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From: Acrobat X Essential Training

Video: Using

I wanted to sneak in a little video tutorial on using, I suppose because it has the same name as the product that this video is all about. There aren't that many ties though between Acrobat and Still, it's a free service, and there are some ties--especially between Reader and you should be aware of, especially when you go to Preferences. It's going to ask, what is your online name? And it means this one. What is your Adobe ID? And it's asking for this e-mail address and password.


I wanted to sneak in a little video tutorial on using, I suppose because it has the same name as the product that this video is all about. There aren't that many ties though between Acrobat and Still, it's a free service, and there are some ties--especially between Reader and you should be aware of, especially when you go to Preferences. It's going to ask, what is your online name? And it means this one. What is your Adobe ID? And it's asking for this e-mail address and password.

So I suggest that you go to and click Sign Up. All you need is an e-mail address and password, as it says. You don't even need to confirm your e-mail right away to start using the service; they give you three days to confirm. But I've already set up an account, and I'm going to go ahead to sign in. I am going to give you a quick tour. It's actually a pretty interesting program. When you log in, it brings you immediately to your File section. This is kind of like a little Windows Explorer or Macintosh Find/Replace to store Buzzword documents.

And Buzzword is the collaborative word processor that is offered as part of If you've ever used Google docs, it's a competitor to Google docs. So if you want to create a new file, you just click New, over here on the left, and I'm going to create a new Buzzword document. You can also try creating a new presentation or a table. These are sort of in the testing phase. Presentation is supposed to be like a PowerPoint sort of program that you can actually show people online, rather than having to carry around a file on your computer.

And then it also has a table program, kind of like a spreadsheet program. But let's just go to Buzzword, so you can see how that works. A new blank document opens up, "And you can immediately start typing." The interface takes a little bit of getting used to, but as you can see, it's actually quite elegant. "Quite elegant." Why would you ever want to type online? Well, first of all it's free, and second of all, you can have multiple people access the same document.

You can share the file. See down here? Share File. And you can go ahead--and let's save this first. So I'll call this "testing buzzword." And now I want to share it with individuals. I can enter a whole bunch of e-mail addresses. And those people can be co-authors-- meaning they can edit it-- or they can be reviewers--meaning they can't edit it, but they can add comments, because there's comments built in-- or they can simply be Readers. So if you and a couple of other people are working on copy for your web site, your brochure, or something like that, this would be one option for you to do is everybody share access to this document.

I am not actually going to share at this point. But if you do share it and you have other people who are looking at it with you, their little avatars would appear below here. They would be saying like, editing or reviewing. You could be in a phone conference, while everybody is working on the same document at the same time. Another thing I like about Buzzword is this little History panel is that it keeps track of every version. Every time that you click Save or you quit out of your browser program, it saves a version, from the very first time that you created the document.

It shows a little timeline, with little dots showing that when you saved it, and you can easily go back and forth in the timeline to retrieve a previous version of the document. I will close that. This little download down here, tells if you're connected, and it also shows if you haven't gotten any saved changes. And now to actually format the text in Buzzword, you use this strip going across the top. Right now, we are looking at text formatting controls, so we have some typefaces and sizes and bold, and italic, color for text-- it's beautiful--and for the background, and then paragraph alignments, line spacing, and indents.

You can do automatic bulleted and numbered lists, and you can place images. You can create tables. And if you do create a table--if I say insert a table-- then you have a lot of commands for adding columns and rows. I actually like how it works. And you can easily select rows and color them as well. And then here's how you'd add a comment. So if I say I kind of want to add a comment, Olivia says, "enough with the exclamation points." Olivia is not a fan of exclamation points.

And it can show comments and hide comments as well. So when you're done working on this document, you have menu commands at the top, so you can actually import documents and convert them into Buzzword files. You can Save As. You can export files, and then also there is a full Undo and Copy, Paste, and all those kinds of things. There is a great help site as well. So if you want more information, if you really get into it, they even have their own blog and discussion form, and that is Buzzword. So when we go back to, these were all your Buzzword documents.

You'll also see here, these are some PDFs from when I was teaching this course, because whenever you do things like use to a distributed form or a shared review, those documents get uploaded to your account. There are various ways to organize all your files and folders and workspaces, but that goes a little bit beyond the purview what we were talking about. Then up over here we have all these fun icons. So this is to organize stuff that you're looking at all the files here. So list them alphabetically or by the author or chronologically and so on.

If we go back to the MEETINGS--so instead of files if we look at MEETINGS--this in the other big part of is that you can have like a little mini WebEx kind of file sharing meeting, directly in for free. The free service is two people plus yourself. Or you can actually subscribe to every month and get more services and have larger meetings, if you would like. But this is actually really cool, because if you're looking at something in your document and you want your client or your colleague to take a look what you see onscreen, you can just go right to and click here and start a meeting.

I am not actually going to start it right now, but it lets you send an e-mail invitation to the people that want to come, with a link to the same URL. And then they see your screen, and you can share your screen directly from here. You don't have to share your Acrobat screen, of course. You don't have to share your browser screen. As soon you start screen sharing, anything that you see on your monitor, they all can see. Everybody can look over your InDesign file or your Excel file and so on. It's really neat. It's great to be able to have that available to you, should you ever need it.

There are a couple other features of You can upload documents and have them convert them to pdf. That might be useful to you if you use Reader. There is an Outlook plug-in. You can expect that Adobe is going to try to integrate more and more into both Reader and Acrobat as time goes on, because that's basically where a lot of the exciting things are happening with software these days is offering software as a service online, and that's what is all about.

