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Acrobat 9 Pro Tips and Tricks

with Anne-Marie Concepción

Video: Welcome

How Acrobat can help edit, manage, and improve PDFs.
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  1. 2m 24s
    1. Welcome
      1m 43s
    2. How to use the exercise files
  2. 24m 34s
    1. Customizing the toolbars
      9m 37s
    2. Finding the most useful secret toolbar
      3m 39s
    3. Adding missing tools
      6m 4s
    4. Learning the secrets of panels
      5m 14s
  3. 19m 13s
    1. Rediscovering the Loupe tool
      4m 12s
    2. Zipping around with zooming and dragging
      7m 58s
    3. Viewing modes for every situation
      7m 3s
  4. 25m 5s
    1. Creating friendlier cover pages on the fly
      10m 58s
    2. Making a permanent custom cover page
      6m 18s
    3. Forcing a sort order
      2m 58s
    4. Adding new layout templates
      4m 51s
  5. 35m 39s
    1. Adding and editing text
      9m 0s
    2. Using the Text Box tool
      4m 17s
    3. Editing images in a PDF
      7m 53s
    4. Permanently cropping a PDF
      6m 31s
    5. Adding a new image
      3m 7s
    6. Updating a PDF without losing interactivity
      4m 51s
  6. 16m 44s
    1. Enabling comments for Acrobat Reader
      4m 24s
    2. Managing mega" comments"
      5m 41s
    3. Flattening comments into the content
      6m 39s
  7. 14m 23s
    1. Extracting text without tears
      9m 21s
    2. Exporting PDF images quickly
      5m 2s
  8. 8m 41s
    1. Embedding indexes for faster searches
      5m 4s
    2. Making the Search feature more visible
      3m 37s
  9. 14m 10s
    1. Making a signature box for Adobe Reader
      2m 59s
    2. Making a signature stamp
      6m 38s
    3. Creating simple secure signatures
      4m 33s
  10. 45m 15s
    1. Working the Pages panel
      7m 5s
    2. Building web links that work for everyone
      7m 29s
    3. Forcing a browser to open Acrobat
      6m 42s
    4. Optimizing PDFs for search engines
      5m 8s
    5. Increasing canvas size
      3m 48s
    6. Converting a PDF to grayscale
      1m 48s
    7. Building smaller PDFs with the same content
      13m 15s
  11. 2m 9s
    1. Conclusion
      2m 9s

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Acrobat 9 Pro Tips and Tricks
Video Duration: 0s 3h 28m Intermediate


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PDF documents are the lingua franca of the digital world, but most users barely scratch the surface of how Acrobat can help them edit, manage, and improve PDFs. In Acrobat 9 Professional Tips and Tricks, expert trainer, designer, and business owner Anne-Marie Concepción uses her intimate knowledge of this program to reveal the application's hidden gems. Her tools can be put to use immediately on the PDFs that users receive and distribute every day. Throughout the course, both beginners and pros will find themselves exclaiming, "I didn't know I could do that in Acrobat!" Exercise files accompany the course.

Topics include:
  • Discovering secret toolbars
  • Tweaking PDFs to increase search engine rankings
  • Importing, sizing, and cropping images
  • Creating a signature stamp for business correspondence
  • Making PDF Portfolios backward compatible
  • Embedding search indexes in long PDFs
  • Decreasing PDF file size for faster downloading
  • Turning comments into text with a free Acrobat script


Regardless of your profession, if you have a computer you must know that PDF documents are the lingua franca of the digital world. They are all over the place. From clients' contracts, to parts catalogs, eBooks, IRS forms, white papers and brochures, they have basically taken over. I means who faxes any more? Acrobat of course is the main program for working with PDF files, yet most people don't have an inkling of how this program can help them deal with the flood of PDFs they get or how it can easily improve the ones that they send out. That's why I wanted to call this title 'I didn't know Acrobat could do that.' (Music playing) Well, that title didn't fly. So welcome to Acrobat 9 Professional Tips and Tricks.

I'm Anne-Marie Concepcion and I have been working with Adobe products since the last century. I have trained clients on Acrobat and its PDF goodness for more than 15 years. Over the course of the next 30 odd movies, I'll show you some surprising things that Acrobat can do. This program is really deep and there is a lot that I'll be giving you the inside track on. Here are some of my favorites. I will be showing you how to optimize the toolbars so everything you need is right at your fingertips. How to edit PDFs without destroying them. How to use the Comments feature to amaze your friends and coworkers. How to make the new PDF portfolio format more backwards compatible. How to shrink the size of your PDF files without losing any of their awesomeness and how to make your documents searchable, faster and easier than any regular file.

So now let's get into the very flexible Acrobat 9 for some tips and tricks that can bring out the professional in you

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