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CorelDRAW X4 Essential Training

with David Rivers

Video: Welcome

David Rivers addresses experienced CorelDRAW users as he offers insight into new features and enhancements.
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  1. 2m 46s
    1. Welcome
      2m 46s
  2. 52m 55s
    1. The Welcome screen
      7m 29s
    2. New and enhanced features in CorelDRAW X4
      8m 41s
    3. Opening files and touring the new user interface
      14m 48s
    4. Vector vs. bitmap images
      7m 20s
    5. Creating new files
      7m 41s
    6. Saving your work
      6m 56s
  3. 16m 0s
    1. Creating multi-page projects
      5m 2s
    2. Modifying page layout
      4m 17s
    3. Using guidelines and snap-to options
      6m 41s
  4. 1h 9m
    1. Drawing basic shapes
      8m 17s
    2. Drawing more advanced shapes
      10m 17s
    3. Using the Perfect Shapes collection
      10m 55s
    4. Drawing lines and curves
      11m 7s
    5. Node editing with the Shape tool
      15m 20s
    6. Working with tables
      13m 22s
  5. 1h 27m
    1. Selecting and deleting objects
      9m 46s
    2. Moving and sizing objects
      9m 46s
    3. Rotating and skewing objects
      6m 50s
    4. Arranging objects
      9m 30s
    5. Grouping and ungrouping multiple objects
      7m 25s
    6. Converting objects
      8m 24s
    7. Locking objects
      3m 52s
    8. Cutting and copying objects
      6m 10s
    9. Duplicating and cloning objects
      6m 19s
    10. Using the Step and Repeat docker
      4m 27s
    11. Using Undo, Redo, and Repeat
      7m 16s
    12. Creating and using symbols
      8m 13s
  6. 1h 25m
    1. Creating artistic text
      5m 14s
    2. Fitting text to a path
      8m 53s
    3. Formatting characters and live text
      9m 58s
    4. Creating paragraph text
      5m 14s
    5. Formatting paragraph text
      12m 21s
    6. Linking paragraph text frames
      10m 22s
    7. Working with columns
      6m 54s
    8. Working with bullets
      7m 51s
    9. Integration with WhatTheFont
      5m 50s
    10. Checking spelling and using QuickCorrect
      13m 2s
  7. 41m 40s
    1. Using color palettes
      10m 30s
    2. Filling objects with color
      11m 29s
    3. Coloring object outlines
      4m 20s
    4. Using the Eyedropper and Paint Bucket tools
      7m 30s
    5. Using the SmartFill tool
      7m 51s
  8. 27m 37s
    1. Creating layers
      12m 55s
    2. Layer properties
      9m 39s
    3. Using a Master layer
      5m 3s
  9. 31m 58s
    1. Exploring view modes
      6m 9s
    2. Exploring preview modes
      6m 35s
    3. Using the View Manager
      8m 15s
    4. Finding and replacing text and objects
      10m 59s
  10. 41m 44s
    1. Applying bitmap effects
      16m 18s
    2. The Image Adjustment Lab
      8m 36s
    3. Cropping bitmap images
      5m 20s
    4. Straightening images
      4m 58s
    5. Converting vector objects to bitmap
      6m 32s
  11. 27m 20s
    1. Using the shaping tools
      7m 43s
    2. PowerClipping objects inside one another
      5m 5s
    3. Adding envelopes
      9m 40s
    4. Working with corners
      4m 52s
  12. 48m 8s
    1. Filling objects with the Fill tool
      5m 13s
    2. Blending objects with the Blend tool
      7m 35s
    3. Adding contour with the Contour tool
      5m 20s
    4. Creating distortion with the Distortion tool
      5m 39s
    5. Adding shadows with the Drop Shadow tool
      5m 31s
    6. Extruding objects with the Extrude tool
      7m 46s
    7. Applying transparency with the Transparency tool
      5m 50s
    8. Mirroring artistic and paragraph text
      5m 14s
  13. 24m 48s
    1. Adding and changing perspective
      7m 4s
    2. Using the Lens effect
      11m 2s
    3. Adding bevels
      6m 42s
  14. 25m 19s
    1. Importing other file types
      6m 7s
    2. Exporting to other file types
      11m 27s
    3. Publishing files to PDF
      7m 45s
  15. 23m 6s
    1. Customizing your workspace
      9m 1s
    2. Customizing your menus and toolbars
      7m 17s
    3. Customizing your color palettes
      6m 48s
  16. 20m 37s
    1. Using Print Preview
      10m 52s
    2. Printing your work
      9m 45s
  17. 1h 18m
    1. Capturing with Corel Capture
      11m 27s
    2. Tracing bitmaps with PowerTrace
      8m 10s
    3. Corel PHOTO-PAINT pt. 1: Editing Photos
      5m 39s
    4. Corel PHOTO-PAINT pt. 2: The Cutout Lab
      6m 26s
    5. Corel PHOTO-PAINT pt. 3: Applying Effects
      12m 8s
    6. Using the Extras Collection and raw images
      9m 2s
    7. ConceptShare: Overview
      5m 7s
    8. ConceptShare: Publishing your Work
      10m 34s
    9. ConceptShare: Collaboration Tools
      10m 9s
  18. 22s
    1. Goodbye

