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After Effects CS4 New Features

with Chad Perkins

Video: Welcome

Explains all the changes and improvements in the latest release of Adobe After Effects.
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  1. 3m 43s
    1. Welcome
    2. After Effects update trends
      1m 5s
    3. Hardware requirements
    4. The new Welcome screen
      1m 6s
  2. 2m 31s
    1. The Unified Camera tool
      1m 14s
    2. New light wireframes
      1m 17s
  3. 5m 54s
    1. The Composition Navigator
      1m 10s
    2. The Composition Mini-Flowchart
    3. Navigating comps quickly
      1m 5s
    4. Changing comp settings from the Project panel
    5. Opening nested comps
    6. Panning with the mouse
    7. The Auto Resolution setting
      1m 9s
  4. 10m 4s
    1. 3D tracking with Mocha
      2m 30s
    2. The Cartoon effect
      2m 43s
    3. Turbulent Noise
      1m 38s
    4. Bilateral Blur
      2m 18s
    5. Improvements to Fractal Noise
  5. 7m 30s
    1. Searching the Timeline panel
      1m 33s
    2. Seperate Dimensions
      1m 25s
    3. The Center in View command
      1m 5s
    4. Flipping layers faster
    5. Motion blur shutter angle/phase visualization
      1m 22s
    6. Shortcut for setting opacity and light intensity
      1m 16s
  6. 7m 18s
    1. Converting text to masks or shape layers
      1m 52s
    2. The Wiggle Transform path operation
      2m 5s
    3. HDR shape layers
      1m 35s
    4. Mask vertex counter
    5. Line join controls for text
  7. 12m 52s
    1. 3D layers from Photoshop!
      5m 27s
    2. Exporting After Effects projects to Flash using XFL
      1m 16s
    3. Dynamic Link video from Premiere Pro
      1m 23s
    4. Importing Speech Search data
      3m 20s
    5. Improving mobile device workflows
      1m 26s
  8. 3m 2s
    1. Rendering F4V files
      1m 7s
    2. Easy output to multiple formats
    3. Adding rendered footage to a project
      1m 2s
  9. 6m 9s
    1. Using 4:3 guides in 16:9 projects
    2. Exporting to XML
      1m 47s
    3. The XMP Metadata panel
      1m 29s
    4. Improved multicore processor settings
    5. Improved pixel aspect ratio
    6. The Interpret Footage button
  10. 18s
    1. Goodbye

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After Effects CS4 New Features
Video Duration: 0s 59m 47s Intermediate


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In After Effects CS4 New Features, Chad Perkins explains all the changes and improvements in the latest release of Adobe's popular motion graphics application. Many of them are small workflow refinements that increase productivity, while some are revolutionary, like the new Unified Camera tool, the ability to import 3D objects via Photoshop files, and the new ways to work with compositions. Chad also discusses each of the latest effects, the enhanced integration with other CS4 applications, new rendering features, and much more. Example files accompany the course.

Topics include:
  • Using the new light wireframes for 3D effects Navigating comps quickly Applying new effects, like Turbulent Noise and Bilateral Blur Using Blur Visualization and other Timeline features Converting text to masks or shape layers Working with a greater variety of supported formats
After Effects


(Music playing.) Hello and welcome to After Effects New Features. I'm Chad Perkins and I'm going to be your host throughout this small training series as we look at the new features in After Effects CS4. This update of After Effects brings many small features. As you'll see through the course of this training series, there are dozens of them. Many of them are minor improvements but some of them like the new Unified Camera tool and the new way we work with compositions are just revolutionary. So we're going to cover those and we'll cover dozens of other new features in this course, After Effects CS4 New Features.

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