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After Effects CS3 Effects

with Chad Perkins

Video: Welcome

Adobe Certified Instructor Chad Perkins explores the basic purposes and practical uses of After Effects CS3 Effects.
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  1. 6m 15s
    1. Welcome
      1m 14s
    2. How to use this title
      1m 22s
    3. What about third-party effects?
      1m 43s
    4. Using the exercise files
      1m 56s
  2. 29m 28s
    1. About 3D Channel effects
      6m 2s
    2. 3D Channel Extract effect
      5m 53s
    3. Depth Matte effect
      3m 18s
    4. Depth of Field effect
      4m 46s
    5. Fog 3D effect
      5m 31s
    6. ID Matte effect
      3m 58s
  3. 31m 37s
    1. About Audio effects
      1m 59s
    2. Backwards effect
      1m 50s
    3. Bass & Treble effect
      1m 53s
    4. Delay effect
      2m 56s
    5. Flange & Chorus effect
      5m 46s
    6. High-Low Pass effect
      2m 48s
    7. Modulator effect
      2m 21s
    8. Parametric EQ effect
      4m 4s
    9. Reverb effect
      2m 47s
    10. Stereo Mixer effect
      3m 2s
    11. Tone effect
      2m 11s
  4. 36m 42s
    1. About Blur & Sharpen effects
      2m 8s
    2. Box Blur effect
      2m 2s
    3. Channel Blur effect
      4m 25s
    4. Compound Blur effect
      3m 1s
    5. Directional Blur effect
      2m 32s
    6. Fast Blur effect
      3m 15s
    7. Gaussian Blur effect
      2m 34s
    8. Lens Blur effect
      3m 27s
    9. Radial Blur effect
      4m 42s
    10. Reduce Interlace Flicker effect
      1m 2s
    11. Sharpen effect
      1m 38s
    12. Smart Blur effect
      3m 15s
    13. Unsharp Mask effect
      2m 41s
  5. 40m 59s
    1. About Channel effects
      2m 46s
    2. Alpha Levels effect
      2m 1s
    3. Arithmetic effect
      2m 0s
    4. Blend effect
      3m 10s
    5. Calculations effect
      4m 10s
    6. Channel Combiner effect
      4m 18s
    7. Compound Arithmetic effect
      2m 35s
    8. Invert effect
      1m 42s
    9. Minimax effect
      5m 9s
    10. Remove Color Matting effect
      1m 57s
    11. Set Channels effect
      3m 14s
    12. Set Matte effect
      3m 6s
    13. Shift Channels effect
      4m 2s
    14. Solid Composite effect
  6. 1h 40m
    1. About Color Correction effects
      3m 58s
    2. Auto Color effect
      4m 28s
    3. Auto Contrast effect
      1m 37s
    4. Auto Levels effect
      2m 32s
    5. Brightness & Contrast effect
      2m 14s
    6. Broadcast Colors effect
      3m 51s
    7. Change Color effect
      4m 17s
    8. Change to Color effect
      2m 53s
    9. Channel Mixer effect
      7m 18s
    10. Color Balance effect
      6m 49s
    11. Color Balance (HLS) effect
      1m 14s
    12. Color Link effect
      1m 43s
    13. Color Stabilizer effect
      4m 29s
    14. Colorama effect
      11m 58s
    15. Curves effect
      5m 39s
    16. Equalize effect
      2m 37s
    17. Exposure effect
      5m 42s
    18. Gamma/Pedestal/Gain effect
      1m 39s
    19. Hue/Saturation effect
      6m 36s
    20. Leave Color effect
      2m 29s
    21. Levels effect
      4m 19s
    22. Levels (Individual Controls) effect
    23. Photo Filter effect
      2m 57s
    24. PS Arbitrary Map effect
      2m 23s
    25. Shadow/Highlight effect
      2m 44s
    26. Tint effect
      1m 49s
    27. Tritone effect
      2m 8s
  7. 1h 15m
    1. About Distort effects
      3m 21s
    2. Bezier Warp effect
      2m 19s
    3. Bulge effect
      3m 31s
    4. Corner Pin effect
      2m 34s
    5. Displacement Map effect
      6m 20s
    6. Liquify effect
      5m 13s
    7. Magnify effect
      2m 31s
    8. Mesh Warp effect
      4m 3s
    9. Mirror effect
      2m 32s
    10. Offset effect
      2m 28s
    11. Optics Compensation effect
      3m 3s
    12. Polar Coordinates effect
      3m 7s
    13. Puppet effect
      1m 16s
    14. Reshape effect
      6m 47s
    15. Ripple effect
      3m 40s
    16. Smear effect
      2m 53s
    17. Spherize effect
      1m 9s
    18. Transform effect
      4m 10s
    19. Turbulent Displace effect
      3m 48s
    20. Twirl effect
      3m 4s
    21. Warp effect
      2m 4s
    22. Wave Warp effect
      5m 20s
  8. 4m 47s
