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Adobe Creative Suite 5


Photoshop CS5

Foundations of Photography: CompositionIntermediate5h 29m12/2011
Deke's TechniquesIntermediate60h 20m01/2011
Foundations of Photography: Night and Low LightIntermediate4h 0m03/2012
Photoshop CS5 Essential TrainingBeginner11h 15m04/2010
Photoshop Masking and Compositing: FundamentalsIntermediate11h 35m11/2011
Foundations of Photography: Black and WhiteIntermediate3h 4m06/2011
Photoshop CS5 One-on-One: FundamentalsBeginner17h 33m05/2010
Photoshop for Photographers: Portrait RetouchingIntermediate6h 4m05/2012
Inkjet Printing for PhotographersIntermediate5h 53m09/2012
Designing Web Sites from Photoshop to DreamweaverBeginner3h 4m03/2012

Dreamweaver CS5

Designing Web Sites from Photoshop to DreamweaverBeginner3h 4m03/2012
Interaction Design FundamentalsBeginner3h 18m02/2012
Dreamweaver CS5 Essential TrainingBeginner15h 22m04/2010
Dreamweaver and WordPress: Core ConceptsIntermediate5h 44m05/2010
Dreamweaver with PHP and MySQLIntermediate4h 55m09/2010
Creating a Fixed-Layout EPUBIntermediate3h 18m02/2012
Building an Ecommerce Web Site Using Dreamweaver with PHPBeginner3h 53m03/2012
Creating a First Web Site with Dreamweaver CS5Beginner2h 18m05/2010
After Effects: Principles of Motion GraphicsIntermediate7h 57m02/2011
Dreamweaver and WordPress: Building ThemesIntermediate1h 47m03/2012

Flash CS5

Flash Professional CS5 Essential TrainingBeginner7h 7m04/2010
ActionScript 3.0 in Flash Professional CS5 Essential TrainingBeginner7h 8m10/2010
Flash Professional CS5: Character AnimationIntermediate9h 19m11/2010
Introduction to Flash AnimationBeginner3h 23m05/2011
Best Practices for Flash-based Banner AdsIntermediate3h 59m07/2011
Up and Running with Flash ProfessionalBeginner4h 7m03/2012
Animation Tips and Tricks with Flash ProfessionalIntermediate5h 16m08/2011
Flash Professional CS5: Animation ProjectsIntermediate2h 31m09/2010
Creating a First Web Site with Flash Professional CS5Beginner2h 45m07/2010
Flash Professional CS5: Creating a Simple Game for Android DevicesIntermediate3h 35m02/2011

Illustrator CS5

Deke's TechniquesIntermediate60h 20m01/2011
Drawing Vector GraphicsIntermediate2h 32m12/2012
Illustrator CS5 Essential TrainingBeginner10h 37m04/2010
Illustrator for Fashion Design: Drawing FlatsIntermediate4h 49m04/2013
Illustrator CS5 One-on-One: FundamentalsBeginner23h 12m05/2010
11 Things Every Beginner Needs to Learn to Love IllustratorBeginner3h 49m03/2011
Illustrator Insider Training: Drawing without the Pen ToolIntermediate4h 39m10/2011
Artistic Painting with Illustrator: Natural Media BrushesIntermediate3h 2m02/2013
Up and Running with IllustratorAppropriate for all2h 52m07/2011
Illustrator Insider Training: Rethinking the EssentialsIntermediate5h 7m02/2011

InDesign CS5

InDesign SecretsIntermediate14h 56m08/2011
InDesign CS5 Essential TrainingBeginner10h 33m04/2010
InDesign TypographyIntermediate8h 20m08/2012
InDesign FXIntermediate8h 7m08/2011
Creating Long Documents with InDesignIntermediate4h 59m01/2012
InDesign Styles in DepthIntermediate5h 1m11/2011
Up and Running with InDesignAppropriate for all2h 31m07/2011
InDesign Tables In DepthIntermediate3h 26m01/2012
Designing a Magazine CoverIntermediate2h 45m10/2012
InDesign CS5: Dynamic Publishing Workflows in XMLIntermediate3h 33m07/2010

After Effects CS5

After Effects CS5 Essential TrainingBeginner8h 39m04/2010
Green Screen Techniques for Video and PhotographyAppropriate for all3h 16m12/2012
Creating Animated Characters in After EffectsIntermediate3h 53m09/2011
After Effects Apprentice 02: Basic AnimationBeginner2h 19m01/2011
After Effects Apprentice 03: Advanced AnimationBeginner3h 1m01/2011
After Effects Apprentice 11: 3D SpaceIntermediate4h 49m10/2011
After Effects Apprentice 06: Type and MusicBeginner3h 48m04/2011
After Effects Apprentice 05: Creating TransparencyBeginner2h 36m03/2011
After Effects Apprentice 12: Tracking and KeyingIntermediate3h 22m11/2011
Photoshop for Video Editors: Core SkillsBeginner3h 8m12/2012

Fireworks CS5

Interaction Design FundamentalsBeginner3h 18m02/2012
Fireworks CS5 Essential TrainingBeginner8h 51m04/2010
Fireworks CS5: Rapid PrototypingIntermediate5h 2m10/2010
Fireworks CS5 New FeaturesIntermediate30m 17s04/2010

Premiere Pro CS5

Premiere Pro CS5 Essential TrainingBeginner5h 6m04/2010
Green Screen Techniques for Video and PhotographyAppropriate for all3h 16m12/2012
Premiere Pro: Color Correction and EnhancementIntermediate5h 6m08/2011
Migrating from Final Cut Pro 7 to Premiere ProBeginner6h 23m09/2011
Practical Motion Background WorkshopAppropriate for all1h 25m11/2012
Getting Started with Premiere Pro CS5Beginner3h 37m01/2011
Fixing Video Exposure Problems in Premiere ProBeginner1h 14m02/2012
Premiere Pro and After Effects: Creating Title GraphicsIntermediate26m 23s12/2011
Premiere Pro CS5 for Avid EditorsIntermediate2h 21m11/2010
Premiere Pro CS5 New FeaturesIntermediate1h 30m04/2010

Bridge CS5

11 Tricks for Faster Photo Processing with Bridge and PhotoshopBeginner2h 50m05/2011
Bridge: 10 Things Designers Need to KnowIntermediate1h 10m05/2009
Photoshop and Bridge CS5 for Photographers New FeaturesIntermediate2h 45m04/2010
Create and Embed a Photo Gallery in a PDFIntermediate11m 30s05/2012
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“lynda.com online training shows our customers just how many new elements are available in CS5 that cover 64-bit performance, integration with Adobe Flash Catalyst, importing RED r3d Files, and the Mercury Playback Engine.”

Lea Hickman,
Sr. Director, Design & Web Segment at Adobe

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