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Direct Mail Strategy

with Trish Witkowski

Video: Welcome

Learn how to build a mailing list, design your messaging, and decide on a format for your next direct mail campaign.
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  1. 5m 12s
    1. Welcome
      1m 31s
    2. Why mail?
      3m 14s
    3. Using the exercise files
  2. 27m 14s
    1. The 40/40/20 rule
      3m 54s
    2. Market segmentation methods
      3m 9s
    3. The marketing strategy
      5m 53s
    4. Generational considerations
      2m 31s
    5. List sources
      6m 30s
    6. List maintenance
      4m 23s
    7. Frequency or reach
  3. 10m 22s
    1. The seven key copy drivers
      3m 52s
    2. The offer
      1m 12s
    3. The direct mail "package"
      1m 20s
    4. The direct mail letter
      1m 39s
    5. Placing critical marketing messages
      2m 19s
  4. 13m 47s
    1. Direct mail format terminology
      3m 57s
    2. Cards and postcards
    3. Envelope mailers
      1m 15s
    4. Folded self-mailers
      1m 10s
    5. Bound materials
      2m 9s
    6. Transpromo
      1m 9s
    7. Parcels and irregular parcels
      1m 8s
    8. Circulars, inserts, and wraps
    9. Newsletters and flyers
      1m 15s
  5. 19m 34s
    1. Envelopes and opening mechanisms
      2m 4s
    2. Varnishes, coatings, and paper choice
      2m 49s
    3. Tchotchkes, coins, and the curiosity factor
      3m 35s
    4. Notes, stamps, and addressing techniques
      2m 51s
    5. Sampling and sensory effects
      1m 57s
    6. Cards, stickers, and activities
      1m 45s
    7. Contests, surveys, and official-looking mail
      2m 7s
    8. Dimensional and hi-tech mail
      2m 26s
  6. 16m 27s
    1. The Intelligent Mail barcode (IMb)
      1m 30s
    2. Variable data printing
      3m 0s
    3. Personalized landing pages
      2m 38s
    4. Quick Response (QR) codes
      2m 17s
    5. Augmented reality (AR)
      2m 17s
    6. Inline finishing for mail
      3m 2s
    7. Marketing automation
      1m 43s
  7. 7m 26s
    1. Is mail bad for the environment?
      2m 35s
    2. Green mail strategies
      4m 51s
  8. 20m 54s
    1. Establishing the "control"
      2m 41s
    2. Testing techniques
      4m 4s
    3. Tracking mechanisms
      4m 21s
    4. Measurement formulas
      9m 48s
  9. 1m 36s
    1. Next steps
      1m 36s

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Direct Mail Strategy
Video duration: 0s 2h 2m Beginner


Direct mail is powerful, customizable, and private, and it virtually guarantees at least five seconds of focus from the recipient. On average, it also returns twelve dollars for every dollar spent. Not everyone sees stellar results, however, and that's because not everyone understands how to create mail that performs. This course gets to the bottom of the strategy behind effective direct mail, and provides the foundation you need to mail with confidence. Trish Witkowski will show you how to create a mailing list that's tailored to your audience, craft a compelling message, and decide on a format for your mail campaign, whether it's a postcard, folded mail piece, or envelope mailer.

Topics include:
  • Defining the mailing list
  • Keeping your mailing list up to date
  • Creating the offer
  • Formatting strategies
  • Using special packaging like varnishes, stamps, and stickers
  • Leveraging technology, such as variable data printing
  • Adding an Intelligent Mail barcode
  • Green mail strategies
  • Tracking and measuring results from your direct mail campaign
Business Design


Welcome to Direct Mail Strategy. I'm Trish Witkowski and I'm going to teach you the secrets of the world of mail. You see, I've spent my entire professional career researching folded formats and direct mail. It's a passion of mine. I've met with the real movers and shakers in the mailing industry, plus printers, marketers, copywriters, and postal experts. I've studied the entire process from end to end, and I've simplified the process into a work flow and I'm here to share it will you. There are limitless ways to approach a direct mail campaign, which is good news because means that there are endless opportunities for creativity and variety.

What this also means is that throughout the process you will be faced with a slew of important decisions that will make or break the campaign's success From the mailing list to the message to the form it takes, direct mail has to strike a delicate balance creating a package that can peak interest and ultimately drive response. In this course, you'll learn how to identify your marketing goals, evaluate your options, and craft a well thought out strategy to create effective direct mail campaigns. We're going to talk about lists, offers, engagement techniques, format choice, testing, tracking and measuring your results.

In a nutshell, I'm going to teach you how to create mail that performs. And I hope by the end you'll be armed with the tools and the confidence to create your own winning mail campaigns. Well, I don't know about you, but I think that's enough of an introduction. Let's get started.

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