Up and Running with Captivate 6

Using different question types


Up and Running with Captivate 6

with David Rivers

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Video: Using different question types

Now that our project is set up for a quiz, it's time for the fun part, and that is entering the questions. We're on slide 26, and as we start to insert the question slides, they would naturally appear after this slide. That doesn't make sense. Let's select slide 25; our quiz intro slide. Now we can start to insert the questions, and we can do that from the Quiz menu. Click Quiz at the top, and then select Question Slide. From here, we can actually insert all of the question slides we're going to need, all from one screen, and you'll see the different question types.
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  1. 6m 51s
    1. Welcome
    2. Using the exercise files
    3. Viewing the finished project
      5m 30s
  2. 29m 57s
    1. What is Captivate 6?
      2m 0s
    2. eLearning basics
      4m 26s
    3. What's new in Captivate 6?
      4m 14s
    4. Touring the interface
      8m 19s
    5. Choosing an appropriate workspace
      3m 4s
    6. Setting up global preferences
      7m 54s
  3. 48m 19s
    1. Creating a project from scratch
      4m 1s
    2. Creating visual interest with themes
      3m 21s
    3. Creating a project from PowerPoint
      4m 32s
    4. Adding text
      6m 50s
    5. Editing the master slide
      3m 43s
    6. Adding shapes
      8m 40s
    7. Adding images
      6m 46s
    8. Using hyperlinks
      6m 45s
    9. Testing and editing hyperlinks
      3m 41s
  4. 32m 14s
    1. Importing from PowerPoint presentations
      3m 26s
    2. Importing Photoshop files
      5m 52s
    3. Inserting animations
      6m 42s
    4. Using widgets
      6m 3s
    5. Inserting interactive elements
      5m 43s
    6. Using built-in actors
      4m 28s
  5. 45m 55s
    1. Adding background audio
      6m 35s
    2. Using voice-overs
      4m 48s
    3. Adding video to a slide
      7m 33s
    4. Synchronizing video
      7m 48s
    5. Creating closed captions
      9m 5s
    6. Preparing a software simulation
      3m 29s
    7. Recording a software simulation
      6m 37s
  6. 39m 20s
    1. eLearning assessment basics
      2m 14s
    2. Setting up a quiz
      8m 48s
    3. Using different question types
      12m 22s
    4. Using remediation
      5m 4s
    5. Exploring partial and negative scoring
      4m 29s
    6. Working with a pretest
      6m 23s
  7. 26m 33s
    1. Preparing a project to publish
      5m 41s
    2. Publishing your project
      9m 0s
    3. Publishing eLearning content in HTML5
      4m 38s
    4. Publishing to YouTube
      2m 58s
    5. Reporting to a learning management system (LMS)
      4m 16s
  8. 26s
    1. Goodbye

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3h 49m Beginner Sep 26, 2012

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Adobe Captivate is a program used to create interactive eLearning content and provide custom online training to employees or clients. In this course, author David Rivers walks through the Captivate 6 interface and the process of building an eLearning project from start to finish.

The course shows how to make a presentation from scratch or with built-in themes, import Photoshop images and PowerPoint slides, and add interest with animation, widgets, and video. It also demonstrates how to prepare for and record a software simulation, synchronize video, add audio, and build quizzes into your project.

Topics include:
  • What is eLearning?
  • Choosing a workspace
  • Adding text, shapes, and images to projects
  • Linking in Captivate
  • Inserting interactive elements
  • Using built-in actors
  • Adding voiceover to projects
  • Using different question types on quizzes
  • Scoring tests and quizzes
Education + Elearning
David Rivers

Using different question types

Now that our project is set up for a quiz, it's time for the fun part, and that is entering the questions. We're on slide 26, and as we start to insert the question slides, they would naturally appear after this slide. That doesn't make sense. Let's select slide 25; our quiz intro slide. Now we can start to insert the questions, and we can do that from the Quiz menu. Click Quiz at the top, and then select Question Slide. From here, we can actually insert all of the question slides we're going to need, all from one screen, and you'll see the different question types.

