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Zoom & Rotate Blur


Learning Analog Efex Pro

with Tim Grey

Video: Zoom & Rotate Blur

Zoom & Rotate Blur provides you with in-depth training on Photography. Taught by Tim Grey as part of the Learning Analog Efex Pro
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Watch the Online Video Course Learning Analog Efex Pro
Video Duration: 4m 59s1h 5m Intermediate May 20, 2014

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Analog Efex Pro, part of the Nik Collection from Google, is focused on adding various film and wet plate effects, enabling you to import a sense of age and a unique look to any digital photo. In this course you'll learn all about the many creative effects you can apply in Analog Efex Pro, such as lens distortion, vignettes, bokeh, and imitated dust and scratches.

Analog Efex Pro
Tim Grey

Zoom & Rotate Blur

If you select one of the toy camera presets, in Analog Efex Pro, you'll have access to the zoom and rotate blur setup controls. You can also gain access to these controls, by choosing the camera kit option, from the pop up in the camera section of the left panel. And then turning on the zoom and rotate blur effect. In this case though, I've applied a toy camera effect to the image. But to help see the effect. Effect of that zoom and rotate blur effect a little more clearly.

I'm going to turn off most of the other adjustment controls. And so I'll turn off the check box for the Lens Distortion, Lens Vignette and Film Type sections. You'll notice that based on the basic adjustments, I've still desaturated this photo. To a black and white interpretation, and that's really, in this case, aimed at being able to better see the effect of that zoom and rotate blur effect. I am going to reset that set of controls by clicking the Reset button associated with the zoom and rotate blur section.

And then I'll expand that section of controls, so that we can take a look at the various options that are available here. And they are actually a rather small set of controls. We have a protect center option, a zoom strength option, and a rotate strength option. This is sort of similar to an effect you might achieve. By zooming during a capture, or rotating the camera during the capture. But really, in this case, the zoom and rotate blur effect, is aimed more at mimicking the effect of a relatively inexpensive lens, and that is particularly underscored by the fact that we're really focusing this adjustment, generally speaking, on the edges of the photo.

I'll start off by increasing the value for zoom strength. And as I do so, you'll notice that we see an indication of the area being protected, as well as the area of transition. And, of course, in this case, the area being protected is rather small. The transition is relatively large. The net result is that the whole image essentially looks like we have this very strong zoom effect, almost like we were zooming in during the exposure. We can also apply a rotation effect, if I drag to the right, I'm essentially rotating in a counter clockwise motion, or rotating the image itself in a clockwise motion, and I can rotate in the opposite direction as well.

So, essentially creating this swirl type of effect. And you can see once again, because the area being protected is relatively small, I'm seeing the effect essentially over the entire image. But the key here is that we can protect the center of the image, so that we're creating less of a zoom and rotate effect, than a little bit more of an inexpensive lens type of effect. So, I'll get started by clicking and dragging the protect center slider, and you'll see that now the area being protected, is enlarged, and so, I'm protecting, in this case, most of the image, applying that blurring effect just toward the outer edges of the image, in this case, both a zoom and rotation blur.

I can also move the area being protected. So, in this case, if I wanted to protect the shoe, for example, but have the rest of the image appear blurred in both a zoom and rotational way, in this particular case, I can focus the protection area on the shoe itself. I can also change the size of that transition. So I'll go ahead and click and drag that border inward. And you can see that I'm able to compress the transition between the area that's being protected, and the area that's receiving the blur.

And I can even rotate the effect, in this case because I've applied such a strong blur we're not going to see much of an impact from that rotation, but I can click the handles and drag to rotate that blur effect, so that I'm focusing it on particular areas of the photo. Or orienting that blur effect in a particular direction, for example. And then if I drag the inner circle, I can adjust the size of the area being protected. So, for example, I might reduce the size of the area being protected.

Maybe increase the size of the transition area just a little bit. I could play around with rotating the effect a little bit if I'd like. I might tone down the rotational aspect here just a little bit, maybe increase the zoom strength just a little bit, so that we get a bit more dramatic, dynamic type of effect, within the photo. But as you can see, the effect really is aimed a little bit more at creating distortion, that mimics an inexpensive lens. Rather than a photographic technique.

But with those relatively small set of controls, including the controls that appear on the image itself, we're able to adjust the location within the image, where the zoom and rotate blur effect is taking effect, as well as the strength of both the zoom and rotation controls, independent of each other.

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