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Office for iPad First Look

with Jess Stratton

Video: Introducing Microsoft Office for iPad

Discover the new Office for iPad applications: Excel, PowerPoint, and Word.
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Office for iPad First Look
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Microsoft has finally unveiled Office for iPad, a suite of three much-loved applications now revamped with touch-based controls, which make them easy to work with on your iPad. Get a first look now at Office for iPad's three apps: Excel, Word, and PowerPoint. Jess Stratton, author of Monday Productivity Pointers, shows you how to use Office for iPad, how it integrates with Office 365 accounts, and how to leverage the apps to create, collaborate on, and edit documents, PowerPoints, and spreadsheets on the go.


Introducing Microsoft Office for iPad

Microsoft has just released Office for iPad. The first time you can get an official Office suite of software from Microsoft just for your iPad. Office for iPad contains fully functional versions of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Now while anyone can download the apps and read documents, or present PowerPoint presentations for free, if you want to create or edit Office documents with these apps, you first have to be an Office 365 subscriber. Now there's some benefits to that anyway. For example, it gives you both desktop and web access to the most current versions of the Office suite, and you can get them for up to five PCs or Macs.

You can subscribe to Office 365 for $99 a year, and you can do that at also has many, many courses on using Office 365, so you can start there if you want some more information. If you already are an Office 365 subscriber, there's no extra cost to use these iPad versions of Office. To get started, it is important to note that each app has to be downloaded individually from the App Store. So you can search for Word, PowerPoint, and Excel right on their own.

I'm going to tap to get into Word here. Before I dive into some of the features of each app individually, here's a general overview of how they'll work, because they all share a few user interface features. I'm in the main screen here, and this is going to be the same across all the apps. At the very top left-hand side of the screen, I can tap to access my profile. Here's where I can sign out, I can connect my OneDrive account to it, and I can add a service such as connecting to SharePoint, if I use it for my Office.

If I tap New, here's where I can see all the templates that I'm given. And I'll go into those a little bit more in each particular video. I can tap Recent to access any files I'm currently working on or anything that I've used recently. And finally I can tap Open, and you'll notice that my two choices are, I can pull files directly from OneDrive or directly on the iPad. So I'm going to tap OneDrive, and I can then go in the documents structure on OneDrive.

I'll browse and choose a Word document. It's going to download and open the file, and the very first thing that you'll notice is that the ribbon is here. Now this is going to be the same across all the apps, PowerPoint and Excel, too. So you can tap on each ribbon tab, and you'll notice that you get different choices, and right away you'll notice that it works very similar to the desktop version of Word. So you can see that right away. But there's some more things that each app shares that are the same.

The first one is, in the top left-hand side, I can tap the little document icon with the Refresh symbol on it, and that's going to bring me into the file properties. If I tap Properties, I can see things like when the document was created and when it was last modified. The two arrow buttons is Undo and Redo, if I want to undo my last action or redo it. If we go way over to the right-hand side of the screen, I can search for text, and I can click the person icon with a plus next to it if I want to share the file easily.

For example, I can copy the link easily or I can email it. I can even email it directly from OneDrive as a link to it, or as an attachment in an email itself. Finally, to get back to that main screen where I can open more documents or create a new one, all I have to do is tap the arrow on the very left-hand side with the circle on it. That's going to take me back to the main screen. So here is where I can tap Recent again, or New. So, that's a first look at the interface.

Up next, I'm going to go into more detail into each of the three apps, Word, Excel and PowerPoint, to show you just how powerful they really are.

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