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Android SDK Essential Training

with David Gassner

Video: Welcome

Everything you need to know to get started building Android apps with Google's Android SDK and Developer Tools.
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  1. 6m 53s
    1. Welcome
      1m 0s
    2. What you need to know before starting this course
      3m 30s
    3. Using the exercise files
      2m 23s
  2. 13m 10s
    1. Exploring the history of Android
      5m 29s
    2. Understanding Android app architecture
      7m 41s
  3. 38m 55s
    1. Installing the Android SDK bundle
      3m 48s
    2. A brief tour of Eclipse with the ADT plugin
      2m 47s
    3. Installing SDK platforms and other packages
      3m 44s
    4. Creating virtual devices for testing
      5m 12s
    5. Speeding up virtual devices with Intel HAXM
      6m 24s
    6. Installing Android device drivers on Windows
      2m 37s
    7. Preparing an Android device for testing
      2m 49s
    8. Creating your first app
      7m 44s
    9. Exploring the Android command line tools
      3m 50s
  4. 19m 49s
    1. Exploring the structure of an Android project
      8m 52s
    2. Exploring the app manifest file
      7m 47s
    3. Using the documentation
      3m 10s
  5. 46m 40s
    1. Loading layout XML files at runtime
      7m 30s
    2. Designing screens with ViewGroup and View classes
      2m 41s
    3. Understanding units of measurement
      7m 52s
    4. Laying out screens with LinearLayout
      8m 4s
    5. Laying out screens with RelativeLayout
      7m 54s
    6. Adding views to a view group with Java code
      7m 18s
    7. Displaying an image resource with ImageView
      5m 21s
  6. 22m 46s
    1. Debugging Java code with logcat
      8m 2s
    2. Displaying messages onscreen with Toast
      5m 1s
    3. Using breakpoints and watching variables
      5m 22s
    4. Using the DDMS perspective
      4m 21s
  7. 36m 20s
    1. Creating new activities and layouts
      6m 51s
    2. Using explicit intents to start new activities
      5m 48s
    3. Finishing and returning from a secondary activity
      5m 53s
    4. Understanding the activity life cycle
      5m 39s
    5. Tracing state changes with logcat
      5m 2s
    6. Opening activities with implicit intents
      7m 7s
  8. 21m 9s
    1. Dealing with Android market fragmentation
      4m 33s
    2. Creating drawable resources for multiple screens
      5m 25s
    3. Creating stretchable 9-patch graphics
      7m 1s
    4. Creating a custom launcher icon
      4m 10s
  9. 19m 17s
    1. Defining and using styles
      5m 1s
    2. Applying application themes
      2m 57s
    3. Creating a scrollable text display
      3m 1s
    4. Laying out a screen with fragments
      8m 18s
  10. 22m 35s
    1. Handling user events with Java code
      7m 1s
    2. Creating a BroadcastReceiver to handle system events
      9m 28s
    3. Handling orientation and other configuration changes
      6m 6s
  11. 17m 31s
    1. Adding items to the options menu
      8m 57s
    2. Displaying menu items in the action bar
      3m 53s
    3. Managing the action bar and menus at runtime
      4m 41s
  12. 42m 6s
    1. Passing data to an activity with intent extras
      5m 56s
    2. Receiving data in a new activity
      6m 16s
    3. Returning data to a calling activity
      9m 9s
    4. Displaying data in a list
      5m 47s
    5. Handling list item click events
      3m 50s
    6. Customizing the list item
      10m 21s
    7. Exploring other uses of data
  13. 3m 26s
    1. Next steps
      3m 26s

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Android SDK Essential Training
Video Duration: 0s 5h 10m Beginner


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David Gassner describes everything you need to know to get started building Android apps with Google's Android SDK and Developer Tools. Starting with a brief look at Android's history, the course takes you through installing the ADT Bundle with the Eclipse IDE, preparing your devices (both real and virtual) for testing, and creating your first Android project. Then learn how to lay out screens and manage an app's flow with intents and activities, define the user interface and navigation, and make your app interactive. David also concentrates on making sure your app is responsive, can adapt to multiple screen sizes, and store and display data.

Topics include:
  • Understanding the Android Developer Tools bundle
  • Installing the ADT bundle with Eclipse
  • Creating virtual devices for testing
  • Designing and laying out screens
  • Displaying images
  • Debugging your code
  • Creating new activities and layouts
  • Supporting multiple screens
  • Defining and using UI styles
  • Handling user events
  • Working with menus and the action bar
  • Displaying data in a list


My name is David Gassner and this is Android SDK Essential Training. In this course, I'll show you how to get started developing apps for Android devices. After a brief look at the history of Android, I'll show you how to install the SDK and the Android developer tools with Eclipse on your computer. And how to prepare virtual and physical devices for testing. Then I'll describe how to create brand new Android projects, how to add screens, and how to define user interfaces in layout files.

I'll show you how to make an app interactive with widgets, lists and other visual components, and how to present lists of data and images. I hope this course helps you get started building apps for the ever-expanding world of Android, the operating system, the application framework, and Android mobile devices.

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