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Inserting video

From: Up and Running with Prezi

Video: Inserting video

Prezi is truly a multimedia presentation tool. And you can choose to use these controls to And move it over here now.

Inserting video

Prezi is truly a multimedia presentation tool. In addition to images, you can add video right into your Prezi. This means you can deepen your story with interviews, show off new products with a demo, or just liven up your presentation with a cat video. Well, maybe not the best idea. There are two ways to insert video. You can embed a YouTube video link, or embed a video file directly into your Prezi. To decide which is the best approach, the first question you need to ask yourself is, will there be an internet connection where you're presenting? And the second question is, will it be reliable enough for video playback? If you're not sure, you'll want to embed a video file.

Now Prezi currently supports these video file formats for import. But note that Prezi will convert your video into a FLV format when you upload it. And converting video files has the potential to degrade the quality of your video image. So if you aren't happy with the quality, try converting the video to FLV yourself first and upload that in native format. You should see better results. And if you're not sure about how to work with FLV video, you can take a look at my other course, Publishing Video with the Flash Platform. If you know that you'll have a good, dedicated internet connection, meaning you're not sharing it with the audience, then YouTube would be the best way to go.

And this is especially true for Prezis that you'll be embedding in a webpage. And another good reason to choose the YouTube link option is because video files are large and your storage space in your Prezi account is limited. So if you embed a lot of video files, you may quickly run out of space. Let's add a YouTube video into our example Prezi. Here we are back in the Prezi Editor, and the quickest and easiest way to embed a YouTube video into your Prezi is just to click anywhere on the canvas where you want the video to be. And just type in a YouTube video link. Let's try it.

I have a link copied to my clipboard. So, I will click here and paste it in. And I'll move it over here so you can see it. Now make sure that the URL has http:// in front of it. And then, when I click anywhere on the canvas, it automatically grabs that YouTube video and puts it right here on my canvas. Now, you can control playback of the video right here in Prezi's built-in video player. You can start the video up right here in the editor.

And you can choose to use these controls to start the video up whenever you like during your presentation. Or, if you add video to your path, it will play automatically when you reach that point in the presentation. Also, a very important feature that goes along with that, when you go forward or back to a different frame, the video will stop playing. So the quickest way to add it to our path is to first select the video. I'm going to zoom out a little bit here. And move it over here now. And when I mouse over, you can see it's highlighted.

I'm going to click to select it. And now, I can right click and choose Add to Path. Your path probably looks a lot different from mine. We have been kind of randomly adding items, but we're going to organize all of this coming up when we work with paths. So let's preview this video by clicking on Present. And if I go forward to this frame before presenting, then I can say, double-click there. And then I can move forward from this point. Let's jump to this frame. And now I go forward to my video.

And when I go back, the video stops. So let's back out of this present mode, by clicking the X. And this video is actually quite big here on my campus. So I'm going to adjust it, just click on it. And with the transformation tool, just make it a little smaller. And move it right about there. And I can even rotate it a little bit. And click on the canvas to deselect. Let's say you need to present, and you want to be 100% sure that your video plays. You don't want to have to rely on going out to YouTube and playing back this video from there.

You want to embed the video into your Prezi. To do this, you could use the Prezi desktop software and insert a video file into the Prezi, and I recommend that if you have a large file. But if you do have a small file, you can go to Insert and choose From File. And then from there you can choose a video to import. Now remember, this will add to your file size of your Prezi and use up your storage space on Prezi.com pretty quickly, so you might want to consider that when you're importing videos.

It does make sense, though, if you want to play your Prezi without an Internet connection, it's best to use the Prezi Desktop tool. I'll talk about the Prezie Desktop tools when I cover presentation methods. So as you can see, adding YouTube videos to your Prezi is a quick, easy way to add depth to your presentations. You're now ready to add some sound and really make your Prezi pop.

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