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Marketing Tips

with Brad Batesole and Justin Seeley

Video: Create infinite Gmail addresses

Stay up to date with the latest marketing tools and techniques, and make your marketing efforts more productive. Get new tips every Wednesday.
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  1. 3m 29s
    1. Create infinite Gmail addresses NEW
      3m 29s
  2. 43s
    1. Welcome: Handoff
  3. 10m 6s
    1. Advertising on Instagram
      6m 6s
    2. Networking with LinkedIn Groups
      4m 0s
  4. 27m 3s
    1. Understanding browser reports in Google Analytics to improve your website
      8m 36s
    2. Using Google Tag Assistant to track events on your website
      7m 40s
    3. Exploring Facebook’s new lead ads
      8m 29s
    4. Exploring Bitly
      2m 18s
  5. 33m 48s
    1. Getting started with the Google Tag Manager debug tool
      6m 33s
    2. Debugging and validating Google Analytics setup
      10m 48s
    3. Searching for free images to use with marketing materials
      4m 56s
    4. Sharing animated GIFs on Twitter
      5m 29s
    5. Leveraging Twitter chats to grow your business or personal brand
      6m 2s
  6. 16m 35s
    1. Demystifying bounce rate
      3m 48s
    2. Updates to Facebook's CPC measurement
      2m 23s
    3. Using LinkedIn's Social Selling Index (SSI)
      6m 55s
    4. Using Facebook messaging for Pages to connect with customers
      3m 29s
  7. 36m 19s
    1. The 17 minute SEO
      17m 32s
    2. Summer marketing considerations
      3m 57s
    3. How to present pricing
      3m 58s
    4. MozCon recap
      8m 16s
    5. Showing your birthday on Twitter
      2m 36s
  8. 18m 13s
    1. Using the Facebook Pages to Watch feature
      2m 54s
    2. Using Twitter's audience insights
      5m 6s
    3. Using Google's new Search Console
      5m 51s
    4. Expanding your marketing reach through Pinterest
      4m 22s
  9. 22m 59s
    1. Using Twitter's Quick Promote feature
      4m 6s
    2. Changes to URLs in Google mobile search results
      4m 43s
    3. Using Buzzsumo for content marketing
      6m 34s
    4. Getting started with text message marketing
      7m 36s
  10. 30m 0s
    1. Meerkat and Periscope
      7m 27s
    2. Hosting promotional giveaways through Amazon Giveaway
      4m 24s
    3. Creating a call-only ad in Google AdWords
      7m 20s
    4. Using IFTTT's new mobile app: Do Camera
      4m 19s
    5. Using the Facebook Ads Manager app
      6m 30s
  11. 34m 10s
    1. Google analytics spreadsheet add-on
      6m 51s
    2. Setting up automated campaigns in mailchimp
      7m 37s
    3. Starting your first remarketing campaign
      5m 58s
    4. Setting up Google Webmaster Tools
      13m 44s
  12. 22m 43s
    1. Using Facebook offers
      6m 41s
    2. Google's mobile-friendly search label
      4m 31s
    3. Creating a pop-up offer with WordPress
      6m 3s
    4. Using Unbounce to build and A/B test landing pages
      5m 28s
  13. 13m 19s
    1. Using Peek to provide usability testing
      2m 58s
    2. Prequalifying traffic when running pay-per click ads
      2m 11s
    3. Marketing the cost of your service with customers
      3m 20s
    4. Using surveys to guide business decisions
      4m 50s
  14. 1m 36s
    1. Handing off the series to Brad
    2. Welcome to the series
  15. 5m 47s
    1. Tracking your Twitter analytics
      3m 26s
    2. How to properly reply to someone on Twitter
      2m 21s
  16. 7m 15s
    1. Using the new Pinterest messaging system
      2m 15s
    2. How to create Rich Pins on Pinterest
      5m 0s
  17. 10m 59s
    1. Five ways to improve your WordPress blog
      6m 19s
    2. Growing your email list with a WordPress blog
      4m 40s
  18. 12m 23s
    1. How to get your tweets noticed
      6m 57s
    2. Adding Twitter card functionality to your blog
      5m 26s
  19. 10m 2s
    1. How to create a more engaging Instagram profile
      2m 14s
    2. The do’s and don’ts of Instagram marketing
      7m 48s
  20. 7m 29s
    1. Exploring the redesigned Facebook Page layout
      2m 39s
    2. Exploring the new Facebook Save feature
      4m 50s
  21. 11m 27s
    1. Customizing your profiles 101
      7m 22s
    2. Exploring the benefits of premium accounts
      4m 5s
  22. 11m 8s
    1. How to create custom audiences on Facebook
      5m 5s
    2. How to improve your reach without using ads
      6m 3s
  23. 7m 17s
    1. How to use hashtags in Twitter search
      3m 40s
    2. How to make a refined search on Twitter
      3m 37s
  24. 13m 40s
    1. What is CASL?
      7m 9s
    2. Five Ways to prepare your business for CASL
      6m 31s
  25. 7m 23s
    1. Creating content for LinkedIn
      3m 43s
    2. Using the LinkedIn publishing platform
      3m 40s
  26. 6m 26s
    1. Using Snapchat to engage customers
      2m 56s
    2. Six second story telling with Vine
      3m 30s
  27. 6m 13s
    1. Five ways to deal with negative comments
      2m 33s
    2. Creating a community around caring
      3m 40s
  28. 9m 51s
    1. Five Apps for social media management
      4m 53s
    2. How to reach your audience on mobile
      4m 58s
  29. 6m 3s
    1. Using Hootsuite to cross post your content
      2m 50s
    2. Scheduling posts with Hootsuite
      3m 13s
  30. 6m 49s
    1. 5 Ways to use Instagram for business
      3m 9s
    2. How to run a contest using Instagram
      3m 40s
  31. 7m 30s
    1. Creating a URL shortener with Bitly Pro
      2m 34s
    2. Five Ways to track your social media efforts
      4m 56s
  32. 5m 33s
    1. How to setup your Vine profile URL
      2m 28s
    2. Tips & tricks for better Vine videos
      3m 5s
  33. 10m 34s
    1. How to write better blog posts
      5m 59s
    2. Ten ideas for your next blog post
      4m 35s
  34. 7m 44s
    1. How to set your YouTube Channel URL
      2m 34s
    2. How to use tags effectively on YouTube
      5m 10s
  35. 12m 32s
    1. How to create a Pinterest business account
      4m 16s
    2. Five ways to use Pinterest for your business
      8m 16s
  36. 12m 44s
    1. How to run a contest on Facebook
      7m 30s
    2. How to use your Facebook Insights data effectively
      5m 14s
  37. 7m 2s
    1. How to claim your Google+ vanity URL
      2m 49s
    2. How to use hashtags on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+
      4m 13s
  38. 15m 15s
    1. How to grow your email list with Twitter
      7m 21s
    2. How to run a contest on Twitter
      7m 54s

