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Particle Effects in 3ds Max

with Steve Nelle

Video: Welcome

Create dynamic, randomly generated particle effects that can emulate snow, rain, steam, explosions, and more in 3ds Max animation projects.
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  1. 3m 28s
    1. Welcome
      1m 1s
    2. How to use this course
      1m 4s
    3. Using the exercise files
      1m 23s
  2. 34m 56s
    1. Understanding particle systems
      2m 23s
    2. Comparing event-driven and non-event-driven systems
      2m 58s
    3. Controlling particle timing and quantity
      4m 42s
    4. Adjusting particle size and speed
      2m 55s
    5. Making particles rotate
      2m 36s
    6. Exploring standard particle types
      2m 45s
    7. Using metaparticles for fluid-type effects
      5m 57s
    8. Using a scene object as a particle
      6m 23s
    9. Understanding rendering and viewport redrawing
      4m 17s
  3. 43m 55s
    1. Spray
      6m 4s
    2. Snow
      5m 16s
    3. Blizzard
      3m 25s
    4. PArray
      12m 43s
    5. PCloud
      7m 30s
    6. Super Spray
      8m 57s
  4. 28m 32s
    1. Understanding particle flow
      1m 58s
    2. Navigating the Particle view
      5m 47s
    3. Working with operators
      3m 43s
    4. Adding a test to an event
      4m 11s
    5. Wiring events to change a particle's behavior
      6m 13s
    6. Adjusting particle flow settings
      6m 40s
  5. 40m 34s
    1. Understanding material
      4m 50s
    2. Setting map options and particle edge blending
      5m 53s
    3. Changing particle appearance with age maps
      10m 52s
    4. Blurring moving particles with the MBlur map
      6m 13s
    5. Blurring particles
      8m 16s
    6. Outputting a render for compositing
      4m 30s
  6. 58m 59s
    1. Understanding space warps
      2m 59s
    2. Using Bind to Space Warp
      5m 43s
    3. Adding Gravity to an effect
      4m 47s
    4. Adding Wind to an effect
      4m 24s
    5. Rotating particles with Motor space warp
      4m 43s
    6. Creating swirling effects with Vortex space warp
      3m 45s
    7. Blowing things up with Bomb space warp
      4m 15s
    8. Blowing things up with PBomb space warp
      4m 42s
    9. Making particles follow a path
      4m 3s
    10. Creating wave effects
      4m 0s
    11. Creating ripples
      3m 53s
    12. Deflecting particles off surfaces
      8m 4s
    13. Spawning particles
      3m 41s
  7. 15m 38s
    1. Creating a Super Spray particle system for the smoke
      2m 52s
    2. Adding wind
      3m 9s
    3. Dampening the particle movement
      3m 25s
    4. Adjusting the wind settings for realistic smoke movement
      2m 56s
    5. Creating more realistic-looking smoke
      3m 16s
  8. 22m 7s
    1. Creating the geometry and camera
      4m 39s
    2. Adding the background
      3m 52s
    3. Creating water movement
      6m 7s
    4. Creating the animated material for the water
      7m 29s
  9. 25m 38s
    1. Creating Super Spray water particles
      9m 26s
    2. Adding gravity
      2m 24s
    3. Creating the fountain water material
      5m 30s
    4. Constructing the particle water material
      3m 1s
    5. Making final adjustments
      5m 17s
  10. 24m 43s
    1. Creating the geometry
      3m 41s
    2. Adding the mudslide particle system
      5m 46s
    3. Binding a Gravity space warp to the particles
      2m 41s
    4. Adding the Deflector space warp
      4m 7s
    5. Creating the materials for the scene
      3m 3s
    6. Making final adjustments
      5m 25s
  11. 21m 52s
    1. Scoping out the project
    2. Creating the explosive devices
      3m 11s
    3. Adjusting the explosion settings
      4m 3s
    4. Setting up the shack's visibility track
      3m 22s
    5. Creating the fire effect
      3m 27s
    6. Adding a bright explosion glow and wrapping things up
      6m 50s
  12. 32m 4s
    1. Scoping out the project
      1m 6s
    2. Creating and positioning the particle flow system
      2m 9s
    3. Reviewing the PFlow events
      2m 26s
    4. Building the water drop geometry
      2m 37s
    5. Creating the water drop material
      4m 6s
    6. Adjusting the PFlow settings
      4m 38s
    7. Adding the Collision Spawn Test and deflector
      4m 18s
    8. Turning the drops into steam
      2m 46s
    9. Creating the steam material
      3m 49s
    10. Making the final adjustments
      4m 9s
  13. 47s
    1. Goodbye

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Particle Effects in 3ds Max
Video duration: 0s 5h 53m Intermediate


In Particle Effects in 3ds Max, Steve Nelle shows how to create a wide variety of particle special effects including smoke, water, and explosions. The course provides a detailed explanation of both event and non-event particle systems in 3ds Max, in addition to addressing the importance of a particle's material, the use of Space Warps and Deflectors, and creating fluid effects using MetaParticles. Six start-to-finish projects are also included in the course, which show practical techniques for creating ocean water for underwater scenes, mudslides, and more. Exercise files accompany the course.

Topics include:
  • Controlling particle timing, quantity, and rotation
  • Comparing particle system types, such as PArray, Super Spray, and more
  • Using instanced particles to customize a particle's shape
  • Understanding how to set up a particle flow
  • Wiring PFlow operators and tests to change particle behavior
  • Creating realistic-looking particles using maps
  • Adding Gravity and Wind
  • Using Space Warps like Vortex, Motor, and PBomb
  • Making particles follow a path
  • Spawning particles
  • Creating realistic smoke
3D + Animation
3ds Max


Hi! My name is Steve Nelle and welcome to the 3ds Max 2011: Particle Effects. and I are excited to be able to bring you a comprehensive look at creating a wide variety of special effects, using one of the industry's most widely used 3D animation programs, working on projects that range from fluid effects like fountain water and mudslides to visual depictions of things like smoke and steam. We'll also be discussing how important materials are in creating realistic special effects. We'll be learning about space warps like Gravity and Wind and a handful of different deflectors that can be used to make both particles and objects bounce off each other.

We'll be covering how to effectively use MetaParticles for all kinds of gushing effects, and we'll be getting an in- depth look at Max's mighty particle flow, an extremely versatile, but sometimes intimidating way of creating stunning visual recreations. Let's strap ourselves in and get ready for a fun and exciting ride into creating particle effects in 3ds Max.

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