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Learn AutoCAD, the industry-leading computer-aided design (CAD) software, with our expert-led training. Our AutoCAD tutorials show you how to create 3D designs, share and collaborate on your layouts with colleagues and clients, and make blueprints to transition your projects from concept to construction.
Richard Downs

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Architecture. Engineering. Industrial design. What do all these disciplines have in common? They use AutoCAD, the computer-aided design (CAD) tool from Autodesk. Learn how to create complete drawings, work with references, collaborate effectively with clients and colleagues, and much more.

Learn how to use AutoCAD 2014

Create basic geometry in AutoCAD 2014

Author Jeff Bartels covers the particulars of creating basic geometry in AutoCAD 2014, including assigning imperial or metric units of measurement, using object snaps to control accuracy, and drawing and transforming basic lines and shapes.

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  • view course page for AutoCAD 2010 New Features

    AutoCAD 2010 New Features with Jeff Bartels

    Highlights the cutting-edge tools that can make any designer more productive and creative in AutoCAD.

    2h 5m

  • view course page for AutoCAD 2010 Essential Training

    Introduces the AutoCAD 2010 application and covers several of its major features, equipping viewers with the tools to produce, annotate, and plot designs.

    6h 51m

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