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CorelDRAW X4 Essential Training
Video duration: 0s 11h 45m Beginner


CorelDRAW X4 Essential Training provides detailed coverage of the flagship vector-based graphics application, as well as several of the other tools included in CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X4. These include PHOTO-PAINT, a bitmap editing application; PowerTRACE, used to convert bitmaps to vectors; and ConceptShare, for web-based collaboration. David Rivers addresses experienced CorelDRAW users as he offers insight into new features and enhancements, and he also helps newcomers get up to speed with the basics of vector drawing. David demonstrates how to use objects, layers, and pages to organize documents effectively, and discusses working with color, specific tools, and special effects. He also covers the collaboration and delivery processes. Exercise files accompany the course.

Topics include:
  • Understanding vector and bitmap images
  • Working with multi-page projects
  • Using independent per-page layers and guides
  • Drawing and editing shapes, lines, curves, and tables
  • Creating and using symbols
  • Working with text and WhatTheFont
  • Converting vector objects to bitmap
  • Shaping, filling, blending, and extruding objects
  • Importing and exporting other file types
  • Customizing the workspace, menus, toolbars, and palettes


Welcome to CorelDRAW X4 Essential Training. I'm David Rivers. You know CorelDRAW and I go way back to the late nineties, when I was first introduced to this powerful yet easy to use graphics application. In my role as a training specialist at that time, I was required to learn this program inside and out, as well as the competition. Well, since then CorelDRAW has continued to be equally or more powerful than it's competitors, yet much easier to use and of course very easy to learn. This latest rendition X4 is no exception and we have a lot to cover in this title.

By the end though, you are going to feel like you have got at least an intermediate level of understanding of CorelDRAW and the other applications in the suite. So, let's talk about what we're going to do in this title. One thing you will need to understand when working with an application like CorelDRAW is the difference between a vector and a bitmap image. We'll be working with both. By the end you will understand the differences and how to work with each. Introduction or overview of what is new and enhanced in CorelDRAW, right off the top and then as we move through the different movies in this title, we'll work extensively with those new and enhanced features.

We're going to look at some drawing basics to get you comfortable in CorelDRAW and then we'll be working extensively with objects, creating objects, manipulating and modifying objects as well as working with multiple objects on a page. We'll be working with layers as well to stay organized, creating them, modifying and manipulating those layers. We're going to be working with text and pages. It's interesting about CorelDRAW, you can work with multiple pages in a single file. One of the key defining features of CorelDRAW.

Working with color is something that we'll do quite extensively in this title as well. There is a ton of special tools and special effects, we're going to try and look at as many as we can in this title. Working with our objects, using some of the special tools to modify those objects and add some cool effects. We'll be sharing your work with others. That's something that's very important, whether you are going to be collaborating with others on a project or if you need to deliver your work to a professional print house, for example, how do you get that ready to share with others? We'll be talking about that in this title and we'll also be looking at some of the other applications in this suite for converting your images, tracing, photo editing and a whole lot more.

Now, if you are a Premium subscriber or you've purchased this title on disk you will also have access to all of the exercise files that I will be using throughout the upcoming lessons. If you do not have access to the exercise files, I would not worry too much about that. You can learn an awful lot just by watching. So, without further delay, let's get started.

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