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After Effects CS3 Professional Essential Training

with Chad Perkins

Video: Introduction

Explores the possibilities for doing everything from creating simple animations to integrating multiple files types in After Effects.
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  1. 7m 10s
    1. Introduction
      2m 58s
    2. About Night of the Living Dead
      3m 5s
    3. How to use the exercise files
      1m 7s
  2. 9m 0s
    1. Overview of the After Effects workflow
      9m 0s
  3. 16m 39s
    1. Understanding the interface
      7m 38s
    2. Using workspaces
      3m 20s
    3. About project files
      2m 44s
    4. Tips for saving files
      2m 57s
  4. 22m 10s
    1. Importing basic files
      4m 34s
    2. Using Adobe Bridge to import files
      4m 38s
    3. What is an alpha channel?
      4m 21s
    4. Using image sequences
      5m 45s
    5. Organizing the Project panel
      2m 52s
  5. 39m 30s
    1. About compositions
      8m 7s
    2. Adding assets to compositions
      4m 45s
    3. Using the Composition panel
      7m 46s
    4. Layers essentials
      4m 35s
    5. Aligning and distributing layers
      4m 53s
    6. Nesting compositions
      4m 43s
    7. Using markers
      4m 41s
  6. 17m 31s
    1. Using the Timeline panel
      7m 20s
    2. Managing multiple layers
      4m 53s
    3. Cleaning up the timeline
      3m 15s
    4. Understanding timecode
      2m 3s
  7. 1h 1m
    1. Understanding keyframes and interpolation
      8m 0s
    2. Previewing your animations
      4m 15s
    3. Selecting and moving keyframes
      7m 41s
    4. Animating position
      9m 21s
    5. Animating opacity
      5m 34s
    6. Animating scale
      4m 58s
    7. Animating rotation
      3m 35s
    8. Animating the anchor point
      6m 11s
    9. Using work areas
      3m 10s
    10. Using the keyframe navigator
      5m 53s
    11. The best keyframe shortcuts
      2m 39s
  8. 14m 11s
    1. Animation principles
      3m 0s
    2. Anticipation
      3m 37s
    3. Exaggeration
      2m 15s
    4. Follow-through
      5m 19s
  9. 35m 48s
    1. Animation helpers
      1m 7s
    2. Easing keyframes
      8m 58s
    3. Sketching motion
      4m 32s
    4. Using the Wiggler
      3m 13s
    5. Using the Smoother
      2m 5s
    6. Stabilizing motion
      6m 17s
    7. Using Auto-Orient
      2m 11s
    8. Intro to expressions
      7m 25s
  10. 25m 33s
    1. Parenting
      7m 58s
    2. Altering multiple parameters at once
      4m 45s
    3. Working with motion paths
      5m 45s
    4. Introduction to the Graph Editor
      7m 5s
  11. 26m 36s
    1. Using shape layers
      6m 34s
    2. Animating characters with the Puppet tool
      4m 6s
    3. Experimenting with the new Brainstorm feature
      6m 49s
    4. Painting, cloning, and erasing
      5m 35s
    5. Animating paint strokes
      3m 32s
  12. 1h 2m
    1. Using effects
      9m 15s
    2. Using Help for effects
      3m 8s
    3. Using blur effects
      8m 29s
    4. Distorting objects
      6m 51s
    5. Understanding glowing and light effects
      8m 33s
    6. Shattering objects
      6m 56s
    7. Color correcting with effects
      7m 54s
    8. Creating something from nothing
      6m 4s
    9. Browsing effects favorites with Bridge
      5m 36s
  13. 27m 7s
    1. Creating text
      5m 46s
    2. Formatting text
      9m 31s
    3. Animating text
      6m 5s
    4. Using text presets
      3m 55s
    5. Using safe zones
      1m 50s
  14. 16m 21s
    1. Trimming and video editing in After Effects
      3m 44s
    2. Using the Footage and Layer panels
      3m 58s
    3. Performing a slip edit
      2m 18s
    4. Splitting a layer
      3m 8s
    5. Time stretching
      3m 13s
  15. 18m 43s
    1. Creating masks
      5m 25s
    2. What's a track matte?
      5m 22s
    3. About keying footage
      1m 40s
    4. Creating a garbage matte
      2m 15s
    5. Introduction to Keylight
      4m 1s
  16. 28m 58s
    1. The importance of audio
      3m 6s
    2. Using audio in After Effects
      6m 48s
    3. Creating audio markers
      4m 56s
    4. Mixing audio
      4m 50s
    5. Converting audio to keyframes
      9m 18s
  17. 28m 52s
    1. About 3D layers
      11m 4s
    2. Per-character 3D text
      4m 16s
    3. Intro to lights and cameras
      7m 53s
    4. About coordinates, axes, and viewports
      5m 39s
  18. 33m 37s
    1. Importing Photoshop files
      9m 18s
    2. What Photoshop objects will After Effects recognize?
      2m 53s
    3. Using Photoshop Layer Styles in After Effects
      9m 26s
    4. Convert Photoshop text to editable text
      1m 51s
    5. Exporting frames as layered Photoshop files
      3m 32s
    6. Cool tricks with Photoshop
      6m 37s
  19. 29m 9s
    1. Importing and using Illustrator files
      9m 20s
    2. Using Dynamic Link
      4m 50s
    3. Other ways to integrate with Premiere
      2m 34s
    4. Using After Effects with Encore
      2m 48s
    5. Using After Effects with Soundbooth
      3m 58s
    6. Using After Effects with Flash
      5m 39s
  20. 32m 26s
    1. The Render Queue
      7m 25s
    2. Setting up a client review with Clip Notes
      7m 56s
    3. Rendering to multiple formats at once
      2m 49s
    4. Essential file formats
      5m 3s
    5. Essential codecs
      3m 47s
    6. Exporting video for iPod and Sony PSP
      2m 37s
    7. Exporting for mobile devices using Device Central
      2m 49s
  21. 38s
    1. Goodbye