There are many to choose from. We're going to look at some of the more popular ones, like Multiple Choice. We'll select that. We'll only have one of those questions, but we can have multiple of these just by changing the number. And then we can also choose whether they're Graded, whether there will actually be a score assigned and points, a Survey question, which simply gathers information and doesn't actually score; there's no right or wrong answer, and there's a new one here in Captivate 6 called Pretest, and we'll talk about those a little bit later on. So we'll leave Graded selected, and go on to True/False.

We'll have one of those as well that's Graded. How about a Fill-in-The Blank? Yeah, I think we should have two of those, so we'll change the 1 to a 2. Leave it as Graded as well. A Short Answer; that's a popular one. And Matching is gaining in popularity as well. So there we have it. It looks like we have 6 questions altogether. We'll click OK, and those get inserted into our project. They get inserted right after the slide we had selected, our quiz intro slide, and you can see slide 26 now, which is our first question, is selected in the Filmstrip.

So it's time now to start filling in our questions and answers. This one is Multiple Choice; it appears at the top. We can leave that as is if we wanted to, so people know the type of question, but the question itself needs to be entered. So we'll just double-click to get inside the Type the question here field, select that by clicking and dragging, and type in our actual question. We'll type in, In what year did the SAMOCA Art Museum open? And now for the answers, and you can see by default, there are two answers here.

We can have more multiple choice options. When we go down to those, notice that each one is its own field. And here's something I really like about this classic workspace we've been working in for the entire title here so far: there is a Quiz Properties tab over here on the right. We don't actually have to change our workspace. We could if we wanted to by going to the Workspace dropdown, and choosing Quizzing, but from here, we have quick access to the Quiz Properties. And here you can see the Answers is defaulted to 2. We can change that. Let's type in 4 there.

Shuffle Answers is selected based on our preferences from the previous lesson. By default, 10 Points for this one; I am going to leave it at 10. No Penalty if they get it wrong, but you can assign a penalty, and actually remove points if people get this wrong. We can have multiple correct answers, and we can even have partial scoring if there are multiple answers, and they only get some. So that's something we'll talk about a little bit later on. Right now we need to hit Enter. So we have our four choices. Now we need to put in the answers, so we'll just double-click, and then triple-click inside, if you need to, to put in the first answer.

I am going to put in a wrong one, which is 1972. Now we'll go to B, double-click there, triple-click to select everything, type in 1973, and we'll do 1974, and 1975 down below. Now we need to select the correct answer. The correct answer is 1973. So we'll click that radio button to make sure it's selected. That way Captivate knows which one is right. The rest are wrong, and that will be used in our scoring. On we go to the next slide, Slide 27, which is our True/False question.

And just like the multiple choice, we'll double-click to get inside the question area, click and drag over that to select everything, and type in our question. We'll type in, Volunteers make up 44% of the total labor force at SAMOCA. So that's a statement rather than a question. Down below we have True, and False. The answer is True, so we'll leave it selected. Just so you know, you can go in here and change these if you wanted Yes, or No; you could do that by double-clicking, and changing the actual text, but we'll leave it as True and False.

On we go to the next slide. In this casem we have a Fill-in-The-Blank. And you can see here we have the question area; Complete the sentence below by filling in the blanks. We can leave that as is if you like that wording. Down below we'll type in the actual sentence. So let's double-click in there, click and drag over what's already typed in, and type in our own question. So in this case we'll type in, The assistant curator assists in the selection and presentation of art. So that's the entire sentence. Now it's time to choose what the blank will be.

So if we go over two our Quiz Properties, in this case, you can see there's a Mark Blank button. And in that case, it just means we need to click and drag over the words, and now click the Mark Blank button. You can see it's underlined here, indicating that's going to appear as a blank to our users and they'll need to fill in that information. On we go to the next question. Next question type; another Fill-in-The- Blank, and in this case, we're going to type in our question, just like we did before. We'll leave the Complete the sentence below as is.

We'll double-click here, where it says Type the blank phrase, and then we'll type in a short one here: Smoking is not permitted within 20 feet of the building. Now in this case, it's going to be 20. We'll double-click it, go to or Quiz Properties over here on the right-hand side, and mark that as the blank. And maybe this one is worth fewer points; let's change it from 10 to 5. We'll move on now to the next question.

