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What is Adobe Camera Raw?


Photoshop CC for Photographers: Camera Raw 8 Fundamentals

with Chris Orwig

Video: What is Adobe Camera Raw?

What is Adobe Camera Raw? provides you with in-depth training on Photography. Taught by Chris Orwig as part of the Photoshop CC for Photographers: Camera Raw 8 Fundamentals
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  1. 13m 47s
    1. Welcome
    2. Using the exercise files
    3. Begin with Camera Raw and finish with Photoshop
      3m 48s
    4. What is Adobe Camera Raw?
      3m 45s
    5. What's new (CC 2014)
      1m 6s
    6. Previews in CC versus CC 2014 (CC 2014.1)
      1m 55s
    7. Previews in CC versus CC 2014
      1m 44s
  2. 25m 2s
    1. Bridge overview and preferences
      4m 1s
    2. Optimizing the performance of Bridge and Camera Raw
      4m 30s
    3. Why raw files work best
      3m 46s
    4. The advantages of using DNG
      4m 39s
    5. Comparing RAW and DNG
      2m 53s
    6. Converting or saving to the DNG format
      5m 13s
  3. 14m 50s
    1. Project overview
      1m 10s
    2. Correcting exposure with the Basic panel
      3m 36s
    3. Cropping and composing
      1m 50s
    4. Converting to black and white
      2m 34s
    5. Sharpening and noise reduction
      2m 43s
    6. Processing multiple files at once
      2m 57s
  4. 25m 14s
    1. Navigating the interface and the toolbar
      3m 19s
    2. Becoming familiar with the interface and the toolbar (CC 2014.1)
      2m 42s
    3. Advanced panel navigation
      2m 1s
    4. Navigating to the tools and panels (CC 2014.1)
      2m 21s
    5. Using the histogram clipping indicators (CC 2014.1)
      3m 22s
    6. Using the histogram clipping indicators
      2m 56s
    7. Previewing before and after different adjustments
      2m 35s
    8. Working with multiple files (CC 2014.1)
      3m 6s
    9. Working with multiple files
      2m 52s
  5. 28m 43s
    1. Opening raw files in Bridge
      3m 52s
    2. Opening JPEGs and TIFFs in Bridge
      3m 53s
    3. Using Camera Raw as a filter in Photoshop
      5m 6s
    4. How to open and skip Camera Raw
      1m 9s
    5. Opening files in Photoshop from Camera Raw
      4m 19s
    6. Saving from Camera Raw
      3m 48s
    7. Opening an image as a Smart Object
      6m 36s
  6. 22m 40s
    1. Introducing the Crop tool
      3m 41s
    2. Cropping to a specific aspect ratio
      2m 5s
    3. Cropping to a custom ratio or size
      3m 35s
    4. Using the crop overlay
      3m 11s
    5. Rotating and cropping an image with the Crop tool
      3m 58s
    6. Straightening your photograph
      2m 47s
    7. The art of cropping
      3m 23s
  7. 14m 14s
    1. Improving color balance
      3m 18s
    2. Using the White Balance tool and controls
      2m 53s
    3. Precise color correcting with white balance cards
      2m 6s
    4. Making creative color adjustments
      3m 11s
    5. Enhancing color with Temperature and Tint
      2m 46s
  8. 27m 1s
    1. Deconstructing the basic adjustments
      4m 49s
    2. Correcting exposure
      4m 17s
    3. Automatically correcting exposure
      2m 55s
    4. Making exposure enhancements
      4m 34s
    5. Recovering highlight and shadow detail
      4m 23s
    6. Basic adjustments speed tip
      4m 44s
    7. Making changes with the interactive histogram (CC 2014.1)
      1m 19s
  9. 17m 33s
    1. Demystifying Clarity
      3m 42s
    2. Increasing Clarity
      3m 32s
    3. Understanding Vibrance and Saturation
      3m 48s
    4. Improving color with Vibrance
      3m 11s
    5. Making creative color adjustments
      3m 20s
  10. 11m 50s
    1. Introducing the best way to convert to black and white
      3m 17s
    2. Creating a dramatic black-and-white landscape
      3m 6s
    3. Converting a portrait to black and white
      5m 27s
  11. 31m 47s
    1. Reducing unwanted noise
      7m 7s
    2. Sharpening your photographs
      6m 50s
    3. Sharpening and noise reduction workflow
      4m 38s
    4. Sharpening and reducing noise on a portrait
      4m 58s
    5. Basic and Detail panel workflow
      5m 6s
    6. Better noise reduction with Color Smoothing (CC 2014.1)
      3m 8s

