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Using Blackboard Mobile Learn

Using Blackboard Mobile Learn provides you with in-depth training on Education + Elearning. Taught b… Show More

Blackboard Essential Training

with Patrick Crispen

Video: Using Blackboard Mobile Learn

Using Blackboard Mobile Learn provides you with in-depth training on Education + Elearning. Taught by Patrick Crispen as part of the Blackboard Essential Training
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  1. 8m 1s
    1. Welcome
    2. Using the exercise files
    3. What is an LMS?
      4m 12s
    4. Understanding Blackboard 9.1 versions and campus customizations
      2m 27s
  2. 24m 42s
    1. Logging in to Blackboard
      2m 9s
    2. Accessing your course and uploading files
      5m 10s
    3. Creating announcements
      3m 41s
    4. Sending emails
      4m 59s
    5. Viewing your roster
      3m 9s
    6. Downloading the Grade Center
      2m 52s
    7. Setting course availability
      2m 42s
  3. 22m 43s
    1. Navigating Blackboard
      4m 12s
    2. Customizing Blackboard
      3m 29s
    3. Understanding the course layout and breadcrumbs
      4m 37s
    4. Exploring course-to-course navigation
      2m 21s
    5. Toggling the edit mode
      1m 35s
    6. Hiding and unhiding the course menu
      1m 36s
    7. Touring course management
      4m 53s
  4. 22m 7s
    1. Renaming, reorganizing, and deleting
      4m 54s
    2. Adding new menu items
      4m 36s
    3. Managing tools
      2m 31s
    4. Using course themes
      2m 57s
    5. Looking at course structures and the Quick Setup Guide
      7m 9s
  5. 11m 51s
    1. Viewing the course roster
      4m 2s
    2. Enrolling students and others
      5m 10s
    3. The pitfalls of unenrolling
      2m 39s
  6. 56m 30s
    1. Organizing content into folders or structures
      4m 34s
    2. Attaching files
      9m 29s
    3. Using the content editor
      5m 31s
    4. Inserting a multimedia file
      7m 49s
    5. Recording webcam videos with Video Everywhere
      7m 47s
    6. Linking to an external web resource
      5m 22s
    7. Linking to an internal course file
      3m 0s
    8. Making content available to students
      5m 39s
    9. Copying and moving content
      7m 19s
  7. 25m 43s
    1. Exploring how students view course grades
      3m 52s
    2. Optimizing the Grade Center
      2m 17s
    3. Changing the default letter-grading schema
      5m 29s
    4. Creating score columns
      6m 41s
    5. Entering grades
      5m 5s
    6. Viewing grade histories
      2m 19s
  8. 39m 26s
    1. Color coding the Grade Center
      3m 54s
    2. Adding columns to the Grade Center
      2m 54s
    3. Managing columns in the Grade Center
      4m 57s
    4. Creating grading periods
      5m 54s
    5. Creating categories
      3m 32s
    6. Dropping scores in the Grade Center
      5m 26s
    7. Weighting grades in the Grade Center
      3m 38s
    8. Downloading grades and editing in Excel
      4m 12s
    9. Uploading student grades
      1m 22s
    10. Changing grades
      3m 37s
  9. 18m 46s
    1. Creating assignments
      8m 23s
    2. Downloading assignments
      3m 43s
    3. Inline grading
      6m 40s
  10. 49m 18s
    1. Best practices for using online assessments
      2m 51s
    2. Creating an empty test
      4m 0s
    3. Choosing the question settings
      5m 55s
    4. Creating multiple choice questions
      8m 0s
    5. Creating true/false questions
      4m 4s
    6. Creating essay or short answer questions
      5m 11s
    7. Creating fill-in-the-blank questions
      7m 23s
    8. Creating opinion scale/Likert questions
      6m 19s
    9. Reusing questions
      5m 35s
  11. 36m 54s
    1. Setting test availability and deploying the test
      10m 27s
    2. Assisting students with common testing obstacles
      5m 47s
    3. Creating mobile compatible tests
      5m 43s
    4. Viewing the student results and question item analysis
      5m 58s
    5. Regrading tests
      4m 2s
    6. Reviewing the differences between surveys and tests
      4m 57s
  12. 18m 3s
    1. Sending emails
      5m 50s
    2. Creating announcements
      4m 21s
    3. Using the Course Calendar
      7m 52s
  13. 24m 5s
    1. Creating discussion forums and threads
      9m 23s
    2. Facilitating discussions
      7m 18s
    3. Moderating forums
      2m 40s
    4. Rating posts
      1m 57s
    5. Grading discussions
      2m 47s
  14. 13m 34s
    1. Creating groups
      9m 15s
    2. Creating group assignments and assigning grades
      4m 19s
  15. 8m 17s
    1. Using Blackboard Mobile Learn
      6m 53s
    2. Next steps
      1m 24s

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Using Blackboard Mobile Learn
Video Duration: 6m 53s 6h 20m Beginner


Using Blackboard Mobile Learn provides you with in-depth training on Education + Elearning. Taught by Patrick Crispen as part of the Blackboard Essential Training

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Get the Blackboard training you need to quickly enroll students and start creating assignments. Patrick Crispen shows teachers how to customize their course sites, manage users, and add and organize course content, including multimedia and online assessments. He also shows how to enter scores, create grading periods, and more in the Grade Center. Plus, learn how to communicate with students and encourage participation and collaboration on forums and between groups. Existing users will also appreciate the last-minute guide to working with the latest version of the program, Blackboard 9.1 service pack 13, in seven easy steps.

