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Building the vine transition

From: Mograph Techniques: Modeling and Animating with C4D Cloners

Video: Building the vine transition

If we scrub through our animation, you can see we have this initial build.

Building the vine transition

If we scrub through our animation, you can see we have this initial build. And then the spin, and the move through this vortex. And what I want to do is create a transition right here at this point, with our vine elements. I'd like the vines, kind of grow out of the center of our spinning vortex here. Now, I want to have control of this separately from our vortex elements. So it's a good thing that our vines are on a separate layer. But when we render later, we're actually going to render these two different layers separately.

That way in after effects we can adjust the timings a little bit later. So, let's focus on our vine's element. Now, right now I can't see anything inside of my viewer here. So I'm going to go to my layers panel, and just enable the visibility and the render of my line elements. So, as we scrub through here you can see nothings happening with my vine. So, let's select our sweet nerves element, and go to it's attributes. Notice we have an option for end growth. If I scrub that, you can see this is what's causing our lines to actually grow out.

Now, I could also adjust the start growth, which is happening here. So I think what I want to do is adjust both separately. But before I do that, I need to flip this around so it's facing our camera. So in order to do that, I'm going to select my vine's top most element, and go to the Transform options here. And if I scrub on the pitch, I can scrub it around to about 180 degrees. And now, if we go back to our sweet nerves element, we can look at what happens when we adjust our end growth.

Here it's kind of shooting out, and then we could also adjust our start growth and have those elements disappear off the page. So, this is exactly the look that I'm going for. And I'm not necessarily going to worry about the timing between this and the background flower element. Because like I said, we're going to adjust that a little bit later inside of after effects. So let's just turn off the visibility for a flower element. And I'll turn it off for its rendering as well. And let's move our end growth down a little bit, to 0%.

Now roughly at frame 22 is where we want to start this end growth key frame. I'll go ahead and Ctrl + click on the key frame button. And let's move about 10 frames down to 32. And then we'll animate our end growth up to 100%, and add a key frame. Now, we'll have this element stay on the page for a couple frames. Let's slide on down to frame 40 here. And then we can keyframe our start growth. Just Ctrl + click. And, we'll move another another 10 frames down to about frame 50.

And animate our start growth to be at 100%. And again, Ctrl + click. So now if I just play my animation here, you can see, I've got this element that kind of bursts out, then disappears out of the scene. Now I know the camera move is starting this spinning on this element, but that's perfectly fine based on what we're going to be creating a little bit later. So, we've created our vine transition. And like I said at the beginning, since it's actually on a separate layer, we'll be able to control the appearance of this element a little bit more later, when we jump into after effects.

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