Up and Running with Prezi
Illustration by Petra Stefankova

Up and Running with Prezi

with Lisa Larson-Kelley

Video: Adding web links

Adding web links in Prezi is surprisingly simple, but it's somewhat limited. And the first thing I'll do is click where I want the link to appear.
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  1. 5m 5s
    1. Welcome
    2. What you should know before watching this course
      1m 14s
    3. Following along in this course
      2m 35s
    4. Dealing with updates
  2. 8m 24s
    1. What makes a good prezi?
      2m 48s
    2. Planning your presentation
      2m 47s
    3. Best practices
      2m 49s
  3. 7m 22s
    1. Understanding the online editor
      1m 22s
    2. Using the Prezi desktop
      6m 0s
  4. 19m 9s
    1. Creating an account
      2m 33s
    2. Creating prezis
      4m 15s
    3. Understanding the interface
      8m 9s
    4. Navigating the interface
      1m 3s
    5. Moving, scaling, and rotating with the Transformation tool
      2m 4s
    6. Understanding Home view
      1m 5s
  5. 10m 55s
    1. Using the Theme Wizard
      4m 45s
    2. Understanding 3D backgrounds
      1m 49s
    3. Importing from PowerPoint
      4m 21s
  6. 21m 25s
    1. Creating text
      4m 10s
    2. Creating frames
      3m 16s
    3. Drawing shapes
      5m 27s
    4. Adding diagrams
      4m 5s
    5. Adding web links
      4m 27s
  7. 11m 54s
    1. Rotating and aligning elements
      5m 3s
    2. Layering elements
      1m 28s
    3. Grouping elements
      5m 23s
  8. 24m 23s
    1. Inserting images
      6m 43s
    2. Inserting video
      5m 3s
    3. Inserting sound
      1m 59s
    4. Inserting Flash files
      2m 54s
    5. Inserting files
      2m 23s
    6. Organizing assets
      1m 35s
    7. Navigating and rearranging with paths
      3m 46s
  9. 5m 29s
    1. Autoplaying the presentation
      1m 52s
    2. Adding frame animations
      3m 37s
  10. 5m 34s
    1. Editing with others in Prezi Meeting
      3m 43s
    2. Presenting remotely
      1m 51s
  11. 10m 2s
    1. Publishing your prezi
      2m 1s
    2. Configuring privacy settings
      2m 36s
    3. Embedding a prezi in a web site
      1m 59s
    4. Downloading a portable prezi
      3m 26s
  12. 9m 5s
    1. Approaches to presenting
      3m 6s
    2. Presenting from a browser
      1m 8s
    3. Portable prezis
      1m 21s
    4. Presenting from the desktop
      1m 43s
    5. Using Smart Zoom
      1m 47s
  13. 54s
    1. Next steps

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Watch the Online Video Course Up and Running with Prezi
2h 19m Appropriate for all Feb 21, 2013 Updated Nov 27, 2013

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In this course, author and sought-after presenter Lisa Larson-Kelley introduces Prezi, a cutting-edge tool for creating dynamic presentations. Discover how to add layers of meaning to static presentations with multimedia, spatial relationships, and movement.

The course demonstrates the features and benefits of an effective Prezi presentation, shows how to navigate the user interface, and explains how to create, animate, share, and publish a prezi. Plus, Lisa shows how to present your prezi to a remote audience, via a web browser or your desktop.

Topics include:
  • What makes a good presentation?
  • Creating an account
  • Understanding the Transformation Tool
  • Moving, scaling, and rotating
  • Using the theme wizard
  • Importing slides from PowerPoint
  • Adding text, shapes, and web links
  • Layering elements
  • Inserting images, video, and audio
  • Adding animation
  • Presenting remotely
  • Publishing your presentation
Business Education + Elearning
Lisa Larson-Kelley

Adding web links

Adding web links in Prezi is surprisingly simple, but it's somewhat limited. Any text that starts with http or https, Prezi will automatically activate as a link. This is great, but adding web links to other text or to images isn't possible in the editor as of this recording. Not so great. There's a work around for this that I'll get to in a minute. But first, let's go ahead and add a text link to our sample Prezi. I'll scroll in to where I want it to be using our scroll wheel on my mouse.

Just kind of clicking in this area and scrolling in. And the first thing I'll do is click where I want the link to appear. This gives me a text box. I'll type the full URL that I want to link to. And I'll change the default color to something we can read. There we go http://. And remember, this URL needs to start with http or https to be recognized as the link. When I deselect the text box by clicking it anywhere else on the canvas, you can see then align appeared under the URL, indicating that it's now a link.

So here in Edit mode if I click on it, it just lets me edit the text. But if I go into Present mode and click on it here, It seems like nothing happened. If I jump out of full screen mode, clicking the x, so we can see that the page opened in another window on top of our Prezi window. We just couldn't see it because we were in full screen. And I clicked it twice so it did open twice. So this is a little bit awkward since you don't really get any indication that the link has been opened when you're in full screen mode.

So if people are interacting with your Prezi when it's embedded in a webpage, your link will work as expected. But keep in mind, if they're watching in full screen, they may not see your link until they exit full screen mode. I'll close these windows and hop back to our editor. Zoom back out here. So I've shown you the simple and easy way to add links to your Prezi, but as we scroll back in here, you can see that this link is kind of long and ugly. What if you want to add a link to regular text or to an image? Right now that's not supported in the Prezi editor. There is a hack for this though. You can create a PDF with a link embedded in it and then place that PDF into your Prezi and the link will work.

While creating a link in a PDF is out of scope of this course, there are a couple of courses in the lynda.com library that show you how to do this. InDesign CS6: Interactive Documents and Acrobat X Essential Training, both cover it. I have created a PDF with our link embedded in it to demonstrate how it works. This file is included in the free exercise files for this course if you like to follow along. So to load that PDF, we can use the keyboard shortcut L. Or go up to the Insert menu, and this brings up our dialogue box and we can choose a PDF.

And its NOIcom.pdf. I'll click on it and click to open, and it takes a moment to process it, and here it is. Now I can place it where I want it to go, somewhere in here About like that. I'll nudge it over with my keyboard, and now I can click on this link. I'm going to click off onto the canvass. And if I click on this link it works. It links right to my website. And if I close this, we're back in the Prezi editor.

Editing these is a little awkward though. Say I just wanted to resize this image. If I click on it to select it, the link is going to open up. So the best way to select this so I can get to that Context menu, is hold down Cmd+Shift, or Ctrl+Shift on a PC, come out here and drag a Marquee over the thing that I want to select. Now I have the Transformation menu here and I can make changes. So I'll make it a little bit smaller, and a little bigger, there.

Or I can delete it. I can also move it around and get it just right. Now this PDF hack may not be required in future versions, since adding links to text and images is a highly requested feature. Well, that gives you an overview of adding web links to your Prezis, adding even more interactivity to your presentations.

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