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How to use

with Garrick Chow

Video: Finding content with the search feature

If browsing the library isn't helping you Notice that after a second, some suggestions appear under the search field. And nearly 1300 individual videos that mention CSS.
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  1. 7m 6s
    1. Welcome
      1m 14s
    2. Choosing the membership plan that meets your needs
      1m 19s
    3. A quick overview of our site
      4m 33s
  2. 19m 20s
    1. Browsing the library
      4m 51s
    2. Finding content with the search feature
      3m 36s
    3. Searching by author
      1m 9s
    4. Finding the latest releases
    5. Subscribing to the Latest Releases RSS feed
      4m 23s
    6. Using the site map
    7. Exploring the mobile site
      4m 1s
  3. 18m 24s
    1. Navigating a course details page
      3m 26s
    2. Downloading and using the exercise files
      1m 32s
    3. Searching the video transcripts for a specific word or phrase
      1m 49s
    4. Choosing the right video player for your needs
      2m 18s
    5. Using basic video player controls
      4m 21s
    6. Providing feedback about the content you've watched
    7. Finding courses to watch next and defining your interests
      1m 50s
    8. Watching courses with AirPlay and the iOS app
      2m 35s
  4. 29m 56s
    1. Creating and managing your playlists
      5m 48s
    2. Sharing your playlists
      4m 5s
    3. Using curated playlists
      2m 39s
    4. Bookmarking videos, chapters, or courses that interest you
      6m 20s
    5. Starting where you last left off with Course History
      1m 31s
    6. Using My notes
      5m 48s
    7. Printing and sharing Certificates of Completion
      2m 49s
    8. Keeping yourself logged in
  5. 4m 8s
    1. Updating your member profile information
      1m 14s
    2. Setting your news and email preferences
    3. Updating your billing information
    4. Changing your membership plan
    5. Canceling your membership plan
    6. Reactivating a previous membership
  6. 2m 42s
    1. Searching FAQs
    2. Contacting client services and tech support
      1m 21s
    3. How to request a course and training topic
  7. 22s
    1. Goodbye

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1h 21m Beginner Feb 18, 2011 Updated Jul 03, 2014

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Learn how to find, access, and view courses in the training library. Staff author Garrick Chow explains how to find the "need to know" material quickly and browse other subjects you might be interested in. A full rundown of the types of training offered is included, from in-depth essential training on specific software packages, to first looks at up-and-coming technology trends, to inspirational documentaries following creative professionals working in a variety of disciplines. Garrick also shows how to use special library features such as bookmarks, the queue, certificates of completion, frequently asked questions (FAQs), and more, as well as where to turn for help when you need it. Plus, learn to access on the go, either through our mobile site, or the iOS app, which also supports playing videos on your TV via AirPlay and an Apple TV.

Topics include:
  • Browsing the library by subject, software, or author
  • Finding the latest releases
  • Downloading and using exercise files
  • Searching video transcripts
  • Choosing the right video player
  • Understanding types of courses
  • Using your training history
  • Printing and sharing certificates of completion
  • Logging in from multiple computers
  • Updating your member profile
  • Setting site preferences
  • Changing your membership plan
  • Searching the FAQs
  • Contacting customer support
  • Viewing content on an iPhone, iPad, or other mobile device
Garrick Chow

Finding content with the search feature

If browsing the library isn't helping you find the course or content you're looking for, try using the search field found at the top of each page of our site. The search field lets you search for specific words or phrases, and then provides you with a list of results you can then browse through and pare down. Begin by typing a search term into the search bar, for example, CSS. Notice that after a second, some suggestions appear under the search field. These are organized by courses and individual videos, and you can click on any of these suggestions to go directly to that course or video. Or if you don't see a result that looks like what you're searching for, press Enter or Return or click the search button to initiate your search for the word or phrase you typed.

Our search engine then looks through every single course, video, description, and even closed caption transcripts of individual videos to return a list of results matching your search terms. Search results are then listed by course and are sorted by the best match as you can see with the Courses filter here selected on the left. Currently, I have 40 course matches for CSS. And nearly 1300 individual videos that mention CSS. When sorting by videos, you can see from which course each video comes. You can further narrow down the list of movies by clicking the filter terms under these headings of Skill Level, Subject, Software, Version, Company, Author, and More options.

Or you can filter for movies that include closed captioning. Under each of these headings, results are listed in the order of categorizes with the most matches. For example, I can see there are 864 results under the Web Design category and 123 results under Web Graphics. The filters here can be especially useful when searching for terms that might be used in multiple areas of interest. For example, I'll search for clipping mask. Clipping masks are used in photography, design, video editing, and so on. Notice I have about 600 courses listed in my results with Courses selected. If I'm only interested in clipping masks as they apply to video production, I can click the Video filter term here on the left.

And maybe I really only want to know how clipping masks are used in Final Cut Pro, so I'll look under Software and click Final Cut Pro. And maybe even then, I'm only interested in version X of Final Cut Pro. So now, I've narrowed down my results to just seven courses. And I'll have a much easier time finding the videos I'm looking for. I can switch to the Videos filter to see the specific movies that discuss clipping masks. Note that your filter terms appear here at the top of the list, and you can click their x's to remove them. You might have also noticed that in addition to showing results based on courses and videos, there's also a Site pages filter here.

This is for searching all the non-course related pages at So, for example, here you might see search results that appear in author bios, blog entries, or our company newsletters or press releases. Depending on the information you're looking for, you might find what you need in our blog or newsletter, so be sure to check the entire site filter when performing your search. Lastly, I want to point out that, yes, there are two search fields visible when looking through your search results. You have the search field that's always available in the navigation bar and this one here under the Search results tab. The only difference between the two is at the one here under the Search results tab contains the team you searched for, which can be useful if you've forgotten the exact wording or phrase you initially searched for.

But either field can be used to perform another search. Just click on either one, type a word or phrase, and click Search.

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