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customizing toolbars

customizing toolbars provides you with in-depth training on Business. Taught by Garrick Chow as part… Show More

Acrobat 7 Essential Training

with Garrick Chow

Video: customizing toolbars

customizing toolbars provides you with in-depth training on Business. Taught by Garrick Chow as part of the Acrobat 7 Essential Training
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  1. 1m 33s
    1. welcome
      1m 33s
  2. 54m 6s
    1. interface
      14m 44s
    2. customizing toolbars
      4m 2s
    3. zoom tools
      10m 31s
    4. window views
      6m 16s
    5. organizer
      10m 24s
    6. autosave
      4m 42s
    7. full screen and reading mode
      3m 27s
  3. 36m 11s
    1. using links
      3m 35s
    2. creating links
      8m 23s
    3. editing links
      4m 30s
    4. destination links
      3m 51s
    5. cross-document linking
      6m 36s
    6. web links
      9m 16s
  4. 17m 4s
    1. reading articles
      4m 16s
    2. creating articles
      6m 42s
    3. editing articles
      2m 49s
    4. article magnification settings
      1m 19s
    5. article help
      1m 58s
  5. 22m 13s
    1. creating bookmarks
      3m 56s
    2. bookmarking specific items
      5m 41s
    3. nesting bookmarks
      4m 27s
    4. quick bookmark names
      4m 12s
    5. bookmark actions
      2m 16s
    6. document open options
      1m 41s
  6. 35m 51s
    1. inserting and deleting pages
      7m 17s
    2. embedding thumbnails
      2m 24s
    3. moving, rotating, and cropping
      5m 42s
    4. extracting pages
      2m 52s
    5. renumbering pages
      3m 2s
    6. headers and footers
      5m 36s
    7. touching up content
      5m 40s
    8. adding watermarks
      3m 18s
  7. 12m 46s
    1. exporting images
      3m 20s
    2. exporting text
      4m 59s
    3. the snapshot tool
      1m 39s
    4. picture tasks
      2m 48s
  8. 1h 6m
    1. viewing comments
      6m 47s
    2. adding comments
      6m 22s
    3. text editing tools
      4m 57s
    4. drawing tools
      6m 58s
    5. attaching files
      4m 22s
    6. the stamp tool
      5m 56s
    7. enabling commenting in reader
      5m 10s
    8. reviewing via email pt 1
      4m 58s
    9. reviewing via email pt 2
      3m 38s
    10. reviewing via email pt 3
      3m 18s
    11. tracker
      2m 40s
    12. reviewing comments
      5m 47s
    13. summarizing comments
      5m 37s
  9. 1h 7m
    1. examining a completed form
      7m 3s
    2. text fields
      9m 41s
    3. formatting text fields
      3m 7s
    4. check boxes
      3m 43s
    5. radio buttons
      4m 27s
    6. combo box
      4m 3s
    7. preparing for field calculations
      9m 18s
    8. calculating fields
      5m 24s
    9. JavaScript calculations
      5m 12s
    10. grand total and calculation order
      2m 49s
    11. form buttons
      7m 57s
    12. electronic form submission
      4m 24s
  10. 34m 56s
    1. LiveCycle designer
      5m 13s
    2. adding text
      3m 34s
    3. adding text fields
      3m 56s
    4. drop down menus
      2m 15s
    5. naming fields
      1m 56s
    6. checkboxes
      3m 32s
    7. radio buttons
      2m 12s
    8. reset button
      1m 48s
    9. accessibility
      1m 55s
    10. tab order
      2m 56s
    11. submitting data
      3m 19s
    12. viewing data
      2m 20s
  11. 37m 20s
    1. basic finding and searching
      6m 20s
    2. advanced searching
      3m 20s
    3. preparing files for indexing
      4m 57s
    4. creating an index
      7m 57s
    5. searching an index
      6m 19s
    6. adding a welcome page
      8m 27s
  12. 45m 54s
    1. password security
      12m 39s
    2. creating a digital ID
      6m 0s
    3. digitally signing documents
      4m 45s
    4. validating signatures
      5m 58s
    5. encrypting PDFs for digital IDs
      5m 54s
    6. security policies
      4m 59s
    7. eEnvelopes
      5m 39s
  13. 42m 26s
    1. link actions
      4m 14s
    2. adding buttons pt 1
      7m 49s
    3. adding buttons pt 2
      3m 36s
    4. adding buttons pt 3
      5m 44s
    5. page actions
      2m 50s
    6. adding a movie
      4m 49s
    7. showing/hiding fields
      7m 12s
    8. full screen view
      6m 12s
  14. 23m 2s
    1. Distiller
      7m 47s
    2. viewing Distiller setting differences
      4m 18s
    3. creating a PostScript file (windows)
      2m 20s
    4. creating a PostScript file (mac)
      1m 54s
    5. distilling a PostScript file
      2m 17s
    6. watched folders
      4m 26s
  15. 11m 6s
    1. creating PDFs from files
      2m 44s
    2. creating PDFs from the web
      8m 22s
  16. 23m 24s
    1. creating a tagged PDF
      3m 48s
    2. examining a tagged PDF
      4m 46s
    3. checking for and adding tags
      3m 56s
    4. touchup reading order tool
      4m 36s
    5. accessibility setup assistant
      6m 18s
  17. 12s
    1. goodbye

