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Using the Ableton Live 9 browser


Up and Running with Ableton Live 9

with Yeuda Ben-Atar

Video: Using the Ableton Live 9 browser

Using the Ableton Live 9 browser provides you with in-depth training on Audio + Music. Taught by Yeuda Ben-Atar as part of the Up and Running with Ableton Live 9
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Watch the Online Video Course Up and Running with Ableton Live 9
Video Duration: 2m 43s2h 11m Beginner Mar 05, 2013

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Discover how to get started creating and recording music with Ableton Live 9 in just two hours. Author and musician Yeuda Ben-Atar starts this course by showing how to set up all audio, MIDI, and external plugins and prep an initial project for recording. Then he jumps into high gear: making beats with the Ableton drum kits, recording with the built-in virtual instruments, and capturing live performance like vocals and guitar. After your tracks are recorded, learn how to arrange song clips, layer in effects, create and record automation, and quickly mix the tracks with groups, busses, EQ, compression, and other techniques. The final chapter in the course shows you how to save, export, and master your finished song.

Topics include:
  • Setting up plugins and projects
  • Creating a drumbeat
  • Converting audio to MIDI
  • Recording vocals
  • Warping and editing clips
  • Adding effects
  • Using time commands
  • Working with the mixer
  • Using side chain compression
  • Adding reverb and delay
  • Mixing dynamically with automation
  • Mastering a song
Audio + Music
Ableton Live
Yeuda Ben-Atar

Using the Ableton Live 9 browser

In this video we will see how to use Live's browser. The browser is where we are going to load everything we are going to use in our Live set, things like instruments, effects, audio files, MIDI files, and even other Ableton projects. Live's browser has two sections: the sidebar and the Content panel. We can resize them by dragging the middle divider or by dragging the main divider to expand it. On the top section of the sidebar, we can see the following categories.

Sounds is where we'll keep our instrument presets organized by the type of sound they make. Drums, all over drums rack presets. Instruments is where we'll find all of Live's built-in instruments. This list may vary depending on the version of Live we are using. Audio Effects, Live's built-in audio effects-- and again, this least may vary. MIDI Effects, all of Live's built-in MIDI effects. Max for Live is where we'll find all the Max audio effects, instruments, and MIDI effects, and Max is an add-on to Live and it comes built-in if you are using the Suite version.

After that we'll find the plug-ins. Plug-ins is where you'll find all your third-party plugins, which are the devices that are not manufactured by Ableton. Live supports the formats VST and Audio Units, and if this is the first time you are using it, you might see a button that says Activate Click on it, and it will take you to Live > Preferences menu, under File Folder, and in Plug-in Sources you'd be able to turn on Use Audio Units and turn on Use VST Plug-in System Folders.

After that we can find clips which you'll find all of your Live clips, then Samples, which would be all your raw audio samples. In the bottom section of the sidebar we'll see the Places, where we'll find Packs, Audio Live Packs that you can download for online or from the Ableton website. The User Library, where you'll to find all your saved presets and samples, and the current project, which will list all the samples and presets you are using in the current project.

You can also add a folder from your hard drive so Live can scan it, and then you can use it inside Ableton Live and load samples or any files like full songs from iTunes or even short audio files. You can drag presets and clips from your Live set to the browser to quickly save them. You can also drag files directly from the Finder or even other softwares like iTunes, but I recommend getting comfortable with the Live Browser since we're going to use it a lot.

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