Up and Running with Prezi
Illustration by Petra Stefankova

Up and Running with Prezi

with Lisa Larson-Kelley

Video: Understanding the interface

The Prezi interface or environment takes a little getting used to. Now remember, as I've mentioned, and I'll And see the entire canvas by clicking on the Home button.
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  1. 5m 5s
    1. Welcome
    2. What you should know before watching this course
      1m 14s
    3. Following along in this course
      2m 35s
    4. Dealing with updates
  2. 8m 24s
    1. What makes a good prezi?
      2m 48s
    2. Planning your presentation
      2m 47s
    3. Best practices
      2m 49s
  3. 7m 22s
    1. Understanding the online editor
      1m 22s
    2. Using the Prezi desktop
      6m 0s
  4. 19m 9s
    1. Creating an account
      2m 33s
    2. Creating prezis
      4m 15s
    3. Understanding the interface
      8m 9s
    4. Navigating the interface
      1m 3s
    5. Moving, scaling, and rotating with the Transformation tool
      2m 4s
    6. Understanding Home view
      1m 5s
  5. 10m 55s
    1. Using the Theme Wizard
      4m 45s
    2. Understanding 3D backgrounds
      1m 49s
    3. Importing from PowerPoint
      4m 21s
  6. 21m 25s
    1. Creating text
      4m 10s
    2. Creating frames
      3m 16s
    3. Drawing shapes
      5m 27s
    4. Adding diagrams
      4m 5s
    5. Adding web links
      4m 27s
  7. 11m 54s
    1. Rotating and aligning elements
      5m 3s
    2. Layering elements
      1m 28s
    3. Grouping elements
      5m 23s
  8. 24m 23s
    1. Inserting images
      6m 43s
    2. Inserting video
      5m 3s
    3. Inserting sound
      1m 59s
    4. Inserting Flash files
      2m 54s
    5. Inserting files
      2m 23s
    6. Organizing assets
      1m 35s
    7. Navigating and rearranging with paths
      3m 46s
  9. 5m 29s
    1. Autoplaying the presentation
      1m 52s
    2. Adding frame animations
      3m 37s
  10. 5m 34s
    1. Editing with others in Prezi Meeting
      3m 43s
    2. Presenting remotely
      1m 51s
  11. 10m 2s
    1. Publishing your prezi
      2m 1s
    2. Configuring privacy settings
      2m 36s
    3. Embedding a prezi in a web site
      1m 59s
    4. Downloading a portable prezi
      3m 26s
  12. 9m 5s
    1. Approaches to presenting
      3m 6s
    2. Presenting from a browser
      1m 8s
    3. Portable prezis
      1m 21s
    4. Presenting from the desktop
      1m 43s
    5. Using Smart Zoom
      1m 47s
  13. 54s
    1. Next steps

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Watch the Online Video Course Up and Running with Prezi
2h 19m Appropriate for all Feb 21, 2013 Updated Nov 27, 2013

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In this course, author and sought-after presenter Lisa Larson-Kelley introduces Prezi, a cutting-edge tool for creating dynamic presentations. Discover how to add layers of meaning to static presentations with multimedia, spatial relationships, and movement.

The course demonstrates the features and benefits of an effective Prezi presentation, shows how to navigate the user interface, and explains how to create, animate, share, and publish a prezi. Plus, Lisa shows how to present your prezi to a remote audience, via a web browser or your desktop.

Topics include:
  • What makes a good presentation?
  • Creating an account
  • Understanding the Transformation Tool
  • Moving, scaling, and rotating
  • Using the theme wizard
  • Importing slides from PowerPoint
  • Adding text, shapes, and web links
  • Layering elements
  • Inserting images, video, and audio
  • Adding animation
  • Presenting remotely
  • Publishing your presentation
Business Education + Elearning
Lisa Larson-Kelley

Understanding the interface

The Prezi interface or environment takes a little getting used to. But once you get the feel for it, it's actually pretty intuitive. I feel in at Foster's Creativity, much more than other presentation tools. You are the artist, and this is your canvas. So, here we are in a simplified version of our example Prezi, in the online Prezi editor. To create this example, I just added a few frames to the blank no obstacles template that I provided for you. So, if you're following along and open up your own copy, you'll only see one frame over here on the left.

No worries, I'm just showing you around the interface right now. You'll add your own frames in upcoming lessons. Now remember, as I've mentioned, and I'll continue to mention, Prezi is updated often. So, your interface may look slightly different from mine, but the main functionality isn't going to change. So, let's take a quick look around this interface and get acquainted. The large area here on the right is the zoomable Prezi space. This is often referred to as the canvas. And it's where you'll place all the content of your Prezi. Over in this Zoom menu on the right, which you'll see if you mouse over to the far right, you can zoom in and out.

And see the entire canvas by clicking on the Home button. And finally, to the far left here are your frames. These are the various views that you'll build and zoom between during your presentation. And we'll talk a lot more about frames later. Then, there's a main menu here at the top of the canvas. Here you can find all the tools you need to build and add content to your Prezi. It's broken up into three main sections. The top left menu up here is your access to Present mode, as well as file operations such as saving the current Prezi and undoing your last action.