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Marketing Tips
Video Duration: 0s 8h 15m Appropriate for all Updated Nov 18, 2015


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Become more productive and boost the impact of your marketing efforts with Brad Batesole's weekly marketing tips on everything from social media to digital advertising to techniques and tools. Every week you'll find a new and immediately actionable tip to help you build your community, track engagement, measure analytics, generate brand awareness, or help you accomplish other marketing goals. In addition to sharing from his bank of experience, Brad will answer questions submitted by members. Send your question directly to him via and you might just see it in a future episode! Tune in every week to keep your marketing efforts fresh.


Create infinite Gmail addresses

- Hi, and welcome to another episode of Weekly Marketing Tips. I'm Brad Batesole and this week, I'd like to talk about a quick way to create an almost infinite amount of email addresses as a way to keep tabs on your competitors, better organize your newsletter subscriptions, and even as a way to find out how far your information gets shared. If you're using Gmail or Google Apps for Business, this tip will work for you. To show you an example, I went ahead and visited a website,

I love this brand and I think their product is really cool and I noticed that when I visit this site, I get a pop-up that allows me to enter my email address to get updates from the company and potentially some exclusive offers. Now traditionally, I could just enter in my email address as I would normally. However, if you'd like to separate this offer from other offers in your inbox, perhaps they're a competitor or a brand that you respect and you'd like to find a way to filter all of their content into a particular bucket in your email.

Now, sometimes you can set up filters but that can be challenging if you're not sure who the sender is and if it changes from time to time. So an easy way to do this is with Gmail or Google Apps, any email address that you have, you can add a plus sign right before the @ symbol. And that's going to allow you to add any combination of words or numbers after your email address. So for example, my email address was, I could come in and right before the @ symbol, put a plus sign.

And here I could say +biolite. Now, when I click Sign me up, I'm still going to get the email to, but Google is going to add this +biolite and I'm going to show you how that looks in just a minute. So I'll choose Sign me up and great it works. Now you may notice that there are a small amount of sites that do not allow that plus symbol. They'll say that that's a special character and it can't be in the email. So your mileage may vary with this technique. So I'll close that.

We'll close out of this page and I'm going to go over into James's Gmail account. You'll see I have an email here from BioLite and I'm going to tap it to open it up. And I'm going to hover over the Show Details in the upper left hand corner. And here you can see that this email was sent to, but as I hover over that, you'll see that my email address is actually What this allows me to do is then filter all messages coming to this email address and I can put those into a folder or label them as such.

What's great is that now I can see all of that information but I don't have to create multiple email addresses for various emails. So if you're signing up for special offers from your competitors to see when they're running promotions and you don't want to have all of that funneling into your inbox, you can simply set up a filter, tell Google to mark it as red and move it into that folder and leave it out of your inbox. Now you can quickly see what your competitors are up to or you can see if brands are potentially selling or distributing your information to other companies because as you see that email address move around from different senders, you'll know who those companies are affiliated with.

Thanks for checking in this week. As always, I'd love to hear from you. So, let me know what you thought about this week's episode. You can reach me on Twitter @bradbatesole or via email, I'll see you next week.

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