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Premiere Pro and After Effects: Enhancing Production Value

with Chris Meyer

Video: Welcome

Learn how to get great video from mediocre footage, using compositing, color balancing, and artificial lighting (and relighting) techniques in Premiere Pro and After Effects.
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Premiere Pro and After Effects: Enhancing Production Value
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Have you ever been handed substandard footage and have a client expect you to spin this straw into gold? In this course, motion graphics veteran and After Effects expert Chris Meyer shares his favorite tricks to take boring footage and create a more professional, compelling result. Most of these tricks can be performed inside Adobe Premiere Pro without the need for third-party effects. Some techniques also use After Effects, taking advantage of Dynamic Link, which makes the changes appear directly in your Premiere Pro timeline. The results add polish and production value—without missing deadlines or blowing the budget.

This course was created and produced by Chris and Trish Meyer. We are honored to host this content in our library.

Topics include:
  • Compositing footage shot on black
  • Tinting and color-balancing footage to change its mood and unify multiple clips
  • Adding a filmic glow
  • Introducing artificial lighting to add mystery and interest to a scene
  • Relighting existing footage
  • Using the Warp Stabilizer and Rolling Shutter Repair to smooth out wobbly shots
After Effects Premiere Pro


Hi. I'm Chris Meyer of Chris Design and I don't know about you but sometimes our clients provide us with footage that's less than inspiring. Maybe there wasn't budget or time to do creative lighting on set, maybe all they could do was go for B roll if it's from the local news station or maybe an old tape library. Maybe the owner hired his nephew, he's just learning the ropes and playing with is brand new camera.

Regardless, it often falls on us to spin our client's straw into gold. Oh, and speaking of gold, there's no budget for a reshoot or fancy plug-ins or a good color grading session. So what do you do? Well in our case we've developed a set of techniques to increase the production value of otherwise uninspiring footage. Now I'd like to share those techniques with you in this course. We'll start by learning more about blending mods which are the secret to many of these techniques. I'll show you how to apply them in both Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects and explain the modes by groups so that you can grab the right mode much more quickly.

From there, I'll show you how to composite both real and software generated lens flares, pyrotechnics, and other lighting techniques over existing footage, in a far more creative and flexible way than just relying on a luma key. Then I'll show you a nice trick to do quick white balancing to remove color tints from shots. And then how to add color tinting using blending modes. Including how to unify a series of shots with different color looks. And how to use variable mask feathering to apply corrections over very selected portions of your shots. Then I'll move on to the filmic glow treatment, one of my favorite tricks.

It expands highlights, softens shadows and overall, adds a bit of romance to almost any piece of video footage. Next, we'll explore how to add animated lighting effects to already shot scenes that make you look like you absolutely blew the budget on set lighting, but in reality, you're just applying some additional tricks in post. And then I'll show you how to relight footage after the fact, including adding specular hot spots and changing the viewers focal point by selectively brightening and darkening different parts of the frame. We'll conclude, by correcting some common problems with the footage, including repairing, rolling shutter jello cam artifacts.

And also, how to smooth out jerky, handheld camera moves. Including those, that might initially resist correction. Most of these techniques can be performed, directly inside Adobe Premiere Pro. Some of them require you to, dynamically go over After Effects, which is a deeper tool set. But again, they're mostly pretty simple to execute. So, with that, lets get started with the basics of mastering blending modes. And we'll go on from there.

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