The Present button lets you toggle back and forth between Prezi's two modes, Present mode and Edit mode. We'll go ahead and jump into Present mode now by clicking on the button. And yes, we do want to allow full screen. An while you're here in Present mode, all the menus are hidden, so you can get a good, clean preview. But to bring them back, say if you wanted to jump to the Home view, you only need to mouse over where the menu should be, an it will reappear. To navigate through your Prezi, you can use the Forward and Back buttons here at the bottom. Which appear when you mouse over them.

Or, you can use the arrow keys on your keyboard to move back and forth. And a third choice, you can drag this progress bar to the frame that you want, and it gives you a nice little preview of each frame as you scroll through. And finally down here you can turn full screen display on and off, with this little icon in the bottom right. In Full Screen mode, Prezi takes over and you can't access any of your other applications or windows. So if you want to multi-task while presenting, you can just toggle full screen off here. You can see, now that I've toggled it off, that we're in the browser.

I will go back to the Home view, and now I'll go ahead and click the x in the upper right corner that appears when I mouse over the top. Clicking that will exit out of Present mode and put us back in Edit mode. You can also press the Esc key on your keyboard at any time to exit out of Present mode. So, back to the menu. Up here we have the main menu here in the center. These also have additional sub menus that appear when you click on the Menu item. So I'll go ahead and step through some of these. Remember, I'll be walking you through the details of each feature later in the course.

I'm just helping you get familiar with where everything is right now. So, first here we have the Frames and Arrows menu. Here you can choose the type of frame that you want to add, you can add lines or arrows, and you can highlight elements. When you want to insert content into your Prezi, you'll go to the Insert menu, where you can add a variety of different graphics and media to the canvas. You can even save your own collection of objects that you can reuse easily across all of your Prezis. So, if you have artwork that you use a lot or logos and so on, you can store them here.

And then there's the Themes menu, where you can control the overall look and feel of your Prezi with pre-built or custom themes. And jumping over to the top right menu over here, you can get to the quick Help. Which unlike some software's help can actually be helpful. And since there's always updates being made to Prezi, your menu may look different from mine. But Prezi has been really good about updating their help. You can also access the manual here along with various other resources right here in this menu. Also in this menu you can set a default aspect ratio.

By default this is set to Off, and defaults to a four, three aspect ration. But as you can see, if we switch to 16:9. Looking over on the frames on the left, the actual size of those frames changes. And we can turn it back to off. And we can see it's back to 4:3. The second option here is to enable and disable shortcuts. I recommend turning them on since they can really help speed up your editing time in Prezi. The default, as of this recording, is to have them disabled when you first install or start up Prezi.

So, I would go ahead and turn them on, because I'll be using them throughout the course. Prezi remembers your choice across all of your Prezis, so that's pretty handy. Using the shortcuts can save you a ton of time especially as you get to be more of a powered user of Prezi. You can access them at any time except when you're typing in a textbox, and this is because some of them don't use modifiers like Ctrl or Option. It's just a single key press. So, there's a few that you'll probably use more than others. Let me introduce you to those. F let's you draw a frame. And if you watch it carefully, every time I hit F it's going to toggle through each of the available frame shapes.

And if I choose not to draw something right now, I can just hit Esc to jump out. The next shortcut that's handy is S. This behaves the same way. Just press S and you can start drawing a shape. It'll toggle through each of the different available shapes, and if I choose not to do a shape right now, just hit Esc to jump out. And this is another good one, L. L will load a file, so you can bring in assets into your Prezi. It could be an image, a video, a PDF, or a SWF file.

Just using L will bring up this interface, and then you can find the file on your hard drive and click Open, and it will be placed on the canvas. And finally P, will turn on Edit Path mode. This will make more sense later, but this is how you create your animations. Once you're in Edit Path mode and you're finished, you can either click Done up here on the right, or this little pencil here, will jump you back to Edit mode. And, of course, you can always use the standard clipboard shortcuts for copying, cutting and pasting. And my all-time favorite, and likely yours too, the invaluable Cmd+Z, or Ctrl+Z on PC, will undo your last action.

Or you can use the Undo and Redo buttons up here. So, back to the interface. The Share button over here lets you share your Prezi with specific people. And depending on your sharing settings, they can view the Prezi, or edit with you in real time. And we definitely have some more fun with that later. You can save a principle PDF of your Prezi, or download a portable Prezi for presenting on the go. And finally this X up here, does exactly what it says, it will save and close your Prezi, taking you right back to your customized Home page on prezi.com.

And If you click it and get an alert. That's means your Prezi hasn't been saved recently. So, if this happens to you, click on Stay on Page. And manually save it. Prezi does do autosave, but it's often not at the interval that you might like, so always save first, and then you can exit. So, that gives you a basic overview of the current Prezi interface and gets you ready to start creating.

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