    1. About Expression Controls effects
      4m 47s
  9. 1h 33m
    1. About Generate effects
      2m 25s
    2. 4-Color Gradient effect
      3m 9s
    3. Advanced Lightning effect
      9m 40s
    4. Audio Spectrum effect
      3m 28s
    5. Audio Waveform effect
      2m 24s
    6. Beam effect
      4m 27s
    7. Cell Pattern effect
      4m 56s
    8. Checkerboard effect
      3m 14s
    9. Circle effect
      2m 2s
    10. Ellipse effect
      2m 47s
    11. Eyedropper Fill effect
      2m 14s
    12. Fill effect
      2m 13s
    13. Fractal effect
      2m 12s
    14. Grid effect
      2m 33s
    15. Lens Flare effect
      4m 42s
    16. Lightning effect
      3m 40s
    17. Paint Bucket effect
      4m 14s
    18. Radio Waves effect
      7m 53s
    19. Ramp effect
      3m 0s
    20. Scribble effect
      2m 41s
    21. Stroke effect
      4m 0s
    22. Vegas effect
      5m 20s
    23. Write-on effect
      10m 34s
  10. 34m 12s
    1. About Keying effects
      6m 26s
    2. Color Difference Key effect
      7m 47s
    3. Color Key effect
      1m 18s
    4. Color Range effect
      3m 33s
    5. Difference Matte effect
      2m 22s
    6. Extract effect
      2m 43s
    7. Inner/Outer Key effect
      3m 1s
    8. Linear Color Key effect
      2m 37s
    9. Luma Key effect
      2m 5s
    10. Spill Suppressor effect
      2m 20s
  11. 9m 56s
    1. About Matte effects
      1m 17s
    2. Matte Choker effect
      4m 57s
    3. Simple Choker effect
      3m 42s
  12. 50m 16s
    1. About Noise & Grain effects
      3m 53s
    2. Add Grain effect
      7m 56s
    3. Dust & Scratches effect
      3m 7s
    4. Fractal Noise effect
      13m 28s
    5. Match Grain effect
      3m 10s
    6. Median effect
      1m 25s
    7. Noise effect
      3m 25s
    8. Noise Alpha effect
      4m 43s
    9. Noise HLS effect
      2m 16s
    10. Noise HLS Auto effect
    11. Remove Grain effect
      5m 56s
  13. 7m 42s
    1. About Paint effects
      1m 55s
    2. Paint effect
    3. Vector Paint effect
      4m 49s
  14. 14m 42s
    1. About Perspective effects
      1m 38s
    2. 3D Glasses effect
      1m 50s
    3. Basic 3D effect
      1m 14s
    4. Bevel Alpha effect
      2m 0s
    5. Bevel Edges effect
      1m 37s
    6. Drop Shadow effect
      2m 45s
    7. Radial Shadow effect
      3m 38s
  15. 54m 57s
    1. About Simulation effects
      2m 44s
    2. Card Dance effect
      4m 22s
    3. Caustics effect
      4m 38s
    4. Foam effect
      6m 30s
    5. Particle Playground effect
      21m 1s
    6. Shatter effect
      8m 38s
    7. Wave World effect
      7m 4s
  16. 37m 12s
    1. About Stylize effects
      2m 7s
    2. Brush Strokes effect
      1m 57s
    3. Color Emboss effect
      1m 45s
    4. Emboss effect
      1m 24s
    5. Find Edges effect
      2m 20s
    6. Glow effect
      6m 40s
    7. Mosaic effect
      1m 54s
    8. Motion Tile effect
      2m 32s
    9. Posterize effect
      2m 1s
    10. Roughen Edges effect
      4m 29s
    11. Scatter effect
      1m 2s
    12. Strobe Light effect
      3m 54s
    13. Texturize effect
      1m 13s
    14. Threshold effect
      3m 54s
  17. 21m 44s
    1. About Text effects
      1m 28s
    2. Basic Text effect
      2m 25s
    3. Numbers effect
      6m 50s
    4. Path Text effect
      8m 30s
    5. Timecode effect
      2m 31s
  18. 15m 21s
    1. About Time effects
      1m 32s
    2. Echo effect
      2m 34s
    3. Posterize Time effect
      1m 3s
    4. Time Difference effect
      3m 0s
    5. Time Displacement effect
      1m 57s
    6. Timewarp effect
      5m 15s
  19. 27m 17s
    1. About Transition effects
      1m 53s
    2. Block Dissolve effect
      2m 27s
    3. Card Wipe effect
      11m 28s
    4. Gradient Wipe effect
      4m 0s
    5. Iris Wipe effect
      2m 39s
    6. Linear Wipe effect
    7. Radial Wipe effect
      1m 48s
    8. Venetian Blinds effect
      2m 3s
  20. 16m 33s
    1. About Utility effects
      2m 39s
    2. Cineon Converter effect
      2m 34s
    3. Color Profile Converter effect
      3m 43s
    4. Grow Bounds effect
      2m 32s
    5. HDR Compander effect
      3m 59s
    6. HDR Highlight Compression effect
      1m 6s
  21. 22s
    1. Goodbye