Topics include:
  • Accessing a course
  • Creating announcements
  • Viewing the roster
  • Working with modules
  • Adding new menu items
  • Enrolling students and others
  • Making content available to students
  • Entering grades
  • Downloading and editing grades in Excel
  • Creating assignments and collecting papers
  • Creating online tests
  • Adding discussion forums and groups
Education + Elearning

Using Blackboard Mobile Learn

A few times throughout this title I've referred to something called Blackboard Mobile Learn, and I even promised to show it to you. I guess I should keep that promise. There is an option that comes built into Blackboard, but that some schools choose not to turn on, called the Blackboard Mobile Web Services Building Block. If your institution chooses to enable that tool, you and your students have the option of downloading and installing a Blackboard Mobile Learn app on your Android devices, BlackBerry smartphone devices, HP WebOS devices.

As well as on Apple's iPhone, iPod Touch and as you can see here, the iPad. What you need to do is search your device's app store for Blackboard Mobile Learn. The app is free but it requires a license. The license is either $1.99 per year, or $5.99 for life, and some institutions choose to prepay that license for you. So, let's take a look at how this app works. I've got my iPad open. I've put this in my Education folder.

And the first thing I need to do is I need to search for my school. So I type, and I'm going to type, and it appears there on the right, so I click on it and now I'm ready to log in. I'm going to log in as Jayden Brown, that's that student we've been using throughout this title. So jabrown, his password, and log in. And what this shows is the courses that Jayden is enrolled in as a student, or if he's teaching, the courses that he's teaching.

The thing I want to point out is that Blackboard Mobile Learn is very skew morphic. It's going to look different from device to device, but the same concepts are going to work. So, let's get into this class. We've throughout this title been creating a class. I want to go into the Content folder. And there's my Unit 1, there's my Unit 2, there's my Unit 3. Let's get into Unit 1. Let's see what this looks like. And I've got links to Practical Implications, a Results Chapter, Lipsum. These are all the things that we've been creating throughout this title.

If I click on Practical Implications, it gives me the text that I wrote, but it doesn't actually show me the PowerPoint presentation. If I click on View in Browser, what this does is it actually goes and opens up my web browser and shows it to me. I can actually expand this further and it logs me into Blackboard and I'm seeing Blackboard as if I were sitting in front of a real computer and not just a tablet. And then of course, I can click on the Cognitive Art PowerPoint presentation. Let me close that, I can close that as well.

So again, it's really the students are on the road, doing whatever they want. I'm going to scroll down and click on Assignments. Now, we've got the Instructional Design Paper. Click on View in Browser. It's going to take a second to load, but this actually loads to page. I can see that I've submitted my paper. If my instructor has turned in my grades, I can see my grades there as well. Let me close that. I also want to show you the Mobile Compatible Test that we created. I think this is a really neat design. If I click on the Mobile Test it actually opens up my test.

Now remember we kind of had a funny little test and some really strange questions. Two questions I think were what is the answer? It shows me a blue book and I'm now ready to take my test so what I've got to do is I've got to break this elastic band by clicking my finger and dragging up and now I am ready to take the test. And, it's going to show me the first question, what's the answer, and I'm going to say the answer is B. And, if I want to, I can bookmark this and say no, I think I want to come back and check on that later.

I can scroll to the next, I can say, oops no, C. I can scroll back if I wanted to. So I'm kind of scrolling left and right and when I'm done, I click it. But wait a minute and this is actually hard to see. And we might have to kind of read this out loud to you. But it says, I pledge that I have neither received nor given unauthorized assistance during the completion of this work. And the students actually have to use their fingers and sign it and then click on Submit Exam.

And now the exam has been submitted. Remember I can allow the students to take the text over and over again when I set it and he can keep going on. I'm going to click on Back. The great thing about mobile tests, I think, are that if you think about the possibilities of students taking low stakes tests while they commute to and from campus, wait in line, hang out at lunch. Mobile compatible tests have the potential to be significant teaching and learning tools.

Again for low stakes tests, I'd never use Blackboard for high stakes tests. Let me also show you something else. I'm going to go here and we're going to get into the Student Tool panel. I'm going to scroll down and click on My Grades. And Jayden has a way to see his grades on every assignment on his mobile device wherever he is. I think that's just really helpful. There are a couple other things you could do. You can kind of slide things off the page and keep them. In fact, that's what I did here. I kind of slid it down but the grades will open back up.

I can close it if I want to. So, I can open up something and say let's see my grades. Yeah let's go put this over here for now or drag it and put it over here. So, I have the ability to move things around but I want to show you that I've got a dashboard showing me what else is new in my course, and that's also the other really cool feature of this. Blackboard Mobile Learn features push notifications. By default, unless your institution changes this setting or you've modified it in Notifications dashboard on the My Institution tab, students can receive immediate notifications on their mobile devices for new announcements, new graded items, a test being posted, really a whole bunch of course activities.

Now, I think that's really, really helpful. When the students actually are on their iPhone or iPad, they'll see a little pop-up window saying a test has been posted or a class has been canceled. That I think is the killer part of this. Please remember not all institutions have enabled Blackboard Mobile Learn, so check with your institution to see if it's available and if not, see if they have plans to enable it soon. Oh, and I'll let you in on a secret. You don't actually need a special app to access Blackboard on a smartphone or a tablet. Just use your web browser. It's built into the phone. Well, our journey is almost at an end.

I have one more thing to show you, where to go for more help and information. And we'll do that in our next and final movie.

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