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Top 5 Money-Saving AdWords Tips

with Elizabeth Marsten

Video: Top 5 Money-Saving AdWords Tips

Learn the top five tips to running cost-effective AdWords campaigns.
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    1. Top 5 Money-Saving AdWords Tips
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Top 5 Money-Saving AdWords Tips
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Don't let your ad budget balloon out of control. Learn the top five tips to running cost-effective Google AdWords campaigns—strategies you can implement today and reap the savings and performance benefits from tomorrow. Elizabeth Marsten runs down her top five tips in this quick five-minute tutorial.

And when you're ready for detailed information on developing, implementing, and optimizing your AdWords and Bing campaigns, check out Elizabeth's companion course, Pay-Per-Click Fundamentals.

Google AdWords

Top 5 Money-Saving AdWords Tips

Hi. My name is Elizabeth Marsten and I want to share with you, these top five money-saving AdWords Tips. These are some methods you can go into your AdWords account right now, and apply. And see a significant difference in performance, in a positive way of course. First up, you've got to separate the search and display networks at the campaign level. Search means that someone typed into a search box, and hit Go. Display means that your ad is showing alongside content on a webpage, like an ad in a magazine.

Each network behaves differently, and has different definitions of success, and their quality scores are calculated differently. So, do yourself a favor, and never do this. Always separate them. It's the number one place, I see people waste the most money, hands down. So what's that look like? If you go into your Google AdWords account, open any campaign, open the settings tab, and here under type, click edit and you can see whether or not you have your search network only displayed, or search network with display select.

In this case, you want to separate them, so search network only. And hit Save. You're good to go. Our next one, is to use mobile bid modifiers. By default, mobile devices inherit the bid, that you set for the ad group, unless you change it, after you save a new ad group. The setup wizard conveniently leaves this little detail out. If your site looks awful on a mobile phone, or doesn't convert well. You want to at the very least, lessen the amount of the bid, or turn it off completely. Let me show you how to do that. To change your mobile bin modifier. Simply open a campaign. Open one of your ad groups, and click settings.

See this gray button here, that says devices? Click that. And it'll show you computers, mobile devices with full browsers and tablets with full browsers. Go over here, to the bit adjustment column, to change that. Choose from the drop down > Decrease by, and put in 100%. What this will do, is essentially opt us out of showing ads, on mobile devices. If you wan to be on mobile, but just not to the tune of the full-fledged bid, at the ad group level, put a different number in, say like 50, for 50%, to bid half as much. In this case, we're going to go ahead and leave it as 100.

Click Save, and there you have it, a mobile bid modifier. So, excellent. What's the number three tip? Send visitors to a relevant landing page, not just the home page. If someone came to your site, on the keyword dog collars, then you should drop them off on a dog collar category, or product page, for goodness sake. You wouldn't like it if you drove all the way to the store, and asked where the maple syrup was, and the store clerk just said, thanks for coming in. It's here somewhere. Best of luck to you. Do that, and you can just watch your page search clicks get wasted, as people bounce back, to the search engine results page, in the hunt for their elusive item.

Our next tip, is to focus your spend, rather than spreading it too thin. You can't buy, all of the keywords all of the time, you just can't. So, let's take a look at what that looks like, in a Google AdWords account. Go to your campaigns, and here, I've set up, the unfortunate situation of what it looks like, to spread your budget too thin. Taking your budget, and splitting it across multiple campaigns, say, with $5 here, $3 here, maybe $10 here, is a sure-fire recipe, for frustration and tears. Focus your budget. Spend the money where it matters.

Cut out keywords that are not working, you just have to. Alright, the last one has to be good, so, what is it? My next and final tip, is I want you to enable conversion tracking. Pease do this. Please. If you can't track at the very least what keywords brought a sale, even if you don't know the amount of the sale. You might as well throw your money down a well, and make a wish. The attribution method is pretty much the same. So, let's walk through how to do that, in Google AdWords. From here, click the tools tab, and hit select conversions. Click the red, add new conversion button, and name your conversion.

Something like. Sales, or transactions is a good idea. Your source, is going to be a web page. Like your thank you page, your receipt page, or your submission received page. Could be a call on site, a mobile or tablet app download as well, or you can import. For the purposes of this tip, we're going to go with the webpage. So, hit Save and continue. Here, we're going to choose, our conversion category. In this case, we've gone with a purchase and sale. Here we're going to set our conversion window. If you know that your sales cycle, is shorter or longer than 30 days, feel free to change that here. Otherwise, you can leave it as the default.

From here, if you don't know your size markup language, you'll need to ask your developer. But by default, you could probably leave it as HTML. Conversion value. You happen to sell one thing, you could enter that amount here. Otherwise, it's optional, and you should leave it blank. Your tracking indicator, is actually something, that people don't see on average, however, it is required. You can choose a single line or a two line layout, but if your site's background, isn't white, you might want to change it here, so that it blends in more seamlessly. From here, we're going to hit Save and continue. Now, if someone else makes the changes to your code on your website, you can click this button here, enter their email address, and it will email them this block of code.

If it's you that makes the changes, click the, I make the changes to the code button, here. Now, you have your block of conversion data code. You can paste this in, between the body tags on the receipt page, thank you page or submission receive page. Then, hit Done. Now, you can see there are sales transaction conversions here, the source's web page, the categories of purchase or sale, because we haven't actually installed the code on our website yet. These were just a few quick tips, to get you on the right track, with your Google AdWords efforts. If you'd like to learn more, be sure to check out PPC Fundamentals with me, Elizabeth Marsten here on

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