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Compressor 3 Essential Training

with Larry Jordan

Video: Welcome

Shows how to use Compressor to compress and export all kinds of files for use on DVDs, Apple devices, and the web.
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  1. 3m 9s
    1. Welcome
      1m 21s
    2. Understanding this course and the exercise files
      1m 48s
  2. 15m 3s
    1. Understanding compression terminology
      6m 23s
    2. Understanding Compressor terminology
      1m 34s
    3. Understanding common destinations
      2m 50s
    4. Understanding Bit Budgeting
      3m 14s
    5. Understanding the new features
      1m 2s
  3. 13m 12s
    1. Understanding FCS Integration
    2. Exporting from Final Cut Pro
      4m 45s
    3. Exporting from LiveType
    4. Exporting from Motion
      3m 9s
    5. Exporting from Soundtrack Pro
      4m 14s
  4. 12m 53s
    1. Learning the interface
    2. Understanding the interface
      4m 21s
    3. Creating Window layouts
      2m 55s
    4. Customizing preferences
      3m 18s
    5. Customizing toolbars
      1m 40s
  5. 50m 53s
    1. Understanding more about the interface and Compressor workflow
      2m 20s
    2. Working with the Batch window
      10m 29s
    3. Working with Surround Sound
      3m 53s
    4. Using the Preview window
      3m 13s
    5. Using Markers
      8m 54s
    6. Cropping your video
      3m 31s
    7. Using the Settings window
      10m 24s
    8. Using the History window
      7m 35s
    9. Using the Inspector window
  6. 21m 44s
    1. Understanding the Inspector window
    2. Using the Summary pane
      2m 22s
    3. Using the Encoder pane
      7m 34s
    4. Using the Frame controls
      2m 45s
    5. Using the Filters pane
      3m 43s
    6. Using the Geometry pane
      2m 25s
    7. Using the Actions pane
      2m 17s
  7. 9m 40s
    1. Customizing destinations
      9m 40s
  8. 18m 14s
    1. Automating overview and custom settings
      9m 59s
    2. Creating Droplets
      4m 43s
    3. Chaining jobs
      3m 32s
  9. 9m 55s
    1. Understanding Distributed Computing-virtual clusters
      5m 14s
    2. Understanding Distributed Processing-network clusters
      4m 41s
  10. 35s
    1. Understanding the Cookbook
  11. 13m 19s
    1. Understanding compressing for DVD
      1m 0s
    2. Compressing NTSC 4x3 DV for DVD
      2m 46s
    3. Compressing NTSC 16x9 DV for DVD
      2m 9s
    4. Compressing NTSC 4x3 SD for DVD
      2m 28s
    5. Compressing PAL for DVD
      1m 28s
    6. Compressing HDV for DVD
    7. Compressing HD for HD-DVD
      3m 8s
  12. 18m 51s
    1. Understanding key web concepts
      1m 59s
    2. Creating a movie for the web
      6m 53s
    3. Creating a movie to email
      2m 34s
    4. Creating a movie for the iPod or iPhone
      1m 41s
    5. Creating a movie for AppleTV
      1m 8s
    6. Creating a video for YouTube
      4m 36s
  13. 17m 46s
    1. Compressing audio
    2. Creating an MP3 File
      4m 54s
    3. Creating an AAC File
      2m 55s
    4. Creating an AC3 File
      4m 23s
    5. Compressing surround-sound audio
      5m 4s
  14. 34m 26s
    1. Understanding the Compressor process
    2. Creating custom settings
      3m 36s
    3. Creating custom destinations
      4m 14s
    4. Creating Droplets
      3m 47s
    5. Chaining jobs
      3m 16s
    6. Cropping video
      3m 24s
    7. Scaling video
      3m 28s
    8. Deinterlacing video
      4m 10s
    9. Changing playback frame rate
      4m 35s
    10. Retiming: creating high-quality speed changes
      3m 28s
  15. 21m 4s
    1. Using Filters
    2. Sharpening videos
      2m 14s
    3. Changing Gamma settings
      2m 11s
    4. Using video fade ins and outs
      2m 38s
    5. Adding Watermarks
      3m 25s
    6. Adding burned-in timecode
      2m 29s
    7. Audio fade ins and outs
      1m 49s
    8. Controlling Dynamic Range
      4m 9s
    9. Adjusting Peak Limiting
      1m 25s
  16. 18m 27s
    1. Understanding transcoding
      1m 10s
    2. Converting HD to SD-maintaining a 16x9 aspect ratio
      1m 43s
    3. Converting HD to SD-using a 4x3 center cut
      1m 26s
    4. Converting HD to SD-using custom frame areas
      2m 35s
    5. Creating a 16x9 letterbox from 4x3 footage
      2m 11s
    6. Converting HD to ProRes
      4m 30s
    7. Converting NTSC to PAL
      1m 58s
    8. Converting PAL to NTSC
      2m 54s
  17. 1m 46s
    1. Goodbye
      1m 46s

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Compressor 3 Essential Training
Video Duration: 0s 4h 41m Beginner


View Course Description

Creating and producing a great audio or video file is just half of the equation; the other half is compressing finished files for smooth, fast distribution over a variety of media, from websites to iPhones. In Compressor 3 Essential Training, instructor Larry Jordan shows how to use Apple Compressor 3.0 to export and compress Final Cut Pro, LiveType, Motion, and Soundtrack Pro files for use on DVDs, Apple devices, and the web. Exercise files accompany the tutorials.

Topics include:
  • Getting started with compression terminology
  • Exporting from Final Cut Pro, LiveType, Motion, and Soundtrack Pro
  • Using the Inspector window
  • Customizing destinations
  • Automating settings
  • Understanding distributed computing and virtual clusters
  • Compressing files for DVD
  • Compressing files for web and Apple devices
  • Using filters
  • Understanding transcoding and file conversion


Hi, this is Larry Jordan and welcome to Compressor 3.0. What we will cover in this title is basic compression terminology. Now, I will show you common destinations that you need to create to compressed files for and we will discuss bit budgeting, which is especially useful when you are creating DVD's. I will highlight the new features inside version 3.0, so you can go there first, if you are familiar with Compressor 2.0 and just want to get what is new. We will explore the totally revised interface within Compressor 3.0, but then I will create a standard depth DVD workflow, so that if you are creating a DVD of your videos, you can just go here for a cookbook approach to how to make it work.

Then I will show how to customize the presets, settings and destinations and the other choices that we have inside Compressor. We will illustrate some of the new filters that are shipping with Compressor 3.0 and illustrate how to automate it so it becomes even easier to use. Finally one of the new features is being able to share compression either across multiple computers or multiple processors inside a single computer. Finally, if all you want is just the facts and forget everything else, we provide some Cookbooks that give you step-by-step on how to create videos for say YouTube or high definition DVD or downsampling or cropping, all contained inside the Cookbook.

There is a lot to cover. There is a lot that is new with this application. So let us get ourselves started.

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