After Effects Guru: Color Grading Footage
Illustration by Richard Downs

After Effects Guru: Color Grading Footage

with Richard Harrington

Video: Welcome

Hi, my name's Rich Harrington, and welcome to this course,
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  1. 6m 29s
    1. Welcome
    2. How to use the exercise files
    3. Moving from Final Cut Pro X to After Effects
      2m 29s
    4. Moving from Adobe Premiere Pro to After Effects
      2m 50s
  2. 10m 13s
    1. Evaluating the shot
      1m 46s
    2. Fixing white balance
      2m 51s
    3. Fixing exposure and tone
      1m 46s
    4. Adjusting color
      1m 25s
    5. Applying enhancements
      2m 25s
  3. 16m 5s
    1. Using adjustment layers
      3m 2s
    2. Applying LUTs
      2m 35s
    3. Saving presets
      2m 23s
    4. Strategies for tough white-balance issues
      6m 17s
    5. Comparing effects
      1m 48s
  4. 14m 14s
    1. Fixing exposure with levels
      2m 48s
    2. Fixing exposure and tone with curves
      3m 15s
    3. The use of auto adjustments to fix exposure and tone
      2m 41s
    4. The Shadow/Highlights command
      2m 23s
    5. Using the Black & White effect for contrast
      1m 30s
    6. Using the Equalize command
      1m 37s
  5. 12m 41s
    1. Fixing color casts with individual levels
      2m 46s
    2. Using the Color Stabilizer effect
      2m 51s
    3. Adding vibrance
      5m 5s
    4. Using photo filters
      1m 59s
  6. 15m 49s
    1. Creating spot colors with the Black & White effect
      3m 10s
    2. Using the Leave Color effect
      4m 29s
    3. Adjusting a single color with the Change Color effect
      2m 41s
    4. Adding masks and mattes to adjustment layers
      5m 29s
  7. 11m 56s
    1. Black-and-white conversion: Method one
      1m 22s
    2. Black-and-white conversion: Method two
      1m 44s
    3. Black-and-white conversion: Method three
      1m 32s
    4. Creating duotone effects
      3m 16s
    5. Enhancing with the Colorama effect
      1m 30s
    6. Creating custom gradients
      2m 32s
  8. 8m 20s
    1. Creating a film look
      2m 40s
    2. Adding a power window
      3m 4s
    3. Adding texture
      2m 36s
  9. 48s
    1. Goodbye

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Watch the Online Video Course After Effects Guru: Color Grading Footage
1h 36m Appropriate for all May 20, 2014

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Whether you're looking to "fix it in post" or "make it pop," After Effects offers a wealth of tools for making both technical and artistic color enhancements to your footage. And this class has you covered. Rich Harrington introduces a basic workflow for getting a shot back to its best natural state, and then advanced techniques that allow you to push your footage a little further: converting it to black and white or adding creative color. Start now and learn how to make your video look its best within After Effects.

This course was created by RHED Pixel. We're honored to host this training in our library.

Topics include:
  • Evaluating the shot
  • Fixing white balance
  • Fixing exposure and tone
  • Adjusting color
  • Converting to black and white
  • Toning
  • Creating a film look
  • Adding texture
After Effects
Richard Harrington


Hi, my name's Rich Harrington, and welcome to this course, where we'll look at color correction and grading for After Effects. There are a lot of tools in Adobe After Effects that match ones that you might be familiar with from applications like Photoshop or Premiere Pro. But there are also some unique tools that I specifically enjoy using in After Effects that might cause me to go to After Effects for a little bit of a different or an enhanced appearance to a shot. In this course, we're going to explore several different workflows, starting with really basic techniques to get the shot looking its best, sort of a natural state.

And then explore ways to manipulate the shot for both color and black and white looks. We've got a lot of ground to cover. So, let's begin.

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