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Whether you’re just getting started with data analysis or you’ve been analyzing data for years, our video tutorials can help you learn the ins and outs of Google Analytics, Crystal Reports, and more. Our courses cover web analytics, data validation, and how to use tools like Excel and SPSS Statistics.

Learn how to analyze data

How do you navigate through a sea of data and use it to make informed decisions? With data analysis. Learn data-analysis techniques that apply to any industry, on today.

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— every online course includes free Data Analysis training. Become a member to keep learning, with unlimited access to every course in our library. offers other tutorials related to data analysis, such as Excel, Sharepoint and more.

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  • 2013

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  • view course page for Cleaning Up Your Excel 2013 Data

    Learn how to clean up your Excel data with a few simple and easy-to-understand functions, commands, and techniques.

    1h 59m
    Appropriate for all

  • view course page for Excel 2013: Managing and Analyzing Data

    Learn how to manage and analyze large amounts of data with sorting, filtering, and statistical and database analysis functions.

    2h 2m

  • view course page for Excel 2013: Data Validation in Depth

    Learn how to use the data validation tools in Excel to control how users input data into workbooks and ensure data is entered consistently and accurately.

    1h 5m

  • view course page for Access 2013 Essential Training

    Take a tour of the essential features of Access 2013 and discover how to build a database and store your data more efficiently.

    5h 4m

“I often watch the videos on my laptop while working out on a stationary bicycle. The short length of the video segments helps to keep me motivated: "I'll quit at the end of this chapter." So far I have lost 25 pounds!” —Gail P.
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