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ActivInspire presentations

From: Up and Running with Promethean ActivInspire

Video: ActivInspire presentations

Besides using ActivInspire as an interactive whiteboard that

ActivInspire presentations

Besides using ActivInspire as an interactive whiteboard that you actually write on during the class session, you also have the ability to create presentations ahead of time to deliver to your students. What I mean by a presentation is that you, the teacher, are going to add information to the pages, and then interact with the pages during that particular lesson. If you'd like to follow along with the slides that I'm showing you in this particular video, please go to Chapter 2 of the Exercise Files and open the Presentation Examples flip chart. Here, the first page of our examples is what typically happens in a classroom when a teacher is using PowerPoint or Keynote to present their information.

They have a slide, and that slide just contains information that the students can visibly see. So for example on this particular page, I've added some basic text. I have the title of genotype definitions, and then I have the definitions for both a heterozygous and homozygous genotype. Students can see this information and then take notes from it. The real power of a Promethean board is not in just presenting information to students, but creating pages and activities that are interactive, that you can use to display and demonstrate information. For example, the second page in this shows a balance beam. Here, based on the way the board's set up, they have the opportunity to add various weights to the balance beam to see what would happen.

And then once the weights are added, you can also grab the weights and interact with them to move them around. So students can explore exactly what would happen in a physical environment, based on the rules that were built into this particular slide. This particular slide is a template that's provided by Promethean Planet, and you can access it in the Resource Browser. One of the great benefits to using these interactive slides is it allows for a student-centric classroom. If teachers are trying to model how things can change, as students move the weights around and add different types of weights to the various sides of the scale. Instead of having the teachers stand at the front of the room and click on these various items, students can come to the front of the room, using either the touch port or their Promethean pen.

And they can actually play and manipulate the information on the slide, so that they can learn through doing. Studies show that this is a much more effective way for students to actually master the content than just sitting in a passive environment, listening to the teacher talk. Now, while this is still great for introduction to content and the teacher can have various students coming forward, interacting with the board, while the rest of the class watches. This also gives you the ability to use your Promethean board as a station that students can stop by during a gallery walk or differentiated instruction. Another way you can use the Promethean Board is through interactive content.

This is a periodic table of elements that Promethean has also provided on Promethean Planet. As you hover over various elements, information about these elements appears in a table above the screen. This way, during an activity, you can just simply pull the table up. If students need information, they can walk to the front of the room, click on the element they're trying to learn about, and find the information for it. Also the bottom of the screen, students can actually change what information is presented for various elements, such as what is its melting point or boiling point. Or they can look at the physical properties of various elements as well.

The last page we're going to look at is how you can use presentations and student interactions to create a dynamic learning experience for students. Here we have a very visually appealing page that students can use to test themselves on whether or not they understand the difference between homozygous recessive, homozygous dominant, and heterozygous. The first thing is that we have some interactions between the elements on the page. As students come forward to the board, students can double-check their work and see if they actually have the correct information in their notes. In addition to these elements being able to move up and down, we've also locked down the boards so that students can't move the gray squares.

They're only able to move the element they want, and they can only move it within a certain range, they can't move it left or right. We're going to dive in how to create this exact page later on in this course. We've also added some very cool elements like these glasses. These glasses act as a way for students to quickly check what's behind an object. So, for example, if you were going to have hidden answers on a sheet, students could walk up during class, grab these magic glasses, and they could quickly peek behind whatever item's there to double-check their work. One thing I love to do in the classroom is have the Promethean board set up with various layers.

The outside object has a question, and the underneath of that has the answer. As students come to conclusion in their own work, they can then walk up to the board, grab something like the magic glasses, and double-check their own work. I find in my own classroom that I use the Promethean board a variety of ways in a single lesson. Sometimes I'm annotating my desktop, sometimes I'm just writing on the whiteboard. And sometimes I have these interactive slides that I'm using to present content. At any time you're working inside of a Promethean board, you can always add content to it. The tool bar's always available to you. So for example, if I was in the middle of a lesson, and I realize that students are not doing a good job with the heterozygous gene.

I can come over here, simply grab a pen, come to the board and say, students, I'd really like you to focus on this particular genotype. So here I've added content to the slide in the middle of my lesson, yet I've not disrupted its functionality at all.

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    8. Challenge: Create a video that demonstrates how to use a website
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    6. Challenge: Create a self-answering, timed quiz question
    7. Solution: Create a self-answering, timed quiz question
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    1. Considerations for interactive presentations
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    2. Using the Resource Browser
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    3. Styling objects in the Property Browser
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    4. Controlling interactions with the Property Browser
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    5. Adding property actions
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    6. Drag-and-drop actions
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    7. Using Magic Ink
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    8. Locking items
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    9. Utilizing prometheanplanet.com
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    10. Challenge: Create a button that will save page annotations
    11. Solution: Create a button that will save page annotations
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