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After Effects CS3 Effects
Video duration: 0s 11h 49m Intermediate


In After Effects CS3 Effects, Adobe Certified Instructor Chad Perkins explores the basic purposes and practical uses of each of the application's effects. He teaches in detail how to apply every native effect, covering 3D Channel effects, Blur & Sharpen effects, using channels for blending and reflections, color correction, distortion, particle systems, and keying. This training is essential for those who want to push After Effects CS3 to its limits. Exercise files accompany the course.

Topics include:
  • Utilizing 3D Channel effects Making particle systems Creating synthetic objects from scratch Applying Color Correction effects Distorting layers with effects Working with expression controls Keying out a variety of backgrounds Recreating popular special effects
After Effects


Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, welcome, welcome. This is Chad Perkins here. On behalf of we are going be going through all the After Effects effects here in this title. I am so passionate about this. After Effects effects can do so much. So you can takes something like fractal noise and turn it into fire or water and take something like foam and turn it into bubbles or ants or whatever. There's just so much that effects can do. Join me as we go through this training series, feel free to not watch all in a row because that would be a very long trip, but to jump in and use effects as necessary but I invite you to kind of explore and get comfortable and see what's out there.

There's so many undiscovered effects that you'll be surprised that can really change your workflow. So maybe masks that you make, relections that you make other things like that you spend so much time doing on a day-to-day basis can be handled simply and easily by effects. You just got to find the right ones. Now, before jumping into the training series, it's very important thing you watched these intro movies. Usually I realize that they're not super interesting but there's a lot of important stuff you need to know before going forward. So again I'm Chad Perkins on behalf of, thank you so much for joining us. Let's get going.

Find answers to the most frequently asked questions about After Effects CS3 Effects .

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Q: In the “Shatter Effect” chapter, most of the examples are performed using solids. Is it possible to shatter or reverse shatter a photograph?
A: A solid is used for demonstration  in the tutorial, because it's easier to see, but anything done to a solid can done with a photograph. For a good example, check out  the After Effects CS4 Essential Training  title, and the movie “Blowing stuff up with effects” in Chapter 7.





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