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  1. 1m 53s
    1. Welcome
      1m 33s
    2. Using the exercise files
  2. 55m 0s
    1. Opening documents and moving them around
      6m 3s
    2. Working with the toolbars
      5m 59s
    3. Working with the panels
      3m 43s
    4. Customizing the toolbar with Quick Tools
      4m 40s
    5. Using the Pages panel to navigate
      3m 57s
    6. Selecting and copying text and graphics
      3m 24s
    7. Rotating pages
      4m 49s
    8. Changing the viewing options
      6m 12s
    9. Reviewing preferences
      7m 6s
    10. Finding words and phrases
      2m 35s
    11. Searching a PDF and working with the Search panel
      4m 21s
    12. Sharing PDFs by email and with Adobe SendNow
      2m 11s
  3. 33m 18s
    1. Creating PDFs from Microsoft Office applications
      9m 46s
    2. Creating PDFs from Creative Suite applications
      8m 57s
    3. Creating PDFs from within Acrobat Pro
      4m 27s
    4. Creating PDFs from a web site
      8m 22s
    5. Creating PDFs from the clipboard
      1m 46s
  4. 30m 58s
    1. Editing text
      8m 51s
    2. Adding text
      4m 40s
    3. Editing images and graphics
      3m 39s
    4. Changing the page number display
      3m 48s
    5. Digitally signing PDFs
      6m 26s
    6. Cropping pages and documents
      3m 34s
  5. 1h 6m
    1. Adding watermarks
      6m 17s
    2. Adding page backgrounds
      5m 41s
    3. Adding page numbers
      5m 56s
    4. Adding headers and footers
      9m 7s
    5. Adding bookmarks
      11m 30s
    6. Attaching files to a PDF
      7m 11s
    7. Adding metadata
      3m 45s
    8. Optimizing a PDF for file size and compatibility
      10m 12s
    9. Creating initial view settings
      7m 16s
  6. 37m 59s
    1. Adding hyperlinks to URLs
      7m 33s
    2. Creating links with the Link tool
      6m 9s
    3. Working with interactive actions
      6m 56s
    4. Creating and adding buttons
      6m 28s
    5. Adding video, sound, and SWF files
      7m 29s
    6. Adding page transitions
      3m 24s
  7. 27m 12s
    1. Extracting pages
      3m 53s
    2. Splitting a PDF into multiple files
      4m 13s
    3. Inserting pages from files and other sources
      5m 42s
    4. Moving, copying, and replacing pages
      8m 17s
    5. Combining PDFs
      5m 7s
  8. 27m 9s
    1. Exporting text
      8m 33s
    2. Exporting images
      6m 33s
    3. Exporting PDFs to Microsoft Word
      7m 21s
    4. Exporting PDFs to Microsoft Excel
      4m 42s
  9. 26m 27s
    1. Working with portfolios
      6m 57s
    2. Creating portfolios
      6m 26s
    3. Customizing portfolios
      7m 23s
    4. Optimizing backward compatibility
      5m 41s
  10. 32m 9s
    1. Creating an interactive form
      6m 42s
    2. Working with form fields
      6m 41s
    3. Editing field properties
      5m 34s
    4. Distributing and collecting forms
      9m 43s
    5. Enabling Reader to save form data
      3m 29s
  11. 34m 26s
    1. Adding sticky notes and other annotations
      9m 2s
    2. Using the drawing markup tools
      6m 10s
    3. Viewing, filtering, and replying to comments
      5m 24s
    4. Printing, summarizing, and exporting comments
      6m 35s
    5. Exporting comments to Word for Windows
      3m 28s
    6. Enabling extended commenting in Acrobat Reader
      3m 47s
  12. 25m 29s
    1. Understanding the different review processes
      2m 7s
    2. Using the email review process
      4m 33s
    3. Conducting a shared review with
      6m 54s
    4. Using the Review Tracker
      4m 32s
    5. Using the Collaborate Live review process
      7m 23s
  13. 31m 2s
    1. Reviewing the print production tools
      5m 18s
    2. Previewing color separations
      3m 51s
    3. Using the Object Inspector to learn details
      3m 13s
    4. Working with the Preflight dialog box
      5m 34s
    5. Fixing hairlines
      3m 57s
    6. Converting colors
      2m 27s
    7. Saving as a standards-compliant PDF
      6m 42s
  14. 19m 16s
    1. Scanning a paper document to PDF
      4m 44s
    2. Setting up optimization options
      6m 48s
    3. Recognizing text in a scanned PDF
      4m 43s
    4. Reviewing and correcting OCR suspects
      3m 1s
  15. 17m 18s
    1. Using the built-in Actions for automation
      5m 32s
    2. Editing Actions
      4m 7s
    3. Creating new Actions
      4m 51s
    4. Sharing Actions with others
      2m 48s
  16. 35m 27s
    1. Choosing a security method
      5m 27s
    2. Password-protecting a PDF
      7m 28s
    3. Securing a PDF with a certificate
      5m 6s
    4. Creating a digital id
      5m 43s
    5. Removing sensitive content with the Redaction feature
      6m 52s
    6. Revealing and clearing hidden information
      4m 51s
  17. 33m 45s
    1. Opening and navigating PDFs in Reader
      7m 30s
    2. Adding comments
      3m 14s
    3. Viewing extended features
      6m 53s
    4. Digitally signing a PDF
      6m 15s
    5. Sharing PDFs
      2m 29s
    6. Using
      7m 24s
  18. 3m 54s
    1. Final thoughts
      3m 54s

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