surprised. He doesn't know we're drawing a picture of him.

So we're just going to draw, something kind of like this. Little surprised expression. There we go. And then we'll give him some, pretty interesting hair here. So he maybe has, almost like a comb-over type look going on at the top. We'll just kind of have that going on there. And again, I'm just drawing free hand. It's just like I'm drawing using a pen and paper. And once I have all the lines set up in here, I can then start adding some textures and different things using Paint. Let's jump out of full screen mode for a minute, and let's go in here, and let's actually grab the brush. And so what I'm going to do now is go in here, and I can find a flesh tone in here.

If I don't find a flesh tone in here, what I can do, is I can go out and I can actually add a color theme from Cooler. So I can actually go into Cooler and I can find this, or I can go onto the Cooler website, which I'll show you how to do in a little bit. And I can search for flesh tones, add those into my cooler, and then find them that way. In this case I think I can probably find something that's flesh toned in this line up here. Like for instance that looks a little bit like flesh tone, so does that, so let's just add this one right here. And we'll hit that check mark. And there's that palette right there. So I'll grab this, and then I can just start with the brush, filling in this area all around.

And it's just like painting. So it doesn't matter if you stay within the lines, you can always overlap it with something else. So I'm just going to do all of this and like that and then let's warm it up a bit. So let's give him a little bit more of a warm feeling here. Okay, rosy up the cheeks, and let's mix in a little bit more of a light color, in there, there we go. That's a little bit more realistic. Maybe he hasn't shaved in a while, something like that. And then we'll go ahead and grab kind of a dark color for the mustache. kind of fill that in. Something like this.

And if you need to refine this or undo it. Again all you have to do three fingers. So if I am not happy with any of this, for instance if I want to change the color of the face let's just step back. To right there. And let's change the color a bit. I wasn't really happy with how it started off. So let's just go back in there. Maybe lay down some contouring first. There we go. A little bit around the chin. A little bit there. And a little bit around the eyes. Something like that. Little bit on the ridge of the nose. And let's go through now and let's do this, here we go. There, that's much better. And we can kind of blend that in with what we have already. That's going to work out nice. And once we have all this traced in, what I'm going to do then is start working on the hair and the mustache, there we go.

So we've got some nice contouring there, I can add this back to the eyes. And let's re-start right here. Instead of using the brush for this, though, let's switch to a marker. It's a little bit more precise. And that's going to allow me just to come in here, lay down the base. If I need those fine details, I can switch back to the pen. And really, really pencil and pen this stuff in, so. Totally up to you how you do this. I'm just kind of giving you an idea. And then, let's do the marker up here in the hair. There we go. You can see it looks just like a marker would. On paper, which is really interesting to me. They did a really good job at making this thing work. Maybe I add something. Whoop. If you make a mistake, again, just undo. So let's just undo those eyebrows maybe. Right. Like that.

There we go. And, there you go, just add those in, something like that. Now that you're all wrapped up. You can pretty much do whatever you want with this sketch. If you want to share it on Behance or post it on Twitter, totally up to you. In my case, i usually keep all these to myself. It's just my way of unwinding and doing something a little creative that helps my creative juices keep flowing. No matter what you choose to do with your sketches, just take some time, practice it, master the tool, and have fun.

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