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After Effects: Creative Cloud Updates

with Chris Meyer

Video: Welcome

Get real-world production and workflow advice as you learn about the newest features in Adobe After Effects CC.
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  1. 8m 15s
    1. Welcome
      1m 53s
    2. Using the exercise files
      6m 22s
  2. 30m 14s
    1. Overview
      2m 10s
    2. User interface updates
      5m 19s
    3. CINEWARE v2 and CINEMA 4D Lite R16
      6m 40s
    4. mocha AE CC 2014
      8m 22s
    5. Dynamic Link color management
      3m 36s
    6. Additional features
      4m 7s
  3. 37m 43s
    1. Overview
      2m 44s
    2. Adobe Typekit
      4m 11s
    3. Text templates
      5m 50s
    4. Masking in Premiere Pro
      4m 25s
    5. Effect masks in After Effects
      6m 28s
    6. Curves UI
      3m 5s
    7. Keying effects
      4m 14s
    8. Adobe Color
      3m 4s
    9. Additional features
      3m 42s
  4. 15m 42s
    1. Overview
      1m 24s
    2. Shape layer improvements
      4m 59s
    3. Layer snapping improvements
      3m 2s
    4. Additional tweaks
      6m 17s
  5. 28m 19s
    1. Overview
      2m 52s
    2. Rigid Mask Tracker
      6m 12s
    3. Upscaling footage
      5m 0s
    4. Property linking
      5m 1s
    5. Other usability changes
      5m 52s
    6. Wrapping up
      3m 22s
  6. 1h 50m
    1. Overview
      2m 44s
    2. CINEMA 4D import
      3m 17s
    3. CINEMA 4D Lite
      3m 35s
    4. The linear workflow
      4m 10s
    5. Scene data
      3m 54s
    6. Importing a single layer
      6m 55s
    7. Working with multipass layers
      6m 44s
    8. The Refine Edge tool
      6m 56s
    9. Propagating refined edges
      6m 43s
    10. Fine-tuning with Refine Edge Matte options
      6m 29s
    11. Other Roto Brush changes
      3m 15s
    12. Refine Soft Matte
      5m 26s
    13. Showing and deleting points
      6m 40s
    14. The Reverse Stabilization setting
      4m 59s
    15. Applying motion to a target
      3m 35s
    16. Preserving scale while stabilizing
      3m 36s
    17. Defining the ground plane
      3m 46s
    18. Bicubic scaling
      5m 5s
    19. Pixel Motion Blur
      5m 11s
    20. Layer snapping
      6m 55s
    21. Missing footage, fonts, and effects
      4m 23s
    22. And there's more...
      6m 39s

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After Effects: Creative Cloud Updates
Video duration: 0s 3h 51m Appropriate for all Updated Nov 20, 2014


Veteran After Effects user Chris Meyer shares real-world production and workflow advice as he demonstrates the newest features in Adobe After Effects CC. Chris reviews the streamlined connection to MAXON CINEMA 4D and the Refine Edge tool for creating mattes around hair and other partially transparent areas, and reveals how to get more accurate tracks and stabilizations with Reverse Stabilization and ground planes. He also reviews the upgraded Warp Stabilizer and 3D Camera Tracker and important new usability features such as layer snapping.

The September 2013 update brought the new Rigid Mask Tracker, as well as additional ways to scale up footage cleanly, while the highlight of the December 2013 update was the ability to convert parametric shape layers to Bézier paths, and Bézier paths into shape layers. The NAB 2014 update shows off important new integration with Adobe Premiere Pro and Typekit, as well major updates to effects. Smaller yet still important new and enhanced features in each release are also touched on throughout. As always, Chris doesn't just show you where these new features are, but how to apply them to your own projects, along with preferred working practices and potential gotchas.

Note: This course was created and produced by Chris and Trish Meyer. We are honored to host this content in our library.

Topics include:
  • Integrating with CINEMA 4D
  • Using the Refine Edge tool to fine-tune mattes
  • Applying Reverse Stabilization
  • Preserving scale while stabilizing
  • Working with layer snapping
  • Finding missing footage, fonts, and effects
After Effects


Hi, I'm Chris Meyer of Crish Design, and welcome to After Effects Creative Cloud Updates. Adobe made a major change recently, in the way that they sell software. Previously, there'd be a very large update to a software program, every one to two years. You'd buy it if you wanted it. And you had it as long as it ran on your computer. Well now they have what's called a Creative Cloud subscription.

You buy into one piece of software or the entire suite of software for a month or a year at a time, and in exchange Adobe updates it on a regular basis. You don't need to wait every year or two to get major, or even minor, new features. And this model's been working out in a very interesting way. As a result, this course has a bit of a different structure than a normal course. Each chapter is devoted, to a different release or update of After Effects Creative Cloud. At the very top list, is the latest release that I've covered.

At the bottom of the list, is that big major release that happened in the Spring of 2013, when they introduced this creative cloud concept. What I do is I cover my favorite features of each release in some depth. And then give you a quick hit of other nice small features and changes they've made in each version. I have found this model that Adobe's been following to be very interesting because, we do get new functionality a lot more quicker than we used to. We seem to be getting nice little updates to smaller features that might've been overlooked for big releases. But I'm going to leave it to you to decided, whether or not you find Creative Cloud to be useful.

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy this course and you get to go through each chapter and get caught up with the latest release of AfterEffects CC. Make sure you watch the next movie as well, cause it's going to explain the exercise files and how I'm going through different compositions, as Adobe keeps adding features to this program.

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Q: This course was updated on 01/14/2014. What changed?
A: Chris added two new chapters covering updates to After Effects CC. Chapter 5 covers the new Rigid Mask Tracker and footage scaling capabilities and Chapter 6 covers the ability to convert parametric shape layers to Bezier paths and Bezier paths into shape layers.

Q: This course was updated on 5/8/2014. What changed?

A: We twelve new movies, covering what's changed in After Effects CC since the May 2013 initial release, the changes released in October 2013, and the changes announced at the 2014 NAB Show, such as Premiere Pro and Typekit integration, and effects masks.
Q: This course was updated on 11/20/14. What changed?
A: Four movies were updated to reflect changes in After Effects CC 2014.1. Additionally, seven new movies were added, covering changes to the interface, the release of CINEWARE v2 and CINEMA 4D Lite R16, updates to mocha, Dynamic Link color management with Premiere Pro and Media Encoder, and more.





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