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Watch the Online Video Course Photoshop CC for Photographers: Camera Raw 8 Fundamentals
Video Duration: 3m 45s3h 52m Beginner Jun 20, 2013 Updated Oct 09, 2014

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Adobe Photoshop Camera Raw 8 enables photographers to open and manipulate raw-format files with an exceptional degree of control over exposure, sharpness, and other characteristics. Learn how to work with its features and take your images from raw files to polished photographs with these tutorials from teacher and seasoned photographer Chris Orwig. Discover how to improve and correct exposure problems, crop and recompose photos, and create compelling black-and-white conversions of full-color photographs.

Topics include:
  • What is Camera Raw?
  • Comparing RAW and DNG file formats
  • Setting preferences
  • Cropping and composing
  • Recovering shadow and highlight detail
  • Improving clarity, vibrance, and saturation
  • Making strong black-and-white images
  • Reducing unwanted noise
  • Sharpening your photographs
Photoshop Camera Raw
Chris Orwig

What is Adobe Camera Raw?

In photographic circles, Adobe Camera RAW has become quite a hot and popular topic. There's so much excitement about RAW capture and RAW processing, yet sometimes, some of this is a little bit mysterious. It's a little bit confusing. So what I want to begin to do here is to distill things a bit. And the first thing that we need to do is take a look at two terms, Raw Capture and Raw Processing. For starters, Raw Capture has to do with how we're actually capturing the image on camera. On the other hand, Raw Processing is all about using Adobe Camera Raw.

Let's define these even further, starting off with Raw Capture. Whenever you capture an image with a digital camera. The images captured on the sensor. And if you're capturing in JPEG mode, that information goes through a whole sequence of steps here; Bayer interpolation, white balance contrast, so on, compression, and then we get the JPEG. On the other hand, we can capture a file in its RAW format. In other words, the information simply comes straight off the sensor, and we have all of this raw data. So in this scenario, we're talking about raw capture. Now, in contrast, when we talk about Adobe Camera Raw, we're talking about something completely different.

This has to do with how we process an image in software, which is called Adobe Camera Raw. So one of the things that happens, when we're using Adobe Camera Raw, is that we have these actual pixels. We have image information. Well we then apply a set of instructions to these actual pixels, and the instructions are actually kind of interesting. There's simply a laundry list of information which describe how we want this image to be displayed, whether the crop, or the color, and so what happens then is this set of instructions Displays an image in a particular way. Now the nice thing about Adobe Camera raw is that working in this context it's completely non-destructive.

In other words, no pixels are harmed, no pixels are affected. We're not actually pushing pixels per say. Rather We have pixels that were applying some instructions to, which then in turn display the image, perhaps in a different way. This in turn gives us a lot of flexibility and we can always undo whatever we've done. This can also really speed up our overall workflow. Because if you think about it, with Adobe Camera Raw there's not render time because you're not actually doing something to pixels, rather you're simply changing the set of instructions. So again, this can result in a different format, and here you can see I have yet another version of this image.

The other thing that's kind of interesting about Adobe Camera Raw is that we can process images, whether they're Raw, DNG, TFF Or JPEG in this format. So, we're not limited to just working on files that were captured in the Raw format. Rather, we can use these different types of formats. Alright, well, if we had to distill this, how would we do that? Well, think of Adobe Camera Raw as a way to nondestructively edit and work on your photographs. And what it does for you is it helps things to be a little bit more flexible, because you can always undo whatever you've done.

It also will really speed up your overall workflow because while working in Camera Raw, there's no render time, there's really no save time and so it speeds things up by leaps and bounds. And then lastly, I like to think of Adobe Camera Raw as a really creative space. It's not just functional, but it can help you come up with some really creative ways to process images. And it's because of these reasons and more, as you'll soon discover, that Adobe Camera Raw really has become one of the most premiere and prominent tools of our time.

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Q: This course was updated on 07/09/2014. What changed?
A: We added a video covering the new Preview feature, introduced in Camera Raw 8.4, and a "What's new?" movie reviewing the changes Adobe introduced in the 2014 update to Photoshop CC.
Q: This course was updated on 10/09/2014. What changed?
A: We added seven new movies, which describe features and enhancements in the October 2014 release of Photoshop CC. New movies contain the "CC 2014.1" tag next to their names.
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