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Marketing Tips
Illustration by Richard Downs

Marketing Tips

with Justin Seeley

Video: How to use hashtags in Twitter search

Hey there everybody.
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  1. 7m 17s
    1. How to use hashtags in Twitter search
      3m 40s
    2. How to make a refined search on Twitter
      3m 37s
  2. 2m 42s
    1. Welcome to the series
    2. How to send feedback
      1m 49s
  3. 15m 15s
    1. How to grow your email list with Twitter
      7m 21s
    2. How to run a contest on Twitter
      7m 54s
  4. 7m 2s
    1. How to claim your Google+ vanity URL
      2m 49s
    2. How to use hashtags on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+
      4m 13s
  5. 12m 44s
    1. How to run a contest on Facebook
      7m 30s
    2. How to use your Facebook Insights data effectively
      5m 14s
  6. 12m 32s
    1. How to create a Pinterest business account
      4m 16s
    2. Five ways to use Pinterest for your business
      8m 16s
  7. 7m 44s
    1. How to set your YouTube Channel URL
      2m 34s
    2. How to use tags effectively on YouTube
      5m 10s
  8. 10m 34s
    1. How to write better blog posts
      5m 59s
    2. Ten ideas for your next blog post
      4m 35s
  9. 5m 33s
    1. How to setup your Vine profile URL
      2m 28s
    2. Tips & tricks for better Vine videos
      3m 5s
  10. 7m 30s
    1. Creating a URL shortener with Bitly Pro
      2m 34s
    2. Five Ways to track your social media efforts
      4m 56s
  11. 6m 49s
    1. 5 Ways to use Instagram for business
      3m 9s
    2. How to run a contest using Instagram
      3m 40s
  12. 6m 3s
    1. Using Hootsuite to cross post your content
      2m 50s
    2. Scheduling posts with Hootsuite
      3m 13s
  13. 9m 51s
    1. Five Apps for social media management
      4m 53s
    2. How to reach your audience on mobile
      4m 58s
  14. 6m 13s
    1. Five ways to deal with negative comments
      2m 33s
    2. Creating a community around caring
      3m 40s
  15. 6m 26s
    1. Using Snapchat to engage customers
      2m 56s
    2. Six second story telling with Vine
      3m 30s
  16. 7m 23s
    1. Creating content for LinkedIn
      3m 43s
    2. Using the LinkedIn publishing platform
      3m 40s
  17. 13m 40s
    1. What is CASL?
      7m 9s
    2. Five Ways to prepare your business for CASL
      6m 31s

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Marketing Tips
2h 25m Appropriate for all Jan 08, 2014 Updated Aug 06, 2014

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Stay up to date with marketing tools and techniques that will help you run your business more efficiently. Author Justin Seeley brings you the tools and techniques you need to have conversations with your customers, build community, track engagement, measure analytics, and leverage social media tools to grow your brand. Tune in every other Wednesday for new video tips to keep your marketing efforts fresh.

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Justin Seeley

How to use hashtags in Twitter search

Hey there everybody. Welcome back to marketing tips my name is Justin Sealy. And this week we're talking about Twitter. And more specifically, how to use Twitter as a search engine to help further your social media efforts. So in this first video what we're going to be talking about is how to search hash tags on Twitter. And so exactly what is a hash tag? Well a hash tag is a statement or a phrase or keyword that you use on a social media site that is usually preceded by a pound sign or a number sign. And it's an easy way to sort of tag statements that you make and relate it to a certain topic.

And brands and businesses are doing this all the time, whether it be surrounded around product launches, discounts, different sales that they're running, whatever the case may be, and using hash tags is a great way to aggregate a bunch of information into one central location. However, if you're not using some form of social media tracking service, like HootSuite or something like that, you may not know how to keep track of all of your hash tags, and so I'm going to show you how to do that right here within Twitter. So if you go to and also you can just go to

And when you get there you'll be taken to a screen that looks like this. And it'll say, See what's happening right now. And right here in this big box that goes across the screen here, you can just type in any keyword or hash tag that you want. And so, for instance, I do a lot of social media courses. So if I wanted to do hash tag social media, I could search for that. And you see it all comes up right here. I could even see some of the suggestions that it has. It comes up with suggested users related to social media. This is a really powerful search engine that you have built-in here.

And so if I wanted to just see, okay, social media, marketing and then it's going to show me all of the tweets that correspond to that hash tag. Now let’s go back here. As you can see, that’s a great way to search a broad sweeping hash tag, where you can just find conversations to jump in. It’s a great lead generation tactic. However, what you have a brand specific hash tag, or just a hash tag that is related to a specific event that's going on? So for instance, I created a hash tag called justinscourse. Because this is the course I'm working on. I wanted this to be something I could put out there on Twitter and have people reply to me.

And I did this just a few moments ago before I started recording the movie. And so now, what we're going to do, is we're just going to type out hastag and then I'm going to start typing out justins, and there it is right there, #justinscourse. And so I'm going to select that. And then, here I can see all of the results of people who are tweeting about that hash tag. And so, you can see that a few people have actually responded with the justinscourse hash tag already. And this is just a few minutes ago that I did this. Right now I'm seeing the top results for this, but I could also see all of the results, and when I see all of the results you can see here that I actually get more results here.

So I can actually see them. The cool thing is, is that they're going to come in, in real time. So any time someone else comes up and they tweet something with that hash tag while I'm looking at this screen, I'll get a notification bar that goes across the top and allows me to see that. If you're running a contest in real time and you're monitoring a hash tag, using the Twitter website is actually a really decent tool. It hasn't always been the case. But they've done some serious work here, over the last couple years. And this has become one of my go to resources, when I don't Hootsuite or something like that at the ready.

I can just jump on Twitter, and go to, and search my hash tag. So, whether you're trying to jump into a conversation or further the conversation that you started, try using to search for whatever hash tag you need to search for.

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