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CINEMA 4D R11.5 Essential Training

with Ian Robinson

Video: Welcome

Covers the essential topics when learning 3D design, including modeling, animation, and integration with other design tools.
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  1. 12m 8s
    1. Welcome
      1m 12s
    2. Using the exercise files
    3. Understanding CINEMA 4D bundles and editions
      2m 8s
    4. Exploring new features in R11.5
      1m 12s
    5. Understanding 3D
      6m 49s
  2. 1h 22m
    1. Overview of the interface
      7m 5s
    2. Using viewports
      4m 46s
    3. Translating and moving objects in the viewport
      5m 19s
    4. Touring the Attribute Manager
      5m 10s
    5. Using the Object Manager
      7m 25s
    6. Customizing the interface
      6m 29s
    7. Adjusting render settings
      6m 26s
    8. Introducing primitives
      3m 26s
    9. Modeling with primitive objects
      6m 39s
    10. Using deformers to refine objects
      6m 27s
    11. Grouping objects
      5m 25s
    12. Optimizing models for animation
      3m 15s
    13. Introducing keyframing
      3m 44s
    14. Creating and applying basic materials
      5m 16s
    15. Getting organized with layers
      5m 26s
  3. 54m 34s
    1. Creating splines
      8m 38s
    2. Importing Illustrator files
      6m 21s
    3. Extruding splines from an imported Illustrator file
      6m 52s
    4. Troubleshooting extrude NURBS
      4m 35s
    5. Creating and arranging text
      7m 21s
    6. Using Sweep NURBS objects
      11m 4s
    7. Using Lathe NURBS objects
      4m 41s
    8. Using Loft NURBS objects
      5m 2s
  4. 52m 34s
    1. Introducing polygon modeling
      4m 8s
    2. Using Extrude
      4m 18s
    3. Adding detail with Bevel
      5m 30s
    4. Refining a model
      9m 2s
    5. Creating and saving selections with selection tools and sets
      7m 39s
    6. Connecting objects with the Bridge tool
      11m 35s
    7. Using the polygon tools
      10m 22s
  5. 10m 47s
    1. Smoothing things out with HyperNURBS
      4m 17s
    2. Creating organic models by weighting HyperNURBS
      6m 30s
  6. 25m 58s
    1. Modeling with Array
      4m 45s
    2. Array object axis
      6m 31s
    3. Modeling with Symmetry
      8m 26s
    4. Modeling with Booleans
      6m 16s
  7. 36m 14s
    1. Duplicate
      6m 29s
    2. Arrange
      2m 36s
    3. Randomize
      2m 20s
    4. Transfer
      2m 50s
    5. Disconnect and Split
      4m 43s
    6. Explode Segments
      4m 9s
    7. Connect
      2m 34s
    8. Converting modeling objects
      10m 33s
  8. 34m 28s
    1. Exploring material channels
      6m 57s
    2. Shaders
      3m 35s
    3. Using Bump and Displacement maps
      4m 19s
    4. Applying materials to objects caps
      4m 2s
    5. Applying materials to a complete model
      7m 46s
    6. Placing textures with the Texture tool
      4m 11s
    7. Animated textures
      3m 38s
  9. 28m 22s
    1. Getting started with lights
      6m 12s
    2. Getting started with cameras
      5m 10s
    3. Volumetric lights
      4m 11s
    4. Using the Exclude feature with lights
      1m 28s
    5. Creating and adjusting shadows
      2m 14s
    6. Using target lights and target cameras
      6m 23s
    7. Setting up three-point lighting
      2m 44s
  10. 32m 47s
    1. Understanding the timeline
      6m 23s
    2. Adding and controlling keyframes
      6m 37s
    3. Fine-tuning keyframes using FCurves
      5m 26s
    4. Animation paths
      8m 40s
    5. Linking animations with SetDriver and Driven
      5m 41s
  11. 59m 17s
    1. Exploring render settings for stills and animation
      8m 36s
    2. Outputting a file using the picture viewer
      7m 24s
    3. Setting up tags for After Effects and Motion
      9m 9s
    4. Integrating with After Effects
      9m 2s
    5. Integrating with Motion 4
      6m 36s
    6. Introducing Global Illumination
      7m 18s
    7. Fine-tuning Global Illumination
      6m 56s
    8. Rendering with Sketch and Toon
      4m 16s
  12. 51m 50s
    1. Getting started with MoGraph
      5m 1s
    2. Creating MoGraph text objects
      4m 56s
    3. Cloner objects
      6m 21s
    4. Spline Wrap
      6m 54s
    5. Getting started with MoSpline
      6m 54s
    6. MoDynamics
      8m 16s
    7. Enhanced MoDynamics
      5m 41s
    8. Using the Sound Effector
      7m 47s
  13. 27m 21s
    1. Preparing models for BodyPaint
      4m 27s
    2. Defining and manipulating UVs in BodyPaint
      10m 55s
    3. Painting in BodyPaint
      11m 59s
  14. 33m 18s
    1. Introducing particles
      5m 17s
    2. Manipulating particles
      5m 49s
    3. Creating a Pyro Cluster
      3m 10s
    4. Manipulating a Pyro Cluster
      7m 53s
    5. Adding a Pyro Cluster to an animation
      11m 9s
  15. 6m 28s
    1. Collecting and archiving a project
      2m 18s
    2. Exploring helpful shortcuts
      4m 10s
  16. 22s
    1. Goodbye

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CINEMA 4D R11.5 Essential Training
Video Duration: 0s 9h 8m Beginner


View Course Description

CINEMA 4D R11.5 Essential Training covers all the important steps to get up and running with this easy-to-use 3D application. Designer and author Ian Robinson covers the essentials of 3D design, including modeling, animation, and integration with other design tools. Ian explores how to build objects with CINEMA 4D's basic primitives, and how to use light, shadow, and texture to give depth to a scene. He shows the proper use of the powerful animation tools, including MoGraph, to push 3D designs to the limit. Finally, Ian covers how to combine CINEMA 4D with other applications like After Effects and Motion. Exercise files accompany this course.

Topics include:
  • Using Deformers to revise and refine an object
  • Creating and saving selections with selection tool sets
  • Applying textures and materials to a complete model
  • Exploring render settings for stills and animation
  • Introducing and manipulating particles and pyro clusters
  • Working with BodyPaint for a smooth final look
3D + Animation


(Music playing) Hi! I am Ian Robinson and welcome to Cinema 4D 11.5 Essential Training. Cinema 4D is a cutting-edge 3D modeling and animation tool. In this course, we'll cover everything you need to get started with creating 3D motion graphics, from modeling, to animation, to integration with other design tools. We'll start by creating simple models using Cinema's primitive objects, and move on to modeling with NURBS and Polygons. We'll finish with some advanced modeling techniques using HyperNURBS.

Then, we'll explore how to texture and light your scene, even diving into the basics of BodyPaint, where we can create more advanced and detailed textures. Then we'll check out Cinema 4D's powerful animation tools including MoGraph, where you can push your 3D designs further than ever before with Cloner objects and Effectors. Finally, we'll wrap things up by exploring just how easy it is to integrate your projects for compositing and final output through After Effects or even Motion 4. I've been teaching and designing motion graphics for over ten years and I think you'll find Cinema 4D to be a very powerful part of your production toolset.

So, let's get started with Cinema 4D 11.5 Essential Training.

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