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Using My notes

Using My notes provides you with in-depth training on Business. Taught by Staff as part of… Show More

How to use

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Video: Using My notes

Using My notes provides you with in-depth training on Business. Taught by Staff as part of the How to use
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  1. 7m 14s
    1. Welcome
      1m 32s
    2. A quick overview of our site
      5m 42s
  2. 17m 40s
    1. Browsing the library
      5m 49s
    2. Finding content with the search feature
      4m 37s
    3. Searching by author
      1m 25s
    4. Finding the latest releases
      1m 0s
    5. Using the site map
    6. Exploring the mobile site
      3m 56s
  3. 22m 6s
    1. Navigating a course details page
      4m 7s
    2. Downloading and using the exercise files
      1m 40s
    3. Searching the video transcripts for a specific word or phrase
      1m 25s
    4. Choosing the right video player for your needs
      3m 42s
    5. Using basic video player controls
      6m 5s
    6. Providing feedback about the content you've watched
    7. Finding courses to watch next and defining your interests
      1m 56s
    8. Watching courses with AirPlay and the iOS app
      2m 35s
  4. 28m 35s
    1. Sharing your playlists
      4m 13s
    2. Using curated playlists
      4m 3s
    3. Bookmarking videos, chapters, or courses that interest you
      7m 38s
    4. Starting where you last left off with Course History
      1m 51s
    5. Using My notes
      6m 34s
    6. Printing and sharing Certificates of Completion
      3m 11s
    7. Keeping yourself logged in
      1m 5s
  5. 6m 39s
    1. Updating your member profile information
      1m 26s
    2. Setting your news and email preferences
      1m 29s
    3. Updating your billing information
    4. Changing your membership plan
    5. Canceling your membership plan
      1m 12s
    6. Reactivating a previous membership
  6. 3m 8s
    1. Searching FAQs
    2. Contacting client services and tech support
      1m 37s
    3. How to request a course and training topic
  7. 24s
    1. Goodbye

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Using My notes
Video Duration: 6m 34s 1h 25m Beginner Updated Jul 03, 2014


Using My notes provides you with in-depth training on Business. Taught by Staff as part of the How to use

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Make the most out of your membership. Watch this course to learn how to quickly find the training and tools you need to create your own personalized learning path.

First, find out about the types of videos we offer at, including in-depth software training, first looks at up-and-coming technology trends, courses to help you develop critical business skills, techniques for creative pros, and inspirational documentaries. Then get a demo of special library features such as bookmarks, playlists, notes, transcripts, certificates of completion, and FAQs, and learn where to turn for help when you need it. Plus, find out how to access on the go, using our mobile apps and offline viewing capabilities.

Topics include:
  • Choosing a membership plan
  • Finding the latest releases
  • Downloading and using exercise files
  • Searching the video transcripts
  • Choosing the right video player
  • Creating and sharing playlists
  • Taking notes
  • Printing and sharing certificates of completion
  • Updating your member profile
  • Changing or canceling your membership plan
  • Contacting customer support

Using My notes

- As you watch courses on and come across information you want to take note of to organize and personalize your thoughts, or to pinpoint specific parts of information within a course that you find particularly useful or interesting, with's integrated note taking tool, you can do just that. The notes tool will automatically save all of your notes and associate them with specific time codes so you can easily jump back when you want to reference what you've written or revisit specific parts of the movie.

Let's take a look at how this tool works. Once you've selected the course you want to watch, click on the My notes tab just under the video player. As soon as you press play to start watching the course the notes text box will appear, indicating that the notes tool is now active, and you can start typing notes whenever you need to. If I begin watching this movie-- - One is where I want to start, but really what I need to-- - Ah, and I find great information right there. As soon as I press enter, or return, a new note text box will appear saving the previous one right below it.

You don't have to take notes in sequence. You can actually skip around and take notes wherever you want. So, say I want to skip to the middle of this movie. You can press play-- - CSS, because it doesn't know where to put that selector-- - And here, if I find another great bit of information, as soon as I start typing in this box-- - Very specific, and I don't want it to be that specific, in fact, I want it to be general. So I'm just going to leave it with that HREF-- - And hit enter, a second note will have been generated.

You don't have to have the video playing while you're taking notes, but it is really useful if you don't want to stop the video and you just want to jot something down really quick. But I can also pause if I want to spend some time really well-crafting a note. And just click enter, or return, to save that note and generate a new text box. And you can actually skip around the entire course and take notes wherever, whenever.

So say I want to jump back to the very beginning of this course, to the Introduction, to the Welcome movie... and I want to start taking notes to remember what exactly is going to be covered in this course. - Dreamweaver CC, the 2015 release. My name is Paul Trani and I'm excited to show you that you'll learn how to set up and integrate a contact form. And social media, we have you covered there, too, because we'll be integrating a Twitter feed.

And we have you covered when it comes to other screens because the site is going to be responsive. So people are going to be able to see your site on a mobile device, on a tablet, on a desktop, doesn't matter, your content-- - I'm going to pause the video. If you scroll down you can see how the notes will automatically organize themselves based on the chapter number and the title names of the video you were watching when you took that note. You can see that the last note I just took is actually now on top of the list, because even though I made that note after my previous ones, it was from the first movie in the course, so it shows up as a note from chapter one.

With chapter four notes after it. And if you come back to review your notes and you really want to only focus on one chapter of notes at a time, you can toggle these arrow buttons next to any note you've taken to reduce the size of those so you really only focus on one note, or one chapter at a time. But, you'll see that we're still on the welcome video right now, but if I'm visiting my chapter four notes and I want to jump back to that specific time and review that chapter, here in my notes, and in the video player, you'll notice that a thumbnail and a time code has been generated with that note.

So, if I click on the thumbnail here, it will take me directly back to the beginning of that time code within that video and start playing that exact moment from that note. Which is really cool when you take notes on an entire course and there's specific bits and pieces of information. Just scroll your notes to really focus on the areas that were of most interest to you. And you can revisit them over and over again.

Now if you want to add further information into a note you've already taken, maybe adding some context to your original note, you can do that just by hovering over that note's text area and clicking on this Insert note button. Click enter to save. And then click within that text box again. Or, if you decide you don't want that note after all, you can click Delete note. Yes to confirm.

Or if you've started typing a note up here, an active note box, and the time stamp is associated with it in a thumbnail, and you realize you didn't actually want to take note right at that point, you can just click cancel, and it'll start your note over. Once you've finished taking notes on a course, or are finished for the time being, don't worry about saving your notes. The notes taking tool will automatically save all of your notes for you on any given course. So you can actually come back and reference them or revisit them any time you want.

You can even log out and your notes will still be there when you log back in. And if it's been awhile since you've watched a course and you want to see the section of video you took a note on to reference maybe a project you're working on, simply click on the thumbnail within your notes which will take you directly to that point in the video, at any time. You also have the option to download your notes using various different methods for editing and sharing your comments, and the notes that you've made with others. By clicking on this downloads button, you can export as Microsoft Word, PDF, a Text file, even a Google doc or an Evernote.

We hope this note taking tool will help you retain the information you find most valuable and keep it handy for later reference whenever you need to revisit information or give yourself a quick refresher on the moments that you highlighted from the course.

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