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After Effects CS3 Professional Essential Training
Video Duration: 0s 9h 14m Beginner


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From creating simple animation to integrating Photoshop, Illustrator, and Flash files, After Effects CS3 Professional Essential Training explores the possibilities available using the motion graphics and animation features in After Effects. Adobe Certified Instructor Chad Perkins teaches the fundamentals of managing the timeline, working with 3D layers, creating projects for iPods and mobile devices, and more. Using numerous hands-on visual effects and motion graphics exercises, he teaches the skills necessary for mastering After Effects tools and workflow processes. Chad even devotes an entire chapter to using After Effects and Photoshop together effectively. Exercise files accompany the tutorials.

After Effects


Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, welcome to {italic}After Effects CS3{plain} {italic}Essential Training. {plain}I am your host Chad Perkins, and on behalf of, I am unbelievably happy to be here to be able to share {italic}After Effects{plain} with you. This is my passion. I love all sorts of stuff in the digital nerd realm. I love photography, I love audio, etc., etc. This is the, I think, 16th video training title that I have done, and {italic}After Effects{plain} is by far my favorite software application. Now you can test me on that, you can go look at all the other stuff I've done, and see if I say that about anything else, and you'll see that I don't. {italic}After Effects{plain} is my favorite application, it is the world standard for creating motion graphics. It can create unbelievable text animations, as we'll look at. And there are competitors out there like Autodesk's {italic}Combustion,{plain} and Apple's {italic}Motion{plain} is starting to gain some ground, but nothing touches {italic}After Effects,{plain} and nothing ever will touch {italic}After Effects{plain} because it's so easy to animate, and just play around, and create. You learn how to set keyframes, and once you learn how to do that, you can use those same techniques to animate any property anywhere in {italic}After Effects.{plain} In other programs, there's nodes and modules, and of all sorts of stuff. None of that in {italic}After Effects. {plain}The way that {italic}After Effects{plain} was designed, it lets you just play. It gets out of the way, and lets you just explore and create. A little bit about me, I'm an Adobe certified instructor, and I'm an Adobe certified expert in {italic}After Effects, {plain}and I'm also an Adobe certified instructor in {italic}Photoshop, Premiere, Encore, Illustrator, {plain}and a few other programs as well. Now, being certified in all that stuff kind of helps me to be able to use all those programs with {italic}After{plain} {italic}Effects.{plain} I'm going to share some of that insight with you later on in this training series, towards the end. There's a whole chapter devoted just to using{italic} Photoshop{plain} with {italic}After Effects.{plain} They just integrate so well together, and {italic}Photoshop{plain} really does play a critical role in using {italic}After Effects{plain} well. And of course, we'll look at the other programs I mentioned as well. We'll look at {italic}Illustrator,{plain} and {italic}Encore,{plain} and {italic}Premiere, {plain}as well as a few others. Now folks, like I said, I've done about 16 of these so far. By the time this is released that number will be closer to 20 training series under my belt, and I've never been so excited about one training series, and I've never put so much effort and work into a training series as I have into this one. And I really hope you get the benefit from all of that extra preparation here. One of the things I'm really excited about in this training series is that we are going to be using public domain footage. In the next segment, I'm going to address that topic specifically, about {italic}Night of the{plain} {italic}Living Dead, {plain}and some of the other movies we're going to be looking at. As if {italic}After Effects{plain} wasn't cool enough already, the public domain footage we're going to use is really going to add a lot of fun to this training series. And I'm going to introduce that to you again in the next movie. But I'm really glad you're here, welcome, enjoy yourself. Remember, these are movies, so you can watch them over and over again, and no matter what you're doing, I invite you to take off your work hat, and put on your creative fun hat. The real magic of {italic}After Effects{plain} is what you can do by being creative.

So again, welcome, thanks for stopping by, let's get to it.

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