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Up and Running with Adobe Reports and Analytics

with David Booth

Video: Welcome

Get up and running with Adobe Analytics fast and start analyzing the performance of your web properties and marketing campaigns.
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  1. 3m 25s
    1. Welcome
      1m 14s
    2. Getting the most out of this course
      2m 11s
  2. 16m 0s
    1. Why use analytics?
      2m 58s
    2. Knowing your business objectives and key performance indicators (KPIs)
      3m 55s
    3. Understanding the Adobe Marketing Cloud and how Adobe Analytics fits in
      2m 9s
    4. Understanding where data comes from
      3m 47s
    5. Using report suites
      3m 11s
  3. 23m 38s
    1. Understanding your data
      5m 14s
    2. Traffic variables, success events, and conversion variables
      4m 37s
    3. Learning the user interface
      6m 34s
    4. Using graph types
      7m 13s
  4. 25m 58s
    1. Using Site Metrics reports
      5m 29s
    2. Using Site Content reports
      4m 15s
    3. Using dashboards
      2m 28s
    4. Leveraging bookmarks
      3m 51s
    5. Understanding reportlets
      2m 50s
    6. Building and sharing dashboards
      7m 5s
  5. 21m 52s
    1. Using custom segments
      5m 20s
    2. Creating calculated metrics
      4m 12s
    3. Setting targets, alerts, and calendar events
      3m 44s
    4. Exporting data and scheduling reports
      5m 17s
    5. Using breakdowns
      3m 19s
  6. 34m 43s
    1. Using Mobile and Video reports
      3m 9s
    2. Using Paths reports
      6m 34s
    3. Using Traffic Sources reports
      4m 31s
    4. Using Visitor Retention reports
      4m 0s
    5. Using Visitor Profile and GeoSegmentation reports
      4m 41s
    6. Using Custom Conversion and Custom Traffic reports
      4m 30s
    7. Using ecommerce-related reports
      4m 31s
    8. Using Real-Time reports
      2m 47s
  7. 13m 49s
    1. Learning how campaign tracking works
      3m 42s
    2. Using the Campaigns reports
      2m 52s
    3. Understanding First Touch and Last Touch attribution
      3m 26s
    4. Using Marketing Channels reports
      3m 49s
  8. 18m 29s
    1. Understanding Report Builder
      3m 39s
    2. Installing and logging into the Report Builder
      2m 22s
    3. Using the Request Wizard
      8m 24s
    4. Leveraging additional Report Builder features
      4m 4s
  9. 53s
    1. Next steps

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Up and Running with Adobe Reports and Analytics
Video duration: 0s 2h 38m Beginner


Adobe Analytics is a powerful analytics package for measuring the performance of websites and marketing campaigns, and this course will help you quickly put it to work for you. Starting with a brief overview of key concepts, analytics expert David Booth explores the reports, dashboards, and tools of Adobe Analytics, and shows how to set up and track campaigns and how to best leverage Report Builder. He'll also show how to create and interpret mobile, video, path, visitor profile, retention, and other popular reports, and use the powerful custom segments and calculated metrics features.

Topics include:
  • Understanding conversion and traffic variables
  • Using metric and item-level reports
  • Building and sharing dashboards
  • Creating and using calculated metrics
  • Setting targets and alerts
  • Working with ecommerce reports
  • Tracking campaigns and leveraging marketing attribution
  • Getting data into Excel with Report Builder


Hi, I'm Dave Booth, and this is Up and Running with Adobe Reports and Analytics. As one of the most prevalent analytics tools across the enterprise, Adobe Analytics, and the larger marketing cloud, provide a powerful tool set to drive, analyze, and take action across your digital footprint. Reports and analytics is the focus of this course. And this is where you'll likely be spending a lot of time, doing analysis on the pages of your web properties or the performance of your marketing campaigns.

We'll look at the various types of reports and user interface features, some best practices around visualizing and sharing all this data with decision makers, and even additional functionality like custom segments. Calculated metrics and more that can help you dive even deeper into the data. We'll walk through many of the key reports, highlighting specific areas where the reports can help you make better decisions around your business goals. And we'll even take look at Report Builder, a tool that can bring all this great data into Microsoft Excel for further analysis and reporting.

So get ready, and after finishing this course, you'll be up and running with Adobe Reports and Analytics.

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