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Understanding the built-in templates


Compressor 4 Essential Training

with Jeff I. Greenberg

Video: Understanding the built-in templates

Understanding the built-in templates provides you with in-depth training on Video. Taught by Jeff I. Greenberg as part of the Compressor 4 Essential Training
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Video Duration: 3m 55s1h 57m Beginner Oct 14, 2011

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Compressor 4 Essential Training streamlines the processes of compressing and encoding media in Final Cut Pro X's companion compression software. This course introduces the fundamental concepts of compression, how to determine appropriate compression settings, and building and modifying encoding presets for a variety of outputs, including Apple and Android devices, DVDs, PowerPoint, and the web. The course also covers placing watermarks, setting destinations, and transcoding files automatically using droplets.

Topics include:
  • Using Compressor with QuickTime and Final Cut Pro X
  • Transcoding to ProRes
  • Understanding encoding
  • Setting markers for DVD and Blu-ray
  • Building an MPEG2 for broadcast
  • Adjusting video footage
  • Creating templates
  • Setting destinations
Jeff I. Greenberg

Understanding the built-in templates

Compressor is quite a bit a power of pre-built templates. Now whether we start with one of these starting points of QuickTime--this file I have--whether you start with your own QuickTime file, or start with Final Cut Pro once they send to Compressor, we can go ahead and use these templates. I am just going to go ahead and fire up Compressor. When we start it up, you'll see right- away we get this template window, and we can pick one of these templates here. The one I am going to pick today is publishing to YouTube. I think that's something that enough of us to do, enough of us--whether we want to share it with a client which we can do so privately or publish it that so everybody can see it, this template will automatically set up the correct setting.

Notice it says it right here, HD 720 Video Sharing, and publish directly to YouTube. And I'm just going to say Choose. You'll see that this is almost ready to go. It's got a well waiting for me, because I did this with QuickTime. Again remember, you can't send from Final Cut Pro. We've got our setting picked, we've got where it's going to go, and then at the end it's going to give me this Publish to YouTube. But notice it's got that exclamation point. Let's give it a video first. Let's fill that well. There is my Mission Statement.

This could be your own content. I am going to drag and drop. It's available for me here. Here I am inside a Compressor. Again is this idea that if you click on the setting, the Inspector will show you about that setting. That's not where we want to click. We're going to click in those big, wider area. This is where we can get to the job action. You can actually, if you even wanted to, click right on the exclamation point. It's telling you what's missing from this. I am going to click, and you'll see here, down on the Inspector, three tabs. The one we want is on the far right, the Job Action. And for us to publish this to YouTube, we need to fill in our Password. You're obviously going to put in your name here, your password, and then a title and description. For this case this is the Mission Statement for the Everybody Dance Now video. You can add a description and tags.

I highly recommend that if you use stuff for general publishing on YouTube you use tags. For example, this one might be dance. It might be students, whatever you want to use to help people find it. And you can pick a category. In this case, I am going to pick Education. The last choice is very, very powerful. It's whether or not you want to make this private. By making it private, it means that nobody will be able to get to it from a general search; only you can give it to somebody via URL.

I also need to fill out the description. Notice at the bottom it says, "All fields are required." And I'll go ahead here and I'll type--only alpha-numeric characters. This is a great example, a teaching example here. You'll see I used dance, space, students. It tells me I can't do that; only alpha-numerics are used. Spaces aren't valid. Tags must be separated by commas. So I am just going to change it to dance, comma, students, comma, education. And I still have spaces there, so I need to go through and just remove all of those spaces.

There we go, and you'll notice that's cleared. All fields are required. Missions Statement for Everyone Dance Now. When I hit the Submit button, this will go validate that I've got the correct username and password and it will actually publish it to YouTube. Now, I'm not going to publish this to YouTube, but this is where you would hit Submit, and your files would be then up onto YouTube, where it'll then be recompressed based on the settings YouTube needs for high definition, standard definition, and smaller.

In other words, we're passing off our video to YouTube, or another sharing service, for them to recompress as necessary. It's a great use of a template, this being able to publish directly to YouTube.

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