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customizing toolbars
Video Duration: 4m 2s 8h 53m Beginner


customizing toolbars provides you with in-depth training on Business. Taught by Garrick Chow as part of the Acrobat 7 Essential Training

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PDF has become the standard format for electronically sharing documents. But what can you do with your PDFs once they're created? Acrobat 7 Essential Training shows you how to take your PDFs to the next level by adding interactive elements such as links, bookmarks, and form fields. You'll learn to tweak your PDFs using Acrobat Distiller, make changes to them using Acrobat's editing tools, and keep them safe using the new security features. Covering both the Standard and Professional versions of Acrobat 7, these movies ensure that you'll master the key features of this diverse application in no time.


customizing toolbars

In this movie I want to quickly take a look at how to customize the tool bar area of Acrobat 7. This is important if you are new to Acrobat and maybe watching along with these movies you might notice that my tool bar might look different than yours at certain times depending on how I have moved things around so its important to know how to move these things around yourself, how to place them where you want and how to get to the toolbars that you need to do your work. Right now I have the default toolbar configuration in Acrobat 7, but as I mentioned in the previous movie you'll notice there are these little handles called anchors on the left hand side of the different tool sets. Those allow me to drag and move these tool bars around.

I can move them around in the tool bar area, if I drag down a little further see that little black line that appears there and I released and I actually created a new row for new tools here. I'm going to right click or control click in this tool bar area, and lets say I wanted to work with my advance editing tools I could go ahead and select those. You'll notice they appear as this free-floating toll bar area in here. Let me just bring up a couple of these, like so.

Depending on how much screen real estate and your preference you can leave these floating wherever you want, maybe put them up towards the top of your screen or towards the bottom. You can also drag them into the tool bar area up here and just dock them up there, like so. You can set these up in any order that you want. You can spend as much time as you like moving around your tool bars and determining what works best for you. Again, if you drag one of these out of here and accidentally close it you can always get it back by right clicking in here and choosing the tool bar that you want and moving it back in.

As well as they are available under the view menu under tool bars and you can select any of them from here. Another thing about the tool bars and the various tools is you will notice some of the tools have these little black triangles next to them. Those always indicate there are more tools hidden within that particular tool that you are looking at. If you look at this zoom in tool that I have selected here, if I click the arrow next to it, you can see I have these different tools to choose from. I can select the tool, or maybe I want to change this to the zoom out tool, like so, or if I'm going to be accessing a lot of these tools while I'm working, I can come down here and say, show zoom tool bar, which is going to open up this zoom tools tool bar and give me quick access to all of the zoom tools that are available to me.

You can see as I'm clicking the one I have selected is changing up there. Just like any other tool bar, I can just drag this up into my tool bar well, like so. That pretty much goes for any tool that has a little black arrow next to it can always show the tools that are within that one particular tool. Now you might not want to work like this all the time so if you wanted to get back to your original tool set, all you have to do is right click or control click in the tool bar area and choose to reset your tool bars.

It'll take you back to the original default tool set. Another way to save some space up here, again if I right click or control click up here, I can choose to show the button labels. You'll notice that some of these tools have text labels next to them. So if you go to show button labels, I'm seeing the default labels. I can choose all labels and you'll notice that takes up a lot more space because each one of these tools has a text description next to it, or, I can choose to show no labels and that gives me a lot more room to work with.

This requires that you know what each one of these icons means, but once you get that under your belt, then maybe you do want to come in here and choose to show no labels to save yourself some space up in the tool bar. I'm just going to reset everything back to its default. I still have to choose default labels. Those are just some ways you can work with and customize your tool bars.

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