As we scroll down, we only have a couple more. Next one is a Short Answer, where we can type in the question. So let's do that; we'll double-click, get inside, select all of that text. Let's say our question for the Short Answer is, Name 1 duty that is the responsibility of the admin assistant. Now, in this case, you can see down below where the short answer goes; when we click, we get a Correct Entries dialog.

And as we scroll over to the right, you can see we can add many options. There's a plus sign over there in the top right corner. So let's do that. We'll just move this over if we can, and type in the first correct entry; how about Answer the phone. We need another one, so we'll go over to the right here; click the plus sign. We're actually going to need a couple more, so we'll click plus twice, and then that way we can go over to the left. We can also make it Case-Sensitive. I'm not going to do that, in case whoever is typing in the answers doesn't use capital letters.

So we've got Answer the phone. We could say Respond to email. We'll click in the third one, Open mail. And the last one, File mail. Notice that doesn't really matter if I use caps or not. So those are the four options. They can enter any one of those to get a correct answer. Again, from the Quiz Properties, you can see the Points. Case-Sensitive is not selected here; that's exactly the way we wanted. Let's move on to to our last question, which is a Matching one.

And in this case, you can see we have a column on the left, and a column on the right, and we'll be able to match up our different items at this point. So let's type the item here. We can leave the title up above. We'll triple-click to select everything. And let's type in names of people. Jane Gregory, and we'll make sure that this one goes to B, so over here on the right, you can see the line is drawn to B. Let's continue with our names. Type the item in here.

Again, we'll double-click to get inside. Select all of that text. We'll type in Phillip Glascow. We'll have him go to A. And the last one here, C; let's make sure everything is selected, so we can type right over it, one more name. Let's do Francine Rosseau. And that is going to go to C by default. Now notice as we go over to the Quiz Properties, we have 3 columns. We could have more if we wanted to.

Shuffle is turned on for this type of a question. That means it won't be the same for every user, and we can continue adding additional names and matches, but let's just leave it at that. Everything is ready to go; we just need our answers now. So Jane Gregory is B. Let's double-click to get inside B. The answer for Jane is Executive Director. The answer for Phillip, if we double-click answer A, and select everything there, is Museum Curator.

And the answer for Francine down at the bottom, we'll triple-click in there to select everything; for her we want Public Relations. Numerous different types of questions all set up. Now, there is one thing that's going to happen when we go to preview this. You may recall we added some background music, and it will continue through our quiz. You can choose to leave that on, or if you decide to turn it off, let's just go up to Audio, go down to Remove, and choose Background.

That way we won't hear the background music. Are we sure we want to remove it? We'll click Yes, Save your changes, and let's preview this by going back to slide 25. I will go to the Preview > From this Slide. We won't hear that background music any longer, and we'll continue with our quiz. Notice it takes a little while to generate the slides, and eventually we're ready to take the quiz. In what year did the SAMOCA Art Museum open? I am pretty sure that was 1972. I'll click Next.

Notice I am not seeing any results at this point. Volunteers, I think that's True as well. And Next, hmm, I am going to type in Assistant Curator as I recall; clicking Next. And I do have the ability to go back, clear my entries; submit all my answers right from here if I wanted to. I think the answer there was 30 feet. Next, Name 1 duty that is the responsibility of the admin assistant; answer the phone.

Next, here we have the matches. Okay, in this case, I have dropdowns. Jane, I believe, is the Executive Director; Francine, I think, is Museum Curator; Phillip, I am going to choose Public Relations. I know some of these are wrong. We'll click Next. I've answered all the questions. what do I want to do next? Well, in this case, I might want to submit all my answers, or return to the quiz and make some changes. I'll submit them all, and take a look. I scored 30 out of a maximum of 55. Got 3 right out of 6, based on the points.

You can see it's not a bad score point-wise, but accuracy 55%; I failed, 75% being the actual pass mark. So I can continue from here, I could review my wrong and right answers, or retake the quiz and start over. I am going to click Continue to continue on. Now in this case, there is no other slide after this, so that's something that we'll need to do, and that is to add in another slide after our Quiz Results saying thank you for taking the quiz, or it could be additional information; something you'll want to do as we close up our preview here.

Move down to the end. We'll probably just insert a blank slide at the end. You can insert something that says thank you for taking the quiz, and you'll be done!

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