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Methods to Create and Use Your Own Curated Playlist

Using curated playlists provides you with in-depth training on Business. Taught by Staff a… Show More

How to use

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Video: Methods to Create and Use Your Own Curated Playlist

Using curated playlists provides you with in-depth training on Business. Taught by Staff as part of the How to use
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  1. 7m 14s
    1. Welcome
      1m 32s
    2. A quick overview of our site
      5m 42s
  2. 13m 44s
    1. Browsing the library
      5m 49s
    2. Finding content with the search feature
      4m 37s
    3. Searching by author
      1m 25s
    4. Finding the latest releases
      1m 0s
    5. Using the site map
  3. 22m 6s
    1. Navigating a course details page
      4m 7s
    2. Downloading and using the exercise files
      1m 40s
    3. Searching the video transcripts for a specific word or phrase
      1m 25s
    4. Choosing the right video player for your needs
      3m 42s
    5. Using basic video player controls
      6m 5s
    6. Providing feedback about the content you've watched
    7. Defining your interests
      1m 56s
    8. Watching courses with AirPlay and the iOS app
      2m 35s
  4. 36m 56s
    1. Creating and managing your playlists
      8m 21s
    2. Sharing your playlists
      4m 13s
    3. Using curated playlists
      4m 3s
    4. Bookmarking videos, chapters, or courses that interest you
      7m 38s
    5. Starting where you last left off with Course History
      1m 51s
    6. Using My notes
      6m 34s
    7. Printing and sharing Certificates of Completion
      3m 11s
    8. Keeping yourself logged in
      1m 5s
  5. 6m 39s
    1. Updating your member profile information
      1m 26s
    2. Setting your news and email preferences
      1m 29s
    3. Updating your billing information
    4. Changing your membership plan
    5. Canceling your membership plan
      1m 12s
    6. Reactivating a previous membership
  6. 3m 8s
    1. Searching FAQs
    2. Contacting client services and tech support
      1m 37s
    3. How to request a course and training topic
  7. 24s
    1. Goodbye

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Using curated playlists
Video duration: 4m 3s 1h 30m Beginner Updated Jul 05, 2014


Using curated playlists provides you with in-depth training on Business. Taught by Staff as part of the How to use


Using curated playlists

- Whether you're new to, or if you're a long-time subscriber interested in learning a new skillset, but aren't sure where to begin, a good place to start is the Playlist Center. Start by going to the FEATURED menu and clicking playlists. You'll be taken to our Playlist Center. Here, you'll find a selection of playlists that have been curated by our experts to guide you through specific learning paths and goals of your interest. At the top of the screen, you'll see the most popular playlists. You can scroll through the lists, using this arrow on the right, and you can scroll back using this left arrow. If you move further down the page, you'll notice that by default this list is sorted by showing all subjects of our entire library and all the newest editions showing first.

To find more specific topics you're interested in, you can narrow your search results down by sorting this list by the content subject you're looking for. Say I want to find a playlist on photography. I'll select that. Now I see the most popular playlists related to photography and no longer the longer list of all courses being shown. I can further sort these results in the order in which they were updated or by skill level.

You also have the option of viewing these results in either the list mode or the grid mode. You can click on any playlist to see the details of that playlist. Here you'll find the details of the playlist with a description of the content it contains. How many courses it has, the total duration, and the date in which the playlist was last updated. You can also scroll through this list of courses to see all of the course thumbnails.

If you want to just start watching one of these courses right away, just click on the thumbnail or the course title and it will take you to that course page. Or we can go back to the playlist. And if you'd like to watch all the courses in any playlist, you can follow it by clicking on the yellow plus sign to add the playlist. If you click on it again, the description will hide and you can add as many playlists as you want, or, if you no longer want to follow a playlist, just click the check mark, and you will no longer be following that playlist.

Now if I go back to my personal playlist, by going to my profile menu and selecting playlists, you'll see under Followed playlists that both of those curated playlists are now in my Followed Playlist pod. Clicking on that playlist's name will open up the curated playlist and you'll be able to see all the details and information about that curated playlist, and when it was last updated, how long it is, and how many courses are there.

And from here, you can click on any thumbnail or course title and start directly watching that course. You'll always see the most updated version of any curated playlist you follow. So if new courses are added to the playlist, they'll appear in this list here immediately. And if you no longer want to follow a playlist, or you've completed all of the courses, which you'll be able to tell by looking at the progress bar, at the bottom of each playlist you can click unsubscribe which will remove that playlist from your queue.

If you want to add more curated playlists at any time, just go back to the playlist center under the Featured tab, Playlists, and click on any plus sign to add any curated playlist to your queue. We hope you'll take advantage of the Playlist Center, and that you'll use it to find courses that will be most useful for you to achieve your learning goals.

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