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Photoshop CC for Photographers: Camera Raw 8 Intermediate

with Chris Orwig

Video: Welcome

Dive deep into selective adjustments, blemish correction, and batch processing in Camera Raw.
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  1. 6m 35s
    1. Welcome
      1m 14s
    2. Using the exercise files
    3. What's new (CC 2014)
      1m 6s
    4. Previews in CC versus CC 2014
      1m 44s
    5. Previews in CC versus CC 2014 (CC 2014.1)
      1m 55s
  2. 27m 47s
    1. Introducing the Adjustment Brush
      2m 23s
    2. Customizing the Adjustment Brush characteristics
      4m 24s
    3. Correcting exposures with multiple adjustments
      4m 55s
    4. Making selective adjustments with Auto Mask
      5m 15s
    5. Using Auto Mask to remove color
      3m 31s
    6. A workflow for improving exposure
      3m 30s
    7. Duplicating Adjustment Brush settings (CC 2014)
      3m 49s
  3. 28m 38s
    1. Making subtle exposure improvements with multiple adjustments
      3m 18s
    2. Brightening shadows and darkening highlights
      6m 1s
    3. Enhancing the color, tone, and sharpness of the eyes
      5m 15s
    4. Whitening teeth
      4m 37s
    5. Removing moiré patterns
      2m 31s
    6. Making colors come alive
      6m 56s
  4. 15m 51s
    1. Correcting an overexposed sky (CC 2014)
      2m 38s
    2. Modifying adjustments with the brush tools (CC 2014)
      4m 25s
    3. Using multiple adjustments (CC 2014)
      4m 13s
    4. Creative color and effects (CC 2014)
      4m 35s
  5. 22m 42s
    1. Introducing the Radial filter (CC 2014)
      4m 48s
    2. Creating a vignette effect (CC 2014)
      5m 20s
    3. Improving exposure and adding blur (CC 2014)
      3m 45s
    4. Duplicating and brushing in Radial filter effects (CC 2014)
      5m 13s
    5. (CC 2014)Radial filter workflow tips
      3m 36s
  6. 29m 22s
    1. Retouching skin blemishes
      4m 51s
    2. Removing dust spots in the sky on multiple photos
      4m 17s
    3. Retouching spots, lines, and other details
      4m 45s
    4. Working on a large area of your photograph
      1m 27s
    5. Using a lower opacity to reduce distractions
      3m 26s
    6. Removing distracting background elements
      2m 49s
    7. Using cloning and healing together for the best results
      2m 56s
    8. Removing red-eye
      1m 28s
    9. Better spot removal with feathering (CC 2014.1)
      3m 23s
  7. 31m 31s
    1. Learning about the Parametric and Point Tone curves
      4m 13s
    2. Improving your photographs with curves
      5m 22s
    3. Using the Parametric curve to create a unique look
      2m 52s
    4. Using the Point curve to correct exposure
      3m 58s
    5. Creating a sepia-tone look and saving presets
      6m 44s
    6. Making color come alive with the Point curve
      3m 36s
    7. Crafting a vintage film look
      4m 46s
  8. 17m 38s
    1. Introducing HSL
      4m 8s
    2. Enhancing color and tone
      4m 6s
    3. Using the Basic and HSL panels together
      2m 33s
    4. Making color changes
      4m 28s
    5. Removing colors with HSL
      2m 23s
  9. 12m 39s
    1. Traditional black-and-white toning
      3m 13s
    2. Split toning a color photograph
      4m 59s
    3. Creative toning of a color photo
      4m 27s
  10. 25m 54s
    1. Removing extreme distortion with the lens profile
      3m 54s
    2. Working with the manual lens correction controls
      4m 6s
    3. Improving a portrait with lens corrections
      2m 48s
    4. Adding a darkening vignette effect
      2m 54s
    5. Combining lens corrections with creative cropping
      2m 28s
    6. Adding distortion for a creative effect
      4m 17s
    7. Correcting chromatic aberration and defringing
      5m 27s
  11. 23m 4s
    1. Introducing the Grain effects controls
      3m 25s
    2. Introducing post-crop vignetting
      6m 44s
    3. Adding grain to a color photograph
      4m 35s
    4. Using the Effect controls on a black-and-white photo
      3m 10s
    5. Advanced effects blending with Photoshop
      5m 10s
  12. 7m 6s
    1. Creating and applying presets
      2m 54s
    2. Applying Camera Raw presets in Bridge
      1m 43s
    3. Camera Raw presets and resources
      2m 29s
  13. 17m 22s
    1. Quick raw processing of multiple files
      3m 29s
    2. Applying raw processing in Bridge
      4m 13s
    3. Recording a Camera Raw action in Photoshop
      3m 51s
    4. Creating and using a Camera Raw Smart Filter action
      3m 34s
    5. Batch processing multiple images
      2m 15s
  14. 13m 30s
    1. Creating unique color with Curves
      2m 25s
    2. Combining numerous adjustments to generate creative results
      6m 7s
    3. Using Curves and Camera Calibration to create a unique look
      4m 58s
  15. 11m 55s
    1. Introducing the Camera Calibration panel
      3m 46s
    2. Changing color with Camera Calibration
      2m 21s
    3. Creative color with the Camera Calibration controls
      3m 20s
    4. Camera calibration resources
      2m 28s
  16. 5m 37s
    1. Camera Raw and Lightroom
      4m 19s
    2. Additional resources
      1m 18s

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Photoshop CC for Photographers: Camera Raw 8 Intermediate
Video duration: 0s 4h 57m Intermediate Updated Oct 14, 2014


Get in-depth training on Camera Raw 8, the Photoshop component that enables photographers to make nondestructive corrections and improvements to photographs. This installment of Photoshop CC for Photographers takes you deep into selective adjustments and blemish corrections. Author Chris Orwig shows how to enhance eyes and whiten teeth with the Adjustment Brush, correct overexposed skies with the Graduated Filter tool, and remove general dust, noise, and scratches. Then dive into the Curves and HSL controls for improving color and tone. Chris also includes a section on Camera Raw's Lens Correction toolset for removing distortion and chromatic aberration in your photographs. Last but not least, discover how to harness presets, actions and the batch processing power of Bridge, and camera calibration controls to speed up your workflow and get great looking results every time.

Topics include:
  • Correcting exposure
  • Making selective adjustments with Auto Mask
  • Brightening shadows and darkening highlights
  • Enhancing the color, tone, and sharpness of the eyes
  • Removing Moiré patterns
  • Creative color and effects with the Graduated Filter
  • Improving exposure and adding blur with the Radial Filter
  • Retouching skin
  • Removing distracting background elements
  • Working with the tone curve
  • Removing color with HSL
  • Split toning a color photo
  • Removing extreme distortion with the Lens Profile
  • Adding grain
  • Creating and applying Camera Raw presets
Photoshop Camera Raw


Welcome. My name is Chris Orwig and I'll be your host and guide in this course which is part of our Photoshop for Photographers series, and in this installment we'll be focusing in on Adobe Camera Raw. You know Camera Raw is a powerful and helpful tool in any digital photographic work flow. You can think of it as the starting point for perfecting your photographs. In this installment we will be moving beyond the fundamentals in order to cover so more intermediate and advanced topics in Adobe Camera Raw.

We will look at how we can work with the Adjustment Brush and how we can use this tool to paint in adjustments to certain areas. We will also do some detail work like improving eyes or whitening teeth. And we'll look at how we can work with the Graduated Filter, which allows us to improve a larger area of a photograph, or how we can use a Circular Adjustment Tool, which allows us to correct or change exposure in specific areas. We'll look at how we can remove distractions, or blemishes, or how we can apply a split tone, color effect to our pictures.

And we'll also look at how we can make some important, perspective corrections as well. So if you are ready to take your Camera Raw skills to the next level, well let's begin.

Find answers to the most frequently asked questions about Photoshop CC for Photographers: Camera Raw 8 Intermediate .

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Q: This course was updated on 7/10/2014. What changed?
A: We added videos covering the new Preview feature, introduced in Camera Raw 8.4, and duplicating Adjustment Brush settings. Chris also revised the chapters on the Graduated Filter and Radial Filter tools.  Check out the "What's new?" movie for an overview of these changes and the other enhancements Adobe introduced in the 2014 update to Photoshop CC.
Q: This course was updated on 10/14/2014. What changed?
A: We added two new movies, which describe changes to the preview behavior in Photoshop CC 2014.1 and the new improved spot removal with feathering. New movies contain the "CC 2014.1" tag next to their names.





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