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Learn how to mix, master, and record music with digital audio workstation (DAW) recording software and hardware such as Ableton Live, Reason, Pro Tools, and Logic Pro.

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  • Scott Hirsch

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  • view course page for Logic Pro X New Features

    Logic Pro X New Features with Scott Hirsch

    Preview the new features in Logic Pro 10.1 and 10.2, including Alchemy and Gobbler integration, new EDM and hip-hop drummers, the Drum Machine Designer, an enhanced Mixer, and improved MIDI editing and sequencing features, and learn how to integrate them into your production workflow as quickly as possible.

    3h 50m
    Appropriate for all

  • view course page for Synth Programming: Beyond the Basics

    Move beyond the basics of synth programming, and learn techniques for creating big moving basslines, evocative percussion patterns, and rich synth pads.

    1h 54m

  • view course page for Synth Programming Basics

    Synth Programming Basics with Scott Hirsch

    Learn how synthesis actually works, how to sculpt sound with filters and envelopes, and how to craft your own synth patches, including leads, pads, drums, and bass.

    1h 32m

  • view course page for Mixing a Short Film with Logic Pro

    Explore a powerful round-trip workflow between Logic Pro and Final Cut Pro that enables sound editors to quickly mix dialogue, sound effects, and music for film.

    1h 24m

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