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Up and Running with Magic Bullet Suite

with Chad Perkins

Video: The Magic Bullet (MB) Suite

Create significantly more professional footage with tools that do everything from removing noise to performing high-end color grading.
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  1. 3m 43s
    1. The Magic Bullet (MB) Suite
      1m 58s
    2. Using the exercise files
      1m 45s
  2. 32m 9s
    1. About the Looks host applications
      1m 33s
    2. Understanding the MB Looks workflow
      4m 0s
    3. Using Looks presets
      5m 9s
    4. Previewing before and after
      2m 34s
    5. Tweaking Looks presets
      4m 1s
    6. Saving custom looks
      2m 23s
    7. Creating a power mask
      2m 58s
    8. Utilizing the scopes
      9m 31s
  3. 40m 20s
    1. Using the Subject tools
      10m 49s
    2. Using the Matte tools
      9m 46s
    3. Using the Lens tools
      7m 42s
    4. Using the Camera tools
      5m 9s
    5. Using the Post tools
      6m 54s
  4. 15m 1s
    1. Performing basic color correction
      6m 41s
    2. Shifting specific colors
      5m 47s
    3. Creating a miniature effect
      2m 33s
  5. 6m 27s
    1. What are the MisFire plugins?
      1m 35s
    2. Creating the look of destroyed film
      4m 52s
  6. 44m 50s
    1. About Colorista II
      3m 59s
    2. Making basic corrections
      7m 0s
    3. Doing secondary color corrections
      6m 20s
    4. Isolating secondary corrections
      7m 36s
    5. Keying colors
      10m 18s
    6. Using the Levels histogram
      3m 6s
    7. Using the master controls
      6m 31s
  7. 13m 26s
    1. About Denoiser
      2m 51s
    2. Customizing noise reduction
      10m 35s
  8. 11m 43s
    1. About Cosmo
      2m 43s
    2. Customizing Cosmo
      9m 0s
  9. 13m 10s
    1. About Mojo
      4m 1s
    2. Customizing Mojo
      9m 9s
  10. 14m 40s
    1. Using MB Grinder
      4m 52s
    2. Using MB PhotoLooks
      2m 52s
    3. Using MB Instant HD
      4m 6s
    4. Using MB Frames
      2m 50s
  11. 2m 9s
    1. Following Stu Maschwitz
      1m 10s
    2. Goodbye

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Up and Running with Magic Bullet Suite
Video duration: 0s 3h 17m Appropriate for all


Are you seeing a gap between your video and the quality of professional productions? Magic Bullet Suite is a collection of high-end plugins that help create significantly more professional footage with tools that do everything from removing noise to performing high-end color grading. In this course, Chad Perkins explains what apps are available in the suite and what they do, and introduces the basic features and workflow of each plugin, with emphasis on the best-selling plugin Magic Bullet Looks and the extremely powerful color grading tool Colorista II.

Topics include:
  • Integrating with After Effects and Premiere Pro
  • Getting common Hollywood styles with Magic Bullet Looks
  • Tweaking Looks presets
  • Creating a Power Mask
  • Using the Looks toolset
  • Performing basic color correction
  • Creating a miniature effect
  • Performing powerful secondary color correction with Colorista II
  • Adjusting skin tones with Cosmo
  • Using Denoiser to salvage (and beautify) noisy footage
After Effects Magic Bullet Suite

The Magic Bullet (MB) Suite

(music playing) Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to this training series on the Magic Bullet Suite by Red Giant Software. My name is Chad Perkins and throughout this training series, I'll be showing you how to create more stunning video using the massive arsenal of tools in the Magic Bullet Suite. We live in an era where almost everyone has a camera, so in order for your footage to stick out, it's got to look good. And that's exactly what the Magic Bullet Suite helps you to accomplish. First up we'll look at the power house in the suite, Magic Bullet Looks.

Looks is a huge collection of presets, color correction tools. And also special effects, that you can use to beautify and polish your footage. We'll wrap up our look at Looks by looking at practical applications including how to color correct a clip from start to finish. Next we'll look at the very powerful Colorista 2. We'll use Colorista to do basic color correction as well as more advanced colored grades. And we'll also be using its powerful keying functionality to turn a beautiful spring afternoon into a dreary winter morning.

After that will take an in-depth look at how to remove noise with Denoiser. We'll use Cosmo to smooth out skin tones and make them more beautiful. We'll look at Mojo to quickly add that cinematic blockbuster look to footage. And we'll wrap up by looking at transcoding footage with Grinder, using photo looks on still images in PhotoShop, and more. Note that for this training I'll be sticking to Adobe After Effects, but you can follow along in your host application of choice such as Premiere, Final Cut Pro, or for looks you can use Vegas or Avid, etc, etc.

I really love Red Giant software as a company, and this suite of products is one of the most popular and powerful plugins out there and you're going to see why. This is going to be a fun one folks. So let's jump in and learn the ins and outs of the Magic Bullet Suite.

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