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Illustration by John Hersey

Exploring examples using Weld, Trim, and Intersect


CorelDRAW Essential Training

with Scott Georgeson

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Video: Exploring examples using Weld, Trim, and Intersect

We are continuing on Page 36 of your working file, the subject of Weld/Trim/Intersect. I am just going to show you a few more creative ways that you can utilize these tools. So selecting this sunset bitmap, maybe a photograph you've imported or brought in from a particular clipart. I am going to type the text SUNSET and we will expand that up in size and I might make it yellow in color, so we can see it. Pop it on here and also I'd rather go with real bold font like Arial Black.
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  1. 5m 5s
    1. Welcome
      1m 21s
    2. Using the exercise files
      3m 44s
  2. 7m 27s
    1. The CorelDRAW interface
    2. Working with new documents
      3m 45s
    3. Exploring new document advanced options
      3m 6s
  3. 14m 55s
    1. Moving and adding pages
      3m 25s
    2. Understanding page setup
      6m 47s
    3. Arranging dockers
      4m 43s
  4. 19m 59s
    1. Importing files
      3m 51s
    2. Using Corel CONNECT
      12m 23s
    3. Exporting files
      3m 45s
  5. 10m 0s
    1. Working with zooming
      5m 8s
    2. Understanding page views
      4m 52s
  6. 37m 1s
    1. Using the Pick tool
      4m 1s
    2. Selecting objects
      4m 50s
    3. Moving objects
      6m 59s
    4. Sizing objects
      5m 56s
    5. Mirroring objects
      6m 2s
    6. Rotating objects
      5m 33s
    7. Skewing objects
      3m 40s
  7. 12m 54s
    1. Working with Undo and Redo
      5m 2s
    2. Understanding the stacking order
      7m 52s
  8. 1h 6m
    1. Understanding the drawing tools
      8m 35s
    2. Working with the Rectangle tool
      6m 54s
    3. Adding rectangles to a business card
      5m 22s
    4. Working with the Ellipse tool
      4m 23s
    5. Adding ellipses, pies, and arcs
      4m 4s
    6. Working with the Polygon tool
      2m 50s
    7. Adding a multipoint polygon
      2m 12s
    8. Working with the Spiral tool
      5m 5s
    9. Adding a shadowed spiral
      2m 7s
    10. Working with the Graph paper tool
      5m 55s
    11. Adding unique graph shapes
      9m 23s
    12. Working with Perfect Shapes
      6m 34s
    13. Adding a shadowed arrow shape
      2m 44s
  9. 15m 3s
    1. Understanding artistic text
      6m 42s
    2. Adding artistic text
      8m 21s
  10. 40m 22s
    1. Aligning objects
      6m 34s
    2. Understanding duplication
      6m 55s
    3. Working with distribution
      5m 6s
    4. Building an amplifier face
      15m 14s
    5. Aligning text and spacing objects
      6m 33s
  11. 14m 26s
    1. Understanding Group and Ungroup
      7m 9s
    2. Working with Combine and Break Apart
      7m 17s
  12. 38m 25s
    1. Coloring objects and using Uniform fill
      8m 44s
    2. Using the Fountain fill
      4m 56s
    3. Understanding the Color palette and the Document palette
      9m 11s
    4. Working with the Interactive fill tool
      8m 22s
    5. Using the eyedropper tools
      7m 12s
  13. 19m 26s
    1. Using Convert To Curves and Outline Properties
      9m 45s
    2. Understanding advanced Outline Properties
      9m 41s
  14. 17m 57s
    1. Exploring methods of working with Weld, Trim, and Intersect
      8m 38s
    2. Exploring examples using Weld, Trim, and Intersect
      9m 19s
  15. 32s
    1. Goodbye

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5h 19m Beginner Oct 02, 2012

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Whether you're an aspiring or experienced artist, this course provides detailed coverage of CorelDRAW, the flagship vector-based illustration and layout application. Author Scott Georgeson, the official creator of video training for CorelDRAW X4, X5, and X6, helps you get up to speed with the basics of vector drawing. Scott demonstrates how to use objects, layers, and pages to organize documents effectively and he discusses working with color, Artistic Text, drawing tools, and special effects. The course also covers how to align and group objects to lay them out more effectively and how to dictate the layering of objects with the Weld, Trim, and Intersect commands.

This course was created by Scott Georgeson. We're honored to host his tutorials in the library.

Topics include:
  • Understanding vector and bitmap images
  • Working with multipage projects
  • Using independent per-page layers and guides
  • Drawing and editing shapes, lines, curves, and tables
  • Creating and using symbols
  • Working with text
  • Designing a business card
  • Shaping, filling, blending, and extruding objects
  • Importing and exporting other file types
  • Customizing the workspace, menus, toolbars, and palettes
Scott Georgeson

Exploring examples using Weld, Trim, and Intersect

We are continuing on Page 36 of your working file, the subject of Weld/Trim/Intersect. I am just going to show you a few more creative ways that you can utilize these tools. So selecting this sunset bitmap, maybe a photograph you've imported or brought in from a particular clipart. I am going to type the text SUNSET and we will expand that up in size and I might make it yellow in color, so we can see it. Pop it on here and also I'd rather go with real bold font like Arial Black.

Place that there and I am just going to stretch it type-wise a little. Now if I simply select these two what do you think will happen when I click Trim? What's going to happen is that the source object, being the one on top will be used as a cookie cutter to cut out that shape in the photographic image. So it's actually see-through as you can see. And that can be quite handy for some special effects that you may need to create in the future. Now if I simply select both and this time I choose Intersect, what do you think will happen? Now remember the objects on the bottom provides the attributes.

Therefore, look at that, we've actually effectively intersected our text with the image and we have a resulting piece of text with the image in it. That's a great effect, but I also want you to know that there is another way to achieve the same thing which we call Power Clip and the advantage with power clip is that you can edit that image inside of the text, but we will look at that in another module. Moving onto our next image. Now the reason why I've got this image is I want to create a tear effect.

Now to do that we need to use the Freehand tool and we haven't looked at this to date. So I am just going to select. How you use this tool is click once to create a start point and wherever you click next time from point A to point B you'll create a straight line. If you hold your finger down on your mouse and simply draw, you can, well, effectively draw anything that you want to draw. So I am going to use that method. So starting at the top here, I hold my finger down on the mouse, I am going to try to create kind of a tear, jagged effect which is never easy to do, I've discovered, creating a tear effect.

I will make that yellow. Right-click on yellow so that we can see it. Now if we simply select everything, the object on top will be the source object and we will choose Trim. So the yellow line will be cut all the way through the image. So I'll delete that. You can't see it there. If I go to View, simple wireframe, you can see the cut effect there, okay. Whenever you cut through, a number of objects you need to break them apart. Now Break Apart is not available on the Property bar, there maybe an update for that in the future, but for right now we would go to Arrange and Break Bitmap Apart or Ctrl+K. So you can see the little jagged line there now.

Now watch this, I'll select the right half, click again, grab the rotation pin, pull that down there, and I am going to rotate away as though it's being torn away. Isn't that a cool looking effect? And you might have a slogan for example, something like Hard Times, Tearing at your savings or you might say, Are Hard Times Tearing at your savings. Click again, rotation pin to the corner there, rotate that down there like that.

And there you go, we've created something you might use in a flyer, and no doubt, I spend a bit more time and you'd come up with some better tears than that, etcetera, but I just quickly wanted to show that to you. Now our next one here is this button, plus create a duplicate, drag this over here. This one here is going to combine a lot of what we've been learning through a number of lessons. You will enjoy this. So create a duplicate of your button and ungroup everything first of all. Let me just pull it all apart.

Now because that's white, I will make it black in color so that we can see it, and just simply click on top and drag and you will find that all the bits and pieces will come apart and drag that one down to there, and that's all there is. So effectively we've got one, two, three, four circles, a bit of text, and a shape. So let's go ahead and create this. You'll enjoy this. It's simple, but there is a lot to learn. Finger on Ctrl+Shift after selecting the Ellipse tool, click and drag, and it doesn't matter what size, because it will be proportionate to whatever we do.

Now that I've created in a perfect circle I want to select my Interactive Fill tool, straight up to the Property bar, and select the Conical Fill. Now we haven't used this before but it's very easy to use. Now what I want to do is just stretch this out a little, finger on Ctrl, and you can actually stretch and rotate this, but for right now I want to stay on the 180 degree mark or on the perfect horizontal if you like. Now what we want to do is we are going to grab the darker gray here, drag and drop that onto here, and onto the other side, and I am going to drag and drop right at the top there, and now we just simply grab the color white and go half way between the two.

Can you see the effect that it creates? So you can see this effect here of kind of pulsating in and out if you like. Now watch this. Let's create a duplicate, plus on the keyboard, finger on Shift to resize it in equally. Now we are going to rotate this around so that the highlights of white are opposite the gray. You will see what I mean. Click again for rotation handle. Now rotate round and line your mouse up just on the horizontal plane there and release and we will just remove the outline.

Right-click and remove the outline. So you can see what we've got there. Effectively, our white highlight is opposite the dark. So we've got a light, dark, light, dark. So now we are going light, dark, the opposite. Makes sense? Now Plus (+) on the keyboard again to create another ellipse or duplicate, finger on Shift, shrink down a little, and we will make that navy blue in color. Already you can see the sense of a button with an edge. Now remember we discussed the whole light versus dark.

That's what we've done here. We've got light on the inside, dark on the outside, and it creates that effect. Okay, Plus (+) again, we are just really creating constant duplicates and making them smaller, shrink it down, make that a light blue color. Now we will select our Interactive Fill tool. From around about two-thirds down click and drag up, finger on Ctrl so it drags up perfectly vertical, and then drag anddrop the color navy to the top. So we sort of pull it back down a little bit.

So we are fading from the light blue until it just becomes the navy matching the background there. Now the next step is to create the half moon. Now you can see why I've got you to practice that earlier. Plus (+) on the keyboard, drag that over here so that way I've got the right size ellipse. Plus (+) again, drag that down a little, and I will give that a white outline. Right-click so we can see the shape of the moon effect, and I'll just go up a little higher and that looks about right. I am actually going to increase the size of this ellipse a little.

Finger on Shift and increase a little, and then come down a bit more. It's sort of cuts it off at a slightly sharper angle outward down a bit. There we go. Simply select both and Trim. Then we take our object. I'll make that white in color, select that one, finger on Shift, and select the ellipse underneath. Now I am going to align them. So C on my keyboard and then T for top. Remember the one on top aligns to the one on the lowest level, the lowest in the stacking order of course the last one we selected. Now delete that.

What color we are going to make this? Well I am going to select that, select my Interactive Fill tool, click and drag, finger on Ctrl, and I am going to make the starting color that same navy blue, just dragging through to the color white. And there we go, if I select my word Enter, Plus (+), create a duplicate of that, pop it over there, Shift+Page Up, because it's on a lower stacking order, make it white in color, and there you go, we've created a button effect.

You know what, I might even pull that down a little bit, just down to there. If you select and give that just sort of a gray outline, maybe that's a little bit too light. I select my button again, right-click and there we go. And there we go, we've created a button effect. Now I've done that very quickly. I would normally spend a bit more time to create a little bit more of the effect, but at least you've got the idea. Isn't that amazing what you can do? Now finally this one is for you.

I would like for you to simply figure out how to make this one on your own. It's an egg, obviously it's got a tear through it, with a drop shadow that we've created behind. I'll leave that to you and I really do hope you've enjoyed